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The Worst and the Dumbest –Presidents that is


The Worst and the Dumbest –Presidents that is!

Dr. A. H. Krieg


My fellow writer Chuck Baldwin made a list of the ten worst presidents and I sent him I note that there was no way I could improve on it. I just thought that we should differentiate between the worst and the dumbest and forget about the alcoholic Grant. I would also sort our Wilson as the dupe of the Rothschilds who was manipulated by his alter ego colonel House all the time he was in office, academics in any even make horrible presidents.

In regards to the worst, Baldwin has it right Lincoln (R) is absolutely it. 620,000 soldiers needlessly killed in the War of Northern Aggression 2% of the entire American population, in 1863 he sent several PA regiments that had fought at Gettysburg to New York to quell anti-Lincoln, riots that by some local accounts resulted in over 1100 civilian deaths. Lincoln contrary to modern history books never freed a single slave. The hangover of his overbearing presidency and his consolidation of power in the executive forever changed the Republic. He created an imperial presidency; he was a racist unlike Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson both of whom publically denounced slavery. His chosen military commander, alcoholic Grant, still held slaves at the end of the war. Lincoln actually supported a proposed 13th amendment by OH Representative Thomas Corwin (R) that would have institutionalized slavery forever. The War was about taxes and nothing else; the Yankee states had so skewed tax laws that 85% of all taxes (duties) were paid by southern states while the Yankee states that were more populous paid only 15%. Lincoln arrested newspaper editors who opposed his administration; he invaded Maryland and kidnaped the legislature to prevent their voting, he ordered the American army to hunt down “copperheads” people who supported southern independence. The Yankee army was totally segregated and he drafted Blacks to serve in black only units with White officers, he drafted immigrants off the boats in New York, in the CSA Blacks and Whites served in the same units. He issued his infamous “Emancipation Proclamation” freeing slaves in states where he had no authority (the CSA) but freeing none in the north, not one slave took up his offer to incite civil disobedience in the CSA military. Toward the end of the war he ordered Sherman to march from Richmond south to Atlanta and to rape, steal, pillage, destroy, and even steal seed crops to crush the South. It was the reason for the enactment of the Posse Commutates Act 1878 after the war. (Canceled by the Progressives in 2015 with NDAA W. Busch (R))  Lincoln’s only interest was to create a dictatorial centralized authoritarian Washington bureaucracy and he certainly succeeded in that. Not only was he the worst president, he was a real bastard! To be followed by Wilson another one. (16th &17th amendments)

That brings us to the dumbest, which is without equivocation Barack Hussain Obama, (D) or is it Barry Soetoro, well anyway that’s the name he used when he was on a foreign student Fulbright Scholarship at Occidental college in LA. (C- student who was accepted as a transfer student at Columbia, someone please explain that to me) You might also explain how it is that not one single person who was in his supposed graduating class at Columbia College ever met him, or knew him and that includes professors, lecturers, students, and people who shared his major of political science) His primary distinction is to be America’s first Muslim president. (8 years at a Madrassa in Indonesia) He is more accurately described as the great divider. The first president not born in the United States, as is required in the US Constitution, or as my friend Chuck so aptly put it, anyone who believes he was born in Hawaii must be intellectually challenged. Let me expand on that. His fake birth certificate that the White House presented was a nine-layered computer-generated forgery that was not even an expert job. They got the name of the hospital wrong, the got the birthplace of the father wrong (as Kenya that was not a nation until three years after his birth) they called his father an African (would have been an Negro at that time) it was a major screw up. But no need to dwell on his personal information, all of which has proven to be bogus, just his real father. His father was most likely communist Frank Marshall Davies a bi-sexual photographer and author who was introduced to his mother Stanley Ann Dunham by his grandparents who belonged to the same communist cell in Hawaii.  Nude pictures of Obama’s mother taken by Davies may be seen on the Internet. Obama certainly looks more like Davies than Obama Sr.

Let’s instead look at what he has done in the 7 ¾ years of his time in office, two of which with the control of both houses of legislature. The single worst thing and both Chuck and I agree in this, was Obamacare. It was passed by the progressive wing of the Democrat party without the blue dog southern democrats, without one single Republican vote. Not one elected legislator was allowed to read it before the progressives passed it. As Nancy Pelosi said; “Let’s pass this bill so that we can read it”. Harry changed the rules to the senate so they could pass it by a simple majority. If allowed to stand it will be the death sentence for American health care. Humana, and Aetna the two largest Obamacare insurers are both opting out. From its inception to 2014, insurance costs have risen 20% above inflation and in 2017 are projected to grow 45% above inflation again. It will collapse in 2017 due to most young people opting for the fine rather than the insurance because no one can afford it. Lest we forget, it was Hillary Clinton who first tried and failed to implement this draconian socialist nightmare on America (at a cost of $ 25 million just for the attempt) by implementing the beginnings of a single payer forced socialist healthcare system on all Americans, she failed but Obama and the progressives succeeded in their second attempt when they retained control of the executive as well as both houses and the Supreme Court. (Roberts)

The second and equally horrific Obama act was the division of Americans into multiple separate racial, religious, gender, health and wealth groups. I have lived in America since 1952 and never in that time in 64 years have I seen relations between Americans so poor. The separation especially between Black and White that Obama has forced is unconscionable. I worked in New York City in the 50’s spoke with a bad German accent traveled all over the city at age 14 repairing machinery from Harlem, to Bedford Stuyvesant, the South Bronx, I never once had a problem with anyone, I would not dare do that today. Obama’s real legacy will be as the “Great Divider” he has singlehandedly torn this nation asunder, and all for progressive political power and at the detriment of the people and the nation. No single American group has been spared, not Muslims, nor Christians, not Blacks, not poor, nor rich, not healthy not sick, not Hispanic, not White, not men not women not gays, absolutely no one, he has played everyone against everyone else for the sole reason of political power, he is a creep!  

Obama cares about no one except himself. He has taken more vacations than anyone in my memory, played more golf than any professional golfer, spent more taxpayer’s money on himself and his family than any other president in history. By latest reckoning in September 2016 Obama has spent $1.4 billion on himself in 7-¾-years. Michelle is not to be outdone, with a personal staff of 24 and the most extravagant first lady budget in history, there is even a law suite about her spending on her vacation in Spain where she ran up a $ 450 room service tab in two days. This however does not satisfy him, he has requested from congress a pay increase of $ 25,000 which would be for life and an expense increase of $588,000 to a total of $ 3,865,000 annually on top of his salary of $ 400,000 annually this brings Obama’s lifetime annual cost until the day he dies to a whopping $ 4,265,000.00. This is for the laziest president in my memory. 189 vacation days in 7 ¾ years but the Internet claims that Bush took more at 879, there is a difference every time Bush went to Camp David they counted it as a vacation, he worked while he was there or at his ranch or at Kennebunkport at his fathers place. It really depends on what you count as a vacation and who does the counting—if it’s the Lamestream you can absolutely bet that Obama took no vacations and Regan and Bush took hundreds. The average American worker would have 112 days of vacation in 2885 days that he would have to pay for out of his salary, I’m not even counting the presidents weekly golf outings.


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