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Realistic Economics; or do you feel screwed yet


Realistic Economics; or do you feel screwed yet?

Dr. A. H. Krieg


For the last ten years I have been using ShadowStats® as my source for realistic economic statistical information. They are truthful and very good; the government produced (all agencies) information is nothing but BS. The most egregious actions taken by various government agencies is to change the methods of gathering or of reporting information in order to make the resulting information comply with their agenda, most usual to get re-elected or to elect a member of their party. In reporting statistics of unemployment (BLS) per example they have gone from M-3 all the way up to M-6 so BLS does not even in their report tell you which system was used in their reporting. So much for the truth! Today they report unemployment as averaged 5.4% realistically if you count everyone that wants a job its closer to 24.4%. (ShadowStats®)

They also use subterfuge by eliminating entire rafts of information from the public, per example the BRICS alliance have about 85% of the world’s population and 60% of the worlds GDP they also account for about 80% of the worlds economic growth. None of those issues are ever considered in any US government reports. When we now look at purchasing power we see that the Western alliance nations GDP totals about 50 trillion dollars but the BRICS alliance totals 127 trillion dollars, almost three times our size. That information by the way comes from our own World Bank.

This just creates another problem when we realize that the numbers used by the World Bank are based on US government statistical abstracts that claim that prices rose from 2001 to 2016 by 35%. This is to prop up the dollar by understating inflation in America. The reality is that from 2001 to 2016 prices rose by 160%, which is a multiple of 5 times higher than what is reported by the government. This information comes from Zerohedge. com.

This then poses the question why would our government want to underreport inflation? Simple! All government contracts—labor, Social Security—Government Employees –commercial union labor contracts contain a clause requiring pay increases based on inflation, inflation goes up SS, COLA goes up, now you know why you have not had a COLA increase in the last three years.  How do they do it? They continuously change the basket of goods used to calculate the rate of inflation.

This brings us to the elephant in the room Industrial Production. Since the government inflation rate is used to calculate GDP the American GDP is lower now than it was in 2001. The disaster that is Obama will come home to roost in 2017 to 2020. All you have to do is to apply this to US industrial production figures to the economy and you will realize that the American economy stagnated in 1976 and has not grown an inch since. This is impacting unemployment; in ’76, 22% of our workforce was working in manufacture today its only 9%. It is needless to say a nation that does not manufacture is the colony of those that do.

This is the fundamental change in our society, away from manufacture to service sector, (flipping hamburgers) public employment (civil servants) bank clerks, restaurant employees, all low paying low skill jobs that will eventually all be replaced by automation. Anyone who tells you that we are in the information age, or the service age, just pose the question how do you build a house, air plane car or tractor with that sort of technology?

This is what “Free Trade” the Trojan Horse of the New World Order has given us. This is the gift of Bill Clinton, George Bush, and the Republocrats all eager to serve their globalist, multinational, internationalist, N.W.O. bastards whose only interest lies in their expanded profits and frankly to hell with American workers that now have 94-million unemployed that this accounts for. This has resulted in a trade deficit since 1976 that has been averaging over $ 60 billion per month making America the most seriously indebted nation in world history. (Ttradingeconomics.com) This deficit has doubled in the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton has promised to continue all those policies and the resulting debt is now at $19,432,636 trillion. (US NationalDebtClock.org 2016) An examination of the external debt of the Rothschild controlled economies of the West indicates a total outstanding debt of $ 47 trillion to the rest of the world (BRICS etc.) A projection four years into the future of a continuation of Obama policies by Clinton would result in a national debt of over $28 trillion by 2020.  

All this began with the “Nixon Shock” when Richard Nixon took America completely off the gold standard in 1972. It began the gradual collapse of Western economies and the transfer of manufacture to third world nations through free trade polecies so that the multinational trading corporations and banks could up their profit margins at the expense of the working populations of the Western world. The same Ashkeanzim mega banksters kept America at perpetual war for their profit ever since the end of WWII in 1946. [Korea, Lebanon, Cuba, Congo, Dominica, Viet Nam, Thailand, Zaire, Lebanon, Grenada, Persian Gulf, Panama, Gulf War*, Somali, Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq*, Afghanistan*, West Pakistan*, Libya*, The Caliphate*, (*on going))


End this crap! Vote for Trump! Free America!


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