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I thank God


I thank God

Dr. A. H. Krieg                                 The re-invention of Hillary as a saint.

I thank God that we are going on vacation today. I thank God because I will not have to listen to the DNC meet that began without one American flag. (Brought in on day two after complaints) I thank God that I will not for the coming week be subject to another continuation of lies about our economy, and what the progressives have done to race relations. I thank God that I will be free from Pocahontas and her endless communist crap. When I listened to the first days of this convention I came away with the impression that we have no unemployment, (94-million) that the national debt does not exist, ($19.5 trillion) that the unemployment level is 5.6%, (actually 24.4%) that we don’t even have a food stamp program, (47-million) that there is no Islamic terrorism, (not even mentioned) that police officers and whites run about the nation shooting Blacks for sport, (69-police killed and 62-Americans of all races) that we do not face an illegal immigration problem, (first 6 months 2016, 27,754 apprehended children and released, 32,117 families, overall a 78% increase over 2015, they stop about 30%) that police are evil and the mothers of people with police records shot or apprehended by police are good, that the 50,000 illegal convicted felons released by ICE are good for the country, that sanctuary cities are a benefit to all of us…..and so on.

But then came the speech of Bill Clinton. I thank God that I have been corrected. I thought his wife was the greatest liar in the world…I was wrong Bill is! I have heard some fibs, but what Bill told us about Hillary tops them all. If we are to believe him the Pope should immediately saint her. Let’s look at just a few of the missing St. Hillary early life experiences.

She worked on Barry Goldwater’s conservative political campaign. She then turned communist. She went to Alaska, as Bill said, he seems to have missed the fact that she was fired after just two weeks. In her senior year at Wesleyan she wrote her senior thesis less than 100 pages double spaced, about comrade Saul Alinsky and his book, “Rules for Radicals” comparing communist Saul Alinsky to Martin Luther King. She went to Yale for law but did not graduate in the usual four years it took her five. At Yale she was very active in student protests for LBGTQ issues, spent much time in Gay bars in New Haven, and was closely related to the radicals of the Yale School of Divinity that at this time was the center of radical actions. She did not work for any child issues, she was the go-fer for communist Robert Treuhaft Esq. in the Black Panther murder trial, all were all convicted. She took her Law internship with Robert Treuhaft in Oakland CA; Bob was a card caring member of the communist party of CA. Her friend was Doris Bernstein also a member of the communist party. She took her BAR exam in Washington DC and flunked it. She went to work for the Watergate committee for Jerry Zeifman, who fired her with prejudice and refused to give her a recommendation. She still was not involved in any children’s issues) Jerry said, [why did you fire her?] “Because she was a liar. She was unethical, dishonest lawyer; she conspired to violate the constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee, and the rules of confidentiality!”  She went to work for the Rose Law Firm (speech name omitted) the Arkansas law contractor for the sate when Bill was the AG. We could not take any more and turned the TV off. Bill forgot to mention the bumps and bruises on his head from pottery thrown by Hillary.

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