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Progressive Indoctrination; Sometimes called brainwashing


Progressive Indoctrination; Sometimes called brainwashing

Dr. A. H. Krieg

We truly live in a time of history where truth has become a rare commodity. Our drug-induced population has no more realization of reality than do their well-attended pets. The malignant Lamestream spews out more mendacity than could under actual understanding be realized; Washington produces it at remarkable speed. Our so-called security services spend over a billon dollars a year producing propaganda lies. Our food supply is poisoned; our citizens are drugged by their doctors obeying their pharmaceutical masters, while the entire society is mentally deranged by Soros funded anti-social organizations. Ferguson Protests, Occupy Wall Street, Anti-Trump riots, Muslims Unite Against Trump, Black Lives, Trayvon Martin, all paid for by Open Society Foundation, which is Geörgy Schwarz, now known as George Soros, the Hungarian SOB we should deport. 

A short thee years ago the Supreme Fools paved the way for “queer marriage”. After that the Lamestream jumped on the bandwagon and questioned what was next for the LGBTQ movement. After all they had just won their big fight. Some years before they had already legalized pornography as a first amendment right and the debauchment of Christian and Western values that was now in full retreat. The prime outcome has been terrorism from Islam, which despises the secular direction that the West has taken. It is not our freedoms that they despise, it is our social perversions! The secular train is hardly slowing it will not end until every Western and Christian value has been eradicated and the Ten Commandments are banished from the Old Testament.

It is my observation that the people who imagine producing the news are in reality the employees of those making it. There is a vast money making operation (Soros) behind it all and as we learn from history, mammon is the root of all evil. It is because those with money are never satisfied with what they have and always want more --- money and power. Being one of the richest men in the world is simply not enough; he also wants to be the politically most powerful kingmaker. (Millions to the Hillary Campaign and more millions to disrupt her opponent) In all this the media is more than implicated, because they know it and don’t report it.

It would appear that some half of our total population is either comatose or totally out of sink with reality, not accepting or realizing the reality of what is happening in America. The fact that the Taliban ended the production of Heroin in Afghanistan and that we then attacked them and that Afghanistan is again the producer of 80% of the worlds heroin after our Afghan war, is a clear example of a national brainwashing exercise. After all it is one of America’s largest business operations along with pornography. And you wonder why the Islamic clerics hate us. The reality of history is rarely available at the time it takes place.

We attacked Saddam Hussein and Iraq based on a Mossad produced lie of “Weapons of Mass Destruction” a simple implementation of the “Oded Yinon Plan” for “Eretz Yisrael” using American military to carry out Israeli foreign policy, a unpretentious reading of the nine page “Plan” for “Greater Israel” will clarify any misunderstandings. We were induced to this war by no less an American icon than our four star general and Secretary of State Colon Powel who was the dupe liar that presented it all to the UN General Assembly in NYC, it was even televised internationally. Shortly thereafter more than one American journalist, if that’s what you want to call them, referred to Hussein as the new Hitler, mind you not Stalin who murdered over 66 million of his own Christian population. Therein lies the rub; they were mere Christians. 

Obama drew a line in the sand in Syria, well never mind, he didn’t mean it. Hillary doubled down on Obama’s deal, when she gave the Israeli mercenaries $500 million and 1000 white Toyota trucks equipped with Russian DShK 12.7x108mm machine guns from Libya. (What did you think Christopher Stevens was negotiating with the Turkish envoy’ about in Benghazi?) Hillary called them Syrian freedom fighters, something they were definitely not, proven when they all joined the Caliphate because they paid more that the Israelis.

Say, I could go on page after page because you have been brain washed to an extent that is unimaginable; what’s the point; you probably don’t believe me anyhow. I have written 22 books on 20th and 21st century history and politics, not a bit of it drawn from conventional sources. Everything I write on is from original documents, personal interviews, and history books written before the 20th century when historians were closer to honest, certainly before cultural Marxism. The conclusions I have reached over the last few years is that everything you think you know of what is taking place is a lie, that the news on TV and radio never mind the newspapers and magazines, is fictional, that voting is an exercise in futility because the winner was chosen last year. Voting machines are fixed to produce the desired outcome of the elites, most candidates are chosen by the elites, the democrat convention process is so totally corrupt that it is a joke. Any party that selects 507 super candidates before any voting procedure takes place is not democrat or democratic it is autocratic and dictatorial. Any nation that uses voting machines, which college-engineering students can alter to produce untraceable winning candidates that were preselected and inputted onto control cards has given up their republican governance.

Why does our populace accept this turn of events? Why have we become such pussies? What has happened to Americans? When I came to America in the early 50’s this would never have been tolerated. Our people have changed; our educational system has changed them. 60-years of socialist crap from kindergarten to university by socialist educrats is the cause of the change. A Supreme Court influenced by socialist education and the false equality teaching. The concept that equality is not before the law but between race and gender has distracted our attention from the reality of issues. Equality before the law is a basic Western and Christian concept that was perverted by socialists into equality of everything and everyone, an irrational conceptualization. Genders are not equal they are decidedly different, a baby knows that, women are suited for tasks that men are not and visa-versa and if you are unable to understand that I am truly sorry for you. Blacks, Orientals and Caucasians have decidedly different characteristics and abilities to claim that they are equal or the same is stupid, 10,000 years of history certainly verifies that. Orientals and Caucasians entered the Bronze Age 5,000 years earlier than Blacks anyone who supposes that this has no effect on present circumstance must be seriously confused.

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