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Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering


Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering

Chemtrails // Contrails                                                                              

Dr. A. H. Krieg CMFGE

For the better part of the past decade the US & Canadian governments have been seeding our Canadian and American atmosphere with a wide variety of dangerous and toxic chemicals in effort to achieve environmental change or so we are led to believe. We have all been subjected to a continuous assault of toxic chemicals, and heavy metals, in aerosol form, spewed out of military tanker aircraft, originating from military bases within the continental United States. One such large tanker operation is at Tampa, Florida’s MacDill Air Force Base.  Neither the Canadian nor the American government denies this fact. The Lamestream as usual the lapdog of government has reported none of this. They rather stick to the slapstick "Conspiracy Theory" scenario, an invention of the CIA in 1967 to allow them to dispute critics of their sick programs. These Chemtrails are easy to identify and differentiate from jet water-vapor trails “Contrails” (normally occurring at over 30,000 feet altitude) in that they dissipate much more slowly, where a water-vapor trail will be gone two miles behind the jet, the chemtrail will be visible for up to ten miles. Furthermore spraying patterns usually in either parallel or checkerboard patterns to optimize coverage depending on prevailing winds and will be visible in the skies. Often multiple aircraft are utilized in such a “seeding” process. Recently commercial aircraft have also been contracted for by the government, for spraying operations and air line passengers have reported seeing these at close range.

Government operatives claim that they are doing this to thwart global warming, an absolute load of BS. Toxic chemicals and heavy metals in the atmosphere will have no effect on climate it will only injure plant and animal life. The primary chemicals are Aluminum, Barium and Strontium, which were in CA found to be higher than EPA regulated standard dosage allowances in rainwater and ponds. Tests in Redding CA May 2012 indicated aluminum of 114 PPM for rain water on 04.13.12 the EPA standard for rainwater is under 87 PPM. If you recall the same government told us some years ago to stop cooking with aluminum pans because it was unhealthy but are now modifying our atmosphere with aluminum for our betterment! [Go to: www.greatdreams.com Nationwide Chemtrails – Virulent Bio-Toxin Soup]. There has also been suggestions made that spraying these heavy metals into the atmosphere prevents disruption of military and satellite radar surveillance abilities. There is another issue relating to solar interference with electronics, semiconductors and micro-circuitry in the avionics field, which is subject to failure due to solar radiation of UV and other light sources from the sun and that aluminum-oxides partially blocks this solar radiation.  We do know that the navy in particular is very careless with sonar, causing the needless deaths of thousands of marine mammals due to excessive submarine sonar location pinging, so the careless use on toxic and dangerous elements in the atmosphere is not a long reach for government.

Field tests by the California Department of Environment protection agency in the Lake Shasta and Pit River Arm tributary were tested following several over-flights of chemtrail producing aircraft in 2008 which indicated water samples in the lake as well as the river containing 4,610,000 PPM of aluminum, a level 4,610 above the maximum federal EPA allowable contamination level. Another pond that had filtered water placed in it also tested in 2008 had 0 ppm in the preliminary test and 18 moths after chemtrail spraying in 2009 still contained 375 PPM above EPA allowed levels.

The outside temperature at 30,000 ft. is about 60 below zero F. and the atmosphere is full of little ice-like crystals that are suspended within the air and are invisible. When they are sucked into the jet engine they are superheated and turned into a gas-like steam that is emitted from the engine exhaust. They rapidly return to their previous state. These are called “Contrails”. “Chemtrails” are completely different, firstly they enter the altitude lower level between 15,000 and 20,000 ft. secondly they persist much longer in time and frequently display some color refractions if struck by sunlight the right way. The term “chemtrails was introduced by journalist William Thompson in 1997. In 1990 Hughes Aircraft was issued a patent # 5003186. The idea of the patent was to add particles of aluminum (aluminum-oxide) to all jet fuel, which would then enter the atmosphere and reduce solar radiation on the planet surface and thereby lower planetary temperatures. Trying to play God (or if you are an atheist mother nature) is a very stupid idea! For the last 15-years the environmentalist scream has been climate change, before that it was global warming and before that it was a coming ice age. The fact of the matter being that the entire environmental movement is a moneymaking operation for its operators and nothing else, the poor fools that get suckered into collecting money for the Sierra club, Green Cross, Greenpeace,  (over 1000 organization worldwide) and all the rest, should all obtain a copy of their tax exempt tax returns on line from the IRS no charge it might open their eyes.

As I hinted above there is another more sinister reason for the use of aluminum in the stratosphere. The originators of the theory were the same charmers that gave us the Hydrogen bomb. Edward Teller, Roderick Hyde and Lowell Wood all of whom had been involved in the Manhattan project as well as Lawrence Livermore Labs, for which I was a consultant for many years. They were worried about an electromagnetic pulse from the sun such as the September 1-2, 1859 Solar Storm that hit the earths magnetosphere knocking out the entire American telegraph system. If this were to occur today it would probably shut down our entire electronic communications, our Internet, electric power grid, everything operated by electronics which today is everything. Since the invention of silicon transistors in the 50’s by Bell labs our entire society has become completely dependent upon them. If exposed to an electromagnetic pulse they fuse and completely fail—no more computers, cash registers, fuel pumps, radios, cars, no nothing!  It is well possible to armour  electronic devices (electronics) to protect them from electromagnetic pulses, many but not all military devices and vehicles are protected, it seems to the author a much more sensible act for government to require all manufacturers of electronic devices to armour them for electromagnetic interference. The consideration might also be worthwhile because nuclear devices exploded at high attitude over say St Louis would produce an electromagnetic pulse that would take out about 90% of the nations electronics.  But, then, protecting all electronics would make sense and that’s hardly what government is all about.   

In 2008 Chuck Harder myself and several others tried to warn the government of the imminent danger of the outcome of an electromagnetic pulse solar or man-made occurrence, we even had a retired admiral on board, I produced the design for a device to protect receiving electric locations including transformers, they had a congressional hearing to which none of us were invited but lots of politicians who had absolutely no idea what they were talking about and that was the end of it.

It is a well-known fact that the military has been conducting tests on military as well as civilian personnel since the ‘40’s. I was in the army from 1959 to ‘61 and we were given drugs for sleep deprivation tests several times with some very bad results. The tests were reckless and endangered personnel that were forced by command to participate. Testing of chemtrails substances by independent non-governmental labs indicate brews including, barium, Nano aluminum-coated fiberglass (known as CHAFF) radioactive Thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, desiccated blood, mold spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ethylene bromide, and polymer fibers.

In 1950 the US government conducted tests in San Francisco to simulate a germ warfare attack on the city. The US Navy used Serratia marcescens and Bacillus gobigii injected into the morning fog. The Navy noted that it was a successful biological attack on SF and that the average resident about 800,000 inhaled 10 liters per minute of 5000 ppm. Over the following 20 years the germ warfare division located at Camp Detrick MD conducted 239-germ-ware-fare test on the American population. (Washington Post), AP, NY Times, Lexis-Nexis, from congressional testimony) In the case of the SF incident several people died, a Class action lawsuit was entered in federal court, but the court held that the Federal government was immune from lawsuits for negligence. In 2005 the FDA ruled that Serratia marcescens bacteria could cause serious life-threatening illness in patients with compromised immune systems.

Coming back to Chemtrails numerous tests by many labs, governmental as well as private, demonstrate levels of toxicity far above EPA allowable levels. Why the EPA is not enforcing its own regulations on government agencies perpetrating these criminalities is anyone’s guess but in the present political environment it is certainly understandable. People wonder why we have such dramatic increases in so many childhood diseases that were relatively unknown prior to WWII. I would point out that it is after WWII that our government began actively testing chemical and bacteriological weapons, it is also when these maladies began to blossom; it is after 1940 that they began testing such weapons on the population. It was not until 1938 that Fort Detrick MD became operational, and it was not until the 40’s that large scale military testing of chemical weapons systems began. (“A Terrible Mistake” the murder of Frank Olson and the CIA secret cold war experiments ISBN 0-9777953-7-4, 826-pp) In that book there is ample evidence of government murders, forced drug addiction, long-term use of LSD for interrogation and to alter people’s minds, as well as sundry skullduggery. The outcome of many of these aerosols is asthma, cardiac deaths, cancer, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer and often a multiplicity of those maladies. The use of these aerosols by government is a deleterious effect on the entire populations general welfare and the collective health of the nation. Major diseases, surely partially attributable to atmospheric conditions, according to the CDC are:

  1. Coronary Heart Decease  (leading cause of death in America)
  2. Asthma (estimate 125 million Americans suffer from it)
  3. Damaged Lung function caused by micron particulate matter in the atmosphere (pollution) of about one micron) in no small part caused by chemtrail seeding.

It is more than just apparent that any of these illnesses are closely related to air born matter that may have been introduced by man. The fact of the matter is that our immune systems are obviously under continuous attack by various issues and chemtrail-produced add-ons are just additional toxins added to our problems. Not only do we breathe these man-induced toxins, our skin is the largest organ of our body and is a permeable membrane thus exposure is much broader than most people think. Exposure to rain, showers when washing, bathing, thus all increase exposure to chemicals that are man made and introduced into the atmosphere. It is high time to ask some serious question of elected officials and to demand answers we have asked congressman Vern Buchanan (R. FL) numerous times and were never accorded an answer.


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