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The Geo-politics USA vs Russia


The Geo-politics USA vs. Russia

Dr. A. H. Krieg


The Geo-political situation worldwide has entered the realm wherein Westerners no longer understand what is taking place or who is pulling the strings. My friend Rebekah Sutherland sent me an interesting article about the amazing Edgar Cayce; I have read most of his books and those written about him; his prophesies and healings. There is no question in my mind that this deeply religious man was granted the gifts of healing and prophesy. He prophesied about most of what is in this article.

We are today ruled over by the international banking monopoly and at least one messianic lunatic named Geörgy Schwarz, known to you as George Soros, who like all the bankers is an atheist Ashkenazi. The international banking-monopoly includes; The IMF, BIS, World Bank, FRS, ECB, along with all the so called “Central Banks” that hold hostage the governments and peoples of the West and third world, through their organized international usury. By the process of compounded interest and illegitimate loans by funds that the bankers produced out of thin air, they have placed nations and peoples into a veritable debtors prison of debt. In America that is now about $ 19.5 trillion or just over America’s total economic value. They have created a circumstance by which repayment of the debt is impossible. It must be realized that the monies these bankers loan to nations are not real value, not money; they are simply journal entries onto the credit side of their books. We accept this as debt because they tell us it is, which is a lie. It is not debt, it is not backed by hard asset and never was, and it is a loan without value at interest to us.

There are two distinctly different means used by the “Banksters” to keep us in debt. First is the less known Soros and various foundations. (Tides, Rockefeller, National Lawyer Guild, the Open Society Foundation and the Ford Foundation among many others) Most of these “Foundations” operate in a geo-political sphere worldwide, indebting one after another nation to their cartel. All of these make marvelous claims about their missions, all are lies, and all the Soros organizations have political social and financial implications that are in no way related to any philanthropic benefit save those of Soros and his warped ideas. If you believe that Black Lives Matter, The Ferguson Riots, Occupy Wall Street, Anti Trump Riots and the New Black Panthers are socially beneficial you would be in total agreement with George Soros. It is the job of these foundations to keep America in social turmoil so that the citizens will remain ignorant of what the Banksters are up to. We must examine at least some of the organizations that Soros is funding: “Advancement Project” instructing minorities in leftist world views, “Air America Radio” (went broke) was a leftist Radio conglomeration, “All of us or None” to allow inmates in prisons to vote, “Alliance for Justice” to ensure the appointment of leftist judges, “America Coming Together” organizing Democrat voter registration, “America Votes” Democrat get-out-the-vote program, “American Voice” open borders, “American Bar Association Commission on Immigration Policy” to block requirement of proof of citizenship to vote, “American Bridge 21st Century” to provide a research organization to dig up dirt on all non-progressive candidates. These are only lists of a few of the “A” listed; the entire list contains 184 politically leftist organizations that are directly funded by the Open Society Institute. Indirectly OSI funds an additional 15 organizations including; ACORN, SPLC, (Southern Poverty Law Center) CAP (Center for American Progress) and the DNC. Hillary Clinton got $ 7 million for her super PAC. She also collected $ 250,000 from each of the major banks for a short few minute’s speech to their executives. I think I know what she said, “ Never mind what I tell the Sheeple, I’m in your corner!”

The second issue is the means used to keep us in national debt large enough so that we will never be able to repay it and thereby retaining total control of the economy and the body politic. Have you noticed that the Ashkenazi controls all the big bankers and that they likewise control the FRS?  The system is as old as the Babylonian Captivity in about 600-BC where the Jews learned the process called “Fractional Reserve Banking” from their captives the Babylonian bankers. It was implemented in the West in 1243-AD after the Grand Master of the Knights Templar Jacques De Molay was executed and the Knights Templar disbanded by the king of France Philip IV and Pope Clement V and money lending was turned over to the Jews. Philip and the Pope did not want to repay their debt and the Templars who refused more money for wars.

There are several separate means of Fractional Reserve Banking. To understand the process we will separate it to several different means of implementation. 1) This is one of the features of Fractional Reserve Banking; it is the separation of principal and interest in the process of repayments. 2) It is the “Front End” loading of the repayment process. 3) In front end loading the separation of principal and interest being divided and the percentage of repayment is so structured that 70% or more of the outstanding interest is paid in the first half of repayment and 30% or less in the second half. The bulk of principal is only paid in the last half term of repayment. As there is no penalty for early re-payment the lender always comes out on top. >Example: You take out a mortgage for 3.92% interest of $100,000 for 30 years. Monthly payment is $ 473 total loan repay amount is $ 170,213. You are borrowing $100,000 for $ 170,213. But after 15 years (which is about average) you move too close the mortgage. It is ½ of the loan time of 30 years; you might think that you still own only ½ of the money you borrowed, big mistake! 70% of the interest was attributed to the first 15 years you paid $85,140.00 but you still owe the Bank $ 110,782.00 or $10,782 more than you originally borrowed. Your real interest after 15-years, was 7.84% compounded with a remaining outstanding debt larger than what you originally borrowed. Biblically this is called usury and in Christianity as well as Islam it is a sin, and was, up until the 12th century a capital offence. (Death penalty) This is why there is such astounding opposition to Sharia Law, because in Islam they still enforce usury laws.

When we now apply this to the national debt the situation becomes much worse, because the Banksters never contributed a single dime to the, by them claimed debt. Let’s examine the way this works. The legislative branch authorizes the spending of more money than is taken in by taxes. They go to the FRS and ask to borrow $10 billion. The banksters inflate their financial journals by simply increasing the asset balance side of the journals with $10 billion; provide a credit of $10 billion to the government charging them interest at the prevailing prime interest rate. In other words they created the asset out of thin air and then have the nerve to charge the American population interest for a value that does not exist.

6% of our total federal expenditures is interest on our debt. This was $223 billion in 2015. In other words that Banksters earned $223 billion in 2015 without a single penny of expense, the entire $223 billion is profit. Now do you understand why all the large Banksters paid Hillary Clinton $250,000 for a 20 minute speech? They love this system of ripping off the entire nation and all its citizens and will do almost anything to maintain their hold of this process, including electing a liar, cheat criminal and traitor.

This is not simply an American problem, this process functions exactly the same way in England, the third world and the EU. The assumption that Banks are national and indigenous to the country in which they are located is a misconception. All large banks are international. All of them are indebted and or controlled by the Cartel, which operates as the IMF, BIS, World Bank, FRS & ECB. Ashkeanzim have controlled this system since the 12th century when they replaced the Knights Templar as the banking system of the West.

The question this brings, is how is this banking related to Geo-politics and US vs. Russian relations? Do you remember the “red line” in Syria? Do you remember the instant reversal of US and Russian policy in the Middle East after Obama reneged on his threat? It was in fact an expansion ongoing war between governments and the banking monopoly. Do you remember Libya and the murder of Gadhafi? Do you remember “the weapons of mass destruction” fairy tale produced by the Mossad about Iraq? All these issues are interrelated all of these governments were feed-up with the international banking cartel and decided to circumvent the international banking cartel money-monopoly. Let’s look at Syria. The civil war in Syria has little or nothing to do with Syrians opposition to the Assad government. The so called, by Hillary Clinton “Freedom Fighters” are in fact Israeli mercenaries who’s job it was to destabilize the Assad government. You know, exactly as was done some years before to Lebanon, where the Christian mélange militia in the employ of Israel, caused a civil war to destabilize the Lebanese government, which they did, whereupon the IDF air force destroyed the entire Lebanese infrastructure, relegating Israel’s most aggressive economic competitor to third world status. In Syria Hillary Clinton gave the Israeli mercenaries $ 500 million and several hundred Toyota trucks. After they were found out, you remember when they blamed the Assad military of chemical attacks, that the UN they said were actually carried out by Hillary’s freedom fighters the entire freedom fighters, military turned allegiance and joined the Caliphate. These wars have nothing to do with freedom, economics, or religion; they are about the banking cartels control of finance. All this is outlined in an Israeli plan called the “Oded Yinon Plan”, it’s only nine pages and you can read it on the Internet.

The western world is nothing more and nothing less that the puppet of the banking cartel. So, you think not, well let me tell you about some American history. You surely remember Abraham Lincoln, well; he was assassinated by the banking cartel not long after he introduced the greenback that would have removed the banker’s ability to profit on national debt; it never happened, he was killed. Perhaps you remember that Lincoln’s follower Andrew Johnson’s first act was to eliminate the green backs as a means of financing the country. Andrew Jackson (old Hickory) got America out of the cartel that was to last for America’s 70 most prosperous years. Two attempts on his life were made, neither one was successful, and Jackson beat up his second attempt assassin with his walking stick. James Garfield likewise opposed the NY banking cartel and was assassinated. William McKinney was assassinated in Buffalo NY after bucking the bankers with his foreign policy. JFK was assassinated not long after planning to introduce greenbacks into the monitory supply, a planned act that was vigorously opposed by the banking cartel, it also never happened LBJ withdrew the proposal the day he was inaugurated. The attempted Assassination of president Reagan also took place after he had a confrontation about introducing greenbacks, with the banksters. Sadly most people think that America is a democracy, it in fact has never been a democracy it was for its first 50 years a Constitutional Republic that continued for the 70 years after Jackson got rid of the central banking monopoly. If you don’t know the difference between a Democracy and a Republic look it up! Progressive Wilson under tutelage of colonel House, who was the agent of the Rothschild banking house of Europe, succeeded in the 16th and 17th amendments that resulted in the IRS and Federal Reserve Act, and the elimination of state banks (17th) allowing national banking consolidation after 1913. This consolidation in banking has continued in the 90’s over 1,000 S&L’s were consolidated into the big banks. Today America is a banking oligarchy, it is no longer a Republic, your vote is worthless it does not count, the banksters count the votes and you know what Stalin said; “ I don’t care who you vote for, I only care about who counts the votes”.


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