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Gone, Ido, Verschwunden, Disparu, Andato


Gone, Ido, Verschwunden, Disparu, Andato!

Dr. A. H. Krieg                                                            08.01.16 Swiss Independence Day


Where to start? If we could afford it we would move to Switzerland! I was born there, Switzerland declaring its freedom in 1291, it is the oldest Constitutional Republic in the world and the people have the right of referendum. When I came to these shores America was the greatest nation in the world. With the advent of the Obama presidency America has fallen from grace, it is no longer the land of the free and brave, it’s the land of the racists, downtrodden and the moochers. I have lived in Mexico, Italy, and Germany and traveled to over 100 nations. We don’t want to live in a third world banana republic! America is now exactly that! In fact when it comes to freedom both economic as well as commercial, America is no longer in the top 10. The American Patriot Act and NDAA and Obama has a lot to do with that.


The basis of western culture and society is the adhesion to law, the acceptance of a constitution and judicial system that treats all citizens equally and fairly, a structure in which no citizen is above the law. That is what America was from 1776 to 2000. This is what we have ceased to be in the 21st century. It is now amply apparent that those with money and those with political influence are no longer required to comply with our laws. We have, as is operational in all banana republics, established a two tier legal system in which the average citizen is subject to the laws of the land, and the elites are not subject to those laws. “Selective Enforcement” is one way by which our legal system is perverted. By bureaucratic edict about 80,000 new laws are enacted annually, these laws are then selectively enforced against the “small people” to terrorize them into obeying any mandate from the bureaucracy. This new circumstance is applied to the individual as well as the corporations. (Martha Stewart comes to mind) We live in a nation that allows police without due process (Civil Forfeiture) to steal a citizen’s property without a warrant, without a court order, simply based on a police assumptive guilt. Worse is the fact that it is the citizen, who under this law, must prove innocence, the innocent until proven guilty no longer exists. One of our new laws is “it’s or he’s/she’s is too big to fail” this would be as applied to GM, Chrysler, AIG, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Bank of America, Citygroup, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and over 200 more. The latest and most egregious is the democrat candidate for president in the 2016 coming election. That Hillary Clinton is guilty, was articulated by a local fourth grader who posed the question, “Why is she not in jail?”

I was right in my book that Hallberg published in 2000, “July 4th 2016 The Last Independence Day” America is no longer a Constitutional Republic we are a corrupt empire. We have American military troops in 150 nations, about 150,000 of them. They have been installed, at the behest of our multinational corporations in order to secure American trade hegemony worldwide. On the international stage we pretend to integrate democratic society on the world, in reality we loot their natural resources, and force them to purchase low quality goods that we produce in other third world nations, keeping the bulk of the profit within the multinational corporations we manage. These monoliths keep their assets offshore because they have so structured our domestic taxing systems, at the highest rate in the world of 39.21% to destroy their small business competitors. By operating offshore they avoid those taxes. From 2008 to 2016 small business development has continuously fallen and in the last four years for the first time in our history there were fewer new business start-ups than failures. Understand that this is not only in manufacturing it is retail, distribution, transport, wholesale as well as manufacture. Just so you understand, without manufacture you are a third world nation dependent on foreign product.

The recent 21st century action of the Department of Justice both under Holder as well as Lynch when considered together with those of the FBI our largest federal policing authority clearly demonstrate that we have entered a new era. The first widely publicized issue was, the Philadelphia White voter intimidation by the Black Panthers. When the AG refused prosecution in a case that was on video and nationally available, we all began to smell a racist rat. Then came the IRS scandal. The IRS withheld classifications of tax-exempt status from conservative and Christian organizations, well over 200 of them. The rat got bigger; it now encompassed religion and conservatives. The IRS colluded together with the FEC to withhold party qualification from at least nine applications thereby baring them from voter registration in many states. The rat now included politics and vote control. Then the IRS director Koskinen lied to congress repeatedly, the IRS staff made outrageous claims. Then Lois Lerner the IRS supervisor took the 5th amendment after making a lengthy statement to a congressional committee, which is not allowed. No prosecution from the FBI and no indictment and no grand jury from the AG.  Good old Lois, she’s now collecting her well-deserved pension, that you are funding. And then…Hillary Clinton, even the NY Times, bastion of the left and MSNBC admitted that they thought she was guilty in the E-mail matter. The rat is slowly turning into an elephant, encompassing everything that is not progressive, rich or powerful. I for one was fascinated that Comey said not one word about the second ongoing investigation by over 100 FBI agents of the Clinton Foundation [s]. One assumes that she will not be prosecuted on them either, considering that there are 42-pages of hacked payment listings to the Foundation’s and related favors granted by the Secretary of State that have been released by various hackers we are more then just startled. The game was up, the president endorsed her, then Bill her husband met with Lynch in a private meeting, and the discussion was most likey, ?Don’t prosecute my wife and she will when elected appoint you to the Supreme Court? I am truly disgusted, especially when on the day of the announcement that there would be no prosecution, Obama endorsed her and the very next day flew her on Air force One to a campaign rally in North Carolina a clear violation of campaign finance rules. Hillary spoke from the podium from behind the presidential seal, why even bother with an election, it’s a done deal.

In 2015 I wrote the book “The System” the first chapter of that book deals with propaganda. Not only are we subjected to that entire leftist media, but a government that lies on every issue. Big business, multinationals, the military industrial complex spend billions, and dozens of government agencies also pump well over two billion into propagandizing the American people. When we add the over two billion spent on presidential campaigns, small wonder that the people don’t have a clue as to what is right and wrong and are unable to differentiate between truth and lies. The CIA all by itself spends $300 million on propaganda not on foreigners or foreign nations—no indeed on Americans. Talk about government waste----

It used to surprise me when people supported candidates who are known liars, have committed untold scandalous crimes, betrayed our nation and the people they are paid to protect and defend. I am no longer amazed by this, Rush Limbaugh, calls them low information voters, I call them simply stupid. The stupidity goes a lot further than one might even imagine. Consider that Hillary Clinton “the smartest woman in the world” invented and applied the Arab Spring, --- did not work out that well. She worked on the defense of the communist Black Panthers and took her law internship with a communist law firm.  She flunked her BAR exam over two thirds of the people that sat the same exam passed it. She was fired from her first two jobs and her third at the Rose Law Firm was a ploy for that law firm to get more Arkansas state legal work. Her stint as Jr. senator from NY was vacuous. This woman’s resume’ is so astoundingly poor that when coupled with her record of criminality could not get her a job as a janitor in a cheap bar. And yet, if we believe the media and pollsters almost half of the American voters support Hillary Clinton to be president. I frankly think that like on everything else the media and the pollsters are lying. Why should they not lie, after all they have great teachers in government agencies, the president and Hillary.



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