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I am amazed! I am Flabbergasted! Why would the political party of Harry Truman and John Kennedy put forward for candidacy, a woman whose utter corruption is undeniable even by members of her own party? Hillary Clinton is a perjurer, which in all American jurisdictions is a felony, which is a capital crime. It is punishable by imprisonment as well as a fine. Hillary Clinton lied to the FBI Dennis Hastert was indicted for it under 18 USC 1001(a). Hillary Clinton repeatedly lied to Congress in testimony under oath during congressional testimony according to committee oversight chairman Jason Chaffetz and Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte. Hillary Clinton is in fact a habitual liar to the point where she is unable to even differentiate between the truth and her lies. This same political party controls the FBI and the Justice Department, which is in this banana republic style preventing prosecution and justice. In fact, justice for all, and equality for all, have both been replaced by, power for some, and justice for none.

On the matter of Hillary’s private E-mail server and secret information, the FBI gave her a 2-hour personal allocution upon taking up her job, (Safe Handling of Information) she chose to total ignore all of it. She violated Obama’s EO # 2010 she additionally violate State Department protocols. According to James Comey Director of the FBI Hillary Clinton, contrary to her claims; 1) had multiple servers, 2) had multiple mobile devices, 3) set up multiple systems, 4) transmitted classified information, 5) from a group of 30,000 e-mails 110 e-mails in 52 e-mail chains were classified, 6) 8 of those were top secret, 7) 36 of the chains contained secret information, 8) 2,000 addition ones were classified, 9) She lied that no classified information was sent or received. 10) She did not hand over all her e-mails from the State Department at least three of which are classified. 11) Hillary knew that classified and secret information was passing through her private server. We now know that Julian Assuage and the Russians and Israelis hacked her server.

This brings us to the most egregious matter of Hillary Clinton’s life, and that of our corrupt government and her tenure as Secretary of State and the various now merged Clinton Foundation. We now understand why a separate server was required at state; it is illegal for a government employee to solicit funds from people and governments with which she worked on behalf of the American people. Communications relating to contributions to the Clinton foundations of over 100 million dollars during the time Clinton was Secretary of State could not be allowed to be transmitted through State Department servers. While these were most likely not direct they could be traced by time of money transactions and travel by the secretary, by hiding written communications on private servers with separate mobile devices, information could be hidden from scrutiny.

At this point it is necessary to learn how the Clinton Foundation actually works:

  1. The Foundation has two foreign bundling operations one in Canada and one in Norway, the reason for this is that both of these nations have laws that prohibit the release of information about financial contributions about the operations to foreign governments. Therefore contributors to the foundations bundling operations in Canada and Norway remain secret.
  2. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State induces foreign governments to make contributions to the Clinton Foundation and to invite her husband to give speeches in their nations, for this the US government will look favorably on requests made: major nations complying and contributing and receiving were, Russia, Australia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Brunei, China, & Algeria. Contributions ranged from $ 200,000 to $850,000.
  3. In accordance with American tax laws the Clinton Foundation contributes 10% of collected funds to charity and retains the rest for travel, personal expenses, payroll, overhead, aircraft, limos, hotels and executive expense. In other words it is a slush fund for the Clintons.
  4. This is graft on a scale heretofore unknown on this continent, sure we had graft, Tammany in NYC and Chicago now, but this is new, this is over the top! This is not mismanagement this is corruption on a scale so vast and all encompassing it makes all others past corruption seem incidental.

It is absolutely astounding that the IRS prosecutes some poor slob for income tax evasion that has a Caribbean bank account of $1,200 and sends him to jail, but does nothing about graft on the scale of over $ 100 million. This is apparently based on the philosophy of too large (or powerful) to fail or jail—Citybank, GM, Chrysler, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Hillary Clinton for example but then sends Martha Stewart to the slammer for taking her brokers advice. 

Our Justice department is nothing more than a sad joke. Loretta Lynch is the clown in charge and Comey is the administrations jester. Our judiciary is a national marionette’ show run by Obama and the Clintons for their personal pleasure. They sit in the heaven manipulating the strings of the puppets of John and Loretta who never fail to entertain. Law and justice are the victims and the people are the audience.

The Pentagon authorized $151 billion of separate brokered deals to 16 nations that made contributions to the Clinton Foundation. While she was Secretary of State the State Department approver $165 billion worth of commercial arms sales to donors of the Clinton Foundation. American military contractors obtained $163 billion in arms contracts after donating to the Clinton Foundation. A stream of money flowed to the Clinton foundation to all who partook of diplomacy with Hillary. Every diplomat from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and every Defense contractor CEO from Acutronic to Wyven Tech knew that under Hillary you had to pay to play. And she is let of Scott free!

Graft and political corruption that is unprosecuted on this scale does not even exist in banana republics, this is a first for America, it is the end of the Republic as we know it. It is very difficult to see how we move forward from this point, should she be elected to the highest office, my prediction of 2000 that July 4th 2016 would be our last Independence day (1) would become a reality. If you did any of these things; just one of them, you would be in a federal prison for eternity! Just to cap it all; Amber Lyon of CNN has publically admitted that CNN accepts money from the Obama administration to lie on their behalf.


(1) “July 4th 2016 The Last Independence Day” Hallberg Pub. 2000 from A2Z Publications LLC (www.a2zpublications.com )

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