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The Hillary Administration 3rd year in


The Hillary Administration 3rd year in.

A prediction!

Dr. A. H. Krieg

The year is 2019, Hillary Clinton has been in office for three years, and both houses of congress are Democrat. The economy has faltered and is in serious decline due to the massive tax increases of 2017. The continuing depression is now an undeniable reality. There have been no new business openings since 2014 and the Obama administration, due to continued over-regulation of business and industry. Healthcare (Obamacare) has been rationed to Democrat party members only; the cost of Obamacare skyrocketed and was no longer viable. 401-K’s and IRA’s have been nationalized to displace the national debt, and 3% interest bonds have been given to the owners. Socials Security retirees have not received any COLA increase since 2014. Inflation is at 22.9%. (ShadowStats®) Unemployment has peaked at 132 million and 34.9% as reported by ShadowStats® who has recently been outlawed as a terrorist anti-government organization. There is no more American manufacturing. The NRA was outlawed in 2018 as a terrorist organization, when national gun confiscation began. Violent crime, murder is up by 34%, rape by 57%, armed robbery by 84%, and the insurrection of gun owners continues in most southern and northwestern states. Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Arkansas have seceded from the union. The First, forth and fifth amendments have been eliminated from the Bill of Rights.  Food riots have become commonplace in most northeastern and West Coast urban areas. The American middle class has disappeared; America has become a true banana republic two-class society of the very wealthy Washington insiders and the rest of the poor population. Hillary and Bill Clintons estimate net worth is now over six billion dollars.

You think it can’t happen here—take a look at Venezuela, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

I am terrified by the possibility of a Hillary Clinton presidency. The woman is a delusional lying irrational political socialist that will do, or promise anything to get elected. She has been in public life for over 30 years and has not accomplished any of the things she claims need to be done. The progressives have been in power for most of those 30 years and have accomplished nothing, because socialism simply does not work. She has promised when elected to do the following: 1) provide free college education to all citizens (cost $2.4 trillion) 2) forgive all outstanding college loans ($1.4 trillion that is presently used to underpin the treasury and is $280 billion in collection arrears) 3) comprehensive immigration reform with path to citizenship ($456 billion) 4) expand Obamacare to a single payer nationalized healthcare system ($ 2.6 trillion annually) 5) Overturn Citizens United thereby ensuring labor union control of campaign financing 6) Equal Pay, is a red herring in any competitive marketplace, employers are forced to employ the best and pay the most to the best it will cost the economy billions and make America internationally uncompetitive 7) Promised not to raise middle class taxes but does not define what middle class is. 8) Her husband was the architect of NAFT and then the Bush passed CAFTA that has destroyed over 11.7 million middle class jobs and 54,000 small manufacturers and she has stated she will put her husband in charge of the economy. 9) Promised to increase the minimum wage to $ 12.  This will simply accelerate automation and robotisation. 10) Promised to increase federal funding for infrastructure expenditure by $250 billion and bank support by $ 25 billion. Total over 2017 Obama budget $7.636 trillion. This will produce a national debt of $ 28 trillion by the end of 2017. Based on 2015 numbers of 21% of GDP for National debt interest this would drive the 2017 debt payment to $5.88 trillion on interest on the national debt for 2017 with tax income down by at least 14% due to lower employment. In other words debt service would be $1.1 trillion less that the total amount of collected taxes.

What I am telling you is she is, a liar and a major BS artist, what she promises is impossible to deliver on. The numbers prove it. Anyone who supports this is just plain stupid.

Just imagine if she were to stay in power for four years and keep those policies. National debt by 2020 would be $ 50.4 trillion. Service cost for debt would be $ 10.58 trillion, America took in $6.7 trillion in annual taxes in 2015 the debt interest would be higher than the total government collected tax income.

Do you get it?

            Hillary Clinton’s history is dismal, fired from her first job in Valdes Alaska, fired from the Democrat Watergate committee with prejudice, failed he BAR exam in Washington, hired as a retainer for state law services by the Rose Law firm in Arkansas, as first lady, managed to waste $ 25 million on a failed nationalized healthcare initiative, her one achievement to represent a 41-year old child rapist of a 14-year old girl that now can no longer have children, knowing he was guilty, off ---and laugh about it; and all that in just the first 50 years.

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