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The Evil Marionette Master


President Wilson was the puppet of the Rothschild’s through his handler Colonel Edward Mandell House. Some contend that Wilson never during his entire presidency expressed a single self-realized thought. Things have not changed much in respect to control, only that the new puppet master, while being schooled by the Rothschild’s in Europe is the “resident evil” who makes the Rothschild dynasty look positively benign.

Gyoergy Schwartz is the birth name of Obama financier and alter ego; you most likely know him as George Soros. He was born in Hungary (they don’t want him back) on August 12, 1930. Gyoergy in his own words is an atheist, anti-family, anti-American, hater of free enterprise, who in WWII betrayed his own Jewish people, working with his father exposing Jews to the Gestapo for commissions when their property was confiscated. “It was the best time of my life,” said Gyoergy in an interview with American TV. The family changed their name in the 1930’s in order to better facilitate their family enterprise of rounding up Jews for the Nazis. In an interview with Steve Kroft (CBS 60 min) he said in response to; that “was than not difficult in 1944”, Gyoergy said, “No not at all I rather enjoyed it”. “No remorse?” “No not at all I enjoyed the feelings of absolute power!” Gyoergy is a sociopath multi-billionaire who has no scruples, morals or ethics. An elitist with a the ego of an elephant, he conceives himself as the world’s greatest philosopher who has taken it upon himself to CHANGE the world to give us all HOPE in his ill-conceived vision of a world run by him and implemented by his puppet Obama.

After the war he attended the London School of Economics a hotbed of Fabian leftist economic theories (they don’t want him back either) and one of the fundamental organizations that brought us our present world Keynesian financial system established in 1944 (Bretton Woods in the NH White Mountains) that is responsible for the world economic decline beginning in the late 70’s. Here Soros met Prof. Karl Popper a fellow Hungarian ex-patriot that remained his close friend until Popper’s death in 1994. Popper was the originator of two concepts “the open society” and modern “Fallibilism”. Soros has relentlessly pushed those two concepts. The open society is a concept of a world without borders (EU) without national or geographic identity, open borders, no organized religion, no military but a large police, administered by a “brilliant” cadre of bureaucrats all appointed not elected. Fallibilism is the concept that people are wrong about their beliefs and expectations, and understanding of the world and that absolute knowledge on any topic is a fallacy. (All knowledge is potentially wrong) So, according to this philosophy two plus two does not necessarily sum up to four, because that is an absolute belief. Fallibilism is the perfect means through which its adherents legitimize their strident opposition to the status quo. The further fact that Soros thinks of himself a Messianic simply solidifies the fact that this man is far from sane.

            The fact is that since the end of WWII most European governments have subscribed to these concepts much to their dismay. The progressive peace-meal implementation of social programs and progressive (socialist) social reform as the hallmark of the EU along with their Fabian Keynesian monetary policy, has led them into a horrific mess. The fact that Obama (the Puppet) is implementing these exact policies here in the United States is now widely accepted. One undisputable socialist concept is; previous failures of implementing communist and socialist theories are irrelevant because the new implementers are smarter more astute and circumstances are different. That is wrong! Circumstances are not different they are identical and basing a concept on systems that have repeatedly failed in scores of differing venue’s is outright stupid. Only an idiot keeps making the same mistake over and over again.

After a short but useful stilt under Rothschild tutelage, Soros moved to NYC. He was employed in New York’s finacial markets principally in Hedge Funds trading. So that you understand Hedge Funds, which are principally unregulated investments in the gain or loss percentage of an investment have no core value. The investments lie in the percentage of growth or loss of something of value but without any ownership of the value. It is the ultimate home of scoundrels and thieves whose income is derived as a percentage of the profit realized in the investment of something that has no real value. It is an organized form of gambling, which if you have good inside information (insider trading) will quickly propel you to great wealth. To be successful in this business you must be ruthless, a-moral, smart, and willing to take risk. By the mid 80’s Soros was well on his way to becoming one of the richest men in the world.

Soros made his first billion in shorting the British pound sterling in 1972 with huge shorts that he leveraged, basically breaking the bank of England. The result of his actions was the decimation of the English middle class, which saw their home values plummet, their savings disappear, and their pensions evaporate. Then he did it to Thailand and Malaysia that saw the Blat collapse, then on to Russia and the Rubes, where in 1999 he almost collapsed the entire Russian economy. As was said by Weng Tojirakarn of Malaysia “[Soros] is a villain, we regard him a sort of Dracula, sucking the blood from the people”

You must simply understand the huge scope of this social parasite’s actions. He was in no small part responsible for the dismantling of Yugoslavia and all the wars that ensued; he was behind the turmoil in Georgia, the Ukraine, Miramar (Burma) England and Russia, where he in each case destroyed the local economy and then purchased the remaining assets at ten cents on the dollar. The point of the long explanation of Soros’s actions is to make you understand that this is exactly what he is doing to America, through his puppet Obama. Soros in his heart of hearts actually believes that he is benefiting mankind when he destroys an economy, ruptures social systems, thinking that he is stimulating mankind into socialism, which is the crux of his life’s work.

A close tie-in between the marionette and his master may be seen in the $10 billion that was guaranteed by Obama to Brazil for the expansion of Petrobras the mostly state owned petrochemical monopoly in Brazil. Bare in mind that Brazil has a socialist government. Soros is the largest non-governmental stockholder of Petrobras. There was however a hitch there where not enough deep drilling platforms available on the world market, well at least not until Obama stopped all deep drilling and exploration in the Gulf of Mexico. Platforms previously employed for and in America are now working in Brazil. The American Petroleum Institute has estimated that this move by Obama, while being a finacial windfall for Soros is a catastrophe for America, losing us 160,000 jobs, as well as $1.7 trillion in federal tax revenues from oil production.

Soros tirelessly works toward the day when America will be destroyed. Some of his pet projects are; amnesty for illegal immigrants, open borders with Mexico, legalization of hallucinogenic drugs, euthanasia, private gun confiscation, none of his philanthropies that number in the hundred’s benefit anyone or anything but his goals. Soros in fact as Rachel Ehrenfeld wrote “uses his philanthropies to CHANGE more accurately deconstruct the moral values of Western society, and particularly that of the American people.”

Contrary to what you might think “Open Society” implies; the fact of the matter is, that it is not about an open society at all it is about a socialist construct that gives accreditation to its builders to lord it over everything and everyone. It is the ultimate progressive (socialist) plan entitling the elites.

In the 10 years before Obama was elected Soros gradually took over the radical left wing of the Democrat party, the progressive wing. Today the DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) count 74 members of the Democrat party in their association. Soros and his associates fund all of them one way or another. Move-on.org is just another tentacle of the same monster. We are all, or should be apprised of his regime change operations in Croatia, Georgia, and Yugoslavia, which has now become the operating plan for America.

In his own words “I begin the CHANGE by creating a shadow government”. What do you think those 74 bought and paid for DSA members are? “This government is then ready to take the reigns of power when the old order (establishment) collapses”. Well, the leader is already in place sitting in the White House when he’s not on vacation or playing golf. (76 days of golf and 15 vacations in 32 months in office) The collapse is being implemented with aid of the banksters, and the DSA Democrat Progressives, who all do the endless bidding of the puppet master.

In 2008 Der Spiegel the largest and most important German news magazine interviewed Soros in which he let the cat out of the bag. Soros said among many things; “the next president will need to implement a stimulus, about $ 600 billion would be right, I think that Obama presents us with a great opportunity to finally deal with energy, global warming, and energy dependence. We need a cap and trade system with auctioning and licenses for emission rights”. Then along came Ozone Al Gore another dupe, with his now defunct NY and London climate exchange.

Don’t under any circumstance make the mistake to think that his clutches are not on the neck of the Republican Party either. He has $100 million invested in the Carlyle Group. This is the pinacle of Republican establishment in the market with such members as George Bush Sr., Dick Chaney, and Frank Carlucci, hell, a variable CIA of Republicans. He also owns about two million shares of Halliburton. Then to clinch the deal for Obama’s election he gave the DNC $5 billion.

Soros remains heavily invested in the lamestream media Time Warner and MSM and others. The shadow government that Soros built up in the run up to the 2008 election is now the Democrat party whose head is the puppet Obama Just remember the run up to the debate of Obamacare, in which blue dog Democrats mainstream Democrats and all Republicans were locked out and only progressive Soros funded Democrats (74 of them) were allowed. Together with his empire of subordinate Soros funded organizations like: Move-on.org, The Tides Foundation also funded by “Saint” Teresa Heinz Kerry, the dirt bag from MA’s wife, the Apollo alliance, Media Matters, ACORN, SEIU, ACLU, Project Death in America, and La Raza (The Race) of which Obama’s appointed Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor is a member.

Don’t even bother to look to Obama for the next move. Soros is pulling the strings all you have to do is listen to his rhetoric. He being a narcissist egotist there is plenty of that.


Dr. Krieg’s latest book is, “Rendezvous with the New World Order” from all booksellers.

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