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The Chosen of God


  << The Chosen of God! >>

Sorry this has to be anonymous because the author travels widely.

God may well have chose Hebrews as his people, but, after the 70-AD dispersion they have become almost extinct, today accounting for less than 2% of Judaists. The Majority of Judaists are in fact Khazars that racially are related to Turkmen and are not Semites. This determination is historic fact; that modern Judaists are not Hebrew, and are totally unrelated to Hebrews, and are therefore not chosen by any Deity, but are solely chosen as supremacists by themselves. Modern Judaists are Khazars, a Turkmen Caucasian sub grouping that has never lived in the Levant, and is totally unrelated to Hebrews. DNA test at Tel Aviv University, by Dr. <<Ariella Oppenheim>>, carried out all over the entire Diaspora verifies this with a 97% certainty. Looking at this from another perspective why would God infect his <<chosen people>> with Gaucher disease, cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sachs disease, Familial dysautonomia, Bloom Syndrome, Canavan disease, Mucolipidosis, Niemann-Pick disease and Torsion dystonia all genetically transmitted Ashkeanzim maladies. It is the logical assumption that all these diseases are the product of inbreeding due to rabbinical laws that do not permit marriage outside of the Ashkeanzim community.

The Khazarian Empire was located in the Caucuses, in what today are Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. In the 6th to the 7th century AD the people of the Khazarian Empire converted to Judaism. The reason for the conversion is historically based on the two competing empires “The Christian Byzantine Empire” centered in Constantinople (Istanbul today) of Justinian II and “The Caliphate Islamic Empire” centered in Mecca and Medina of Saudi Arabia. (Abbasid dynasty) The ruler (king) of the Khazars did not want to become a vassal of the Christian Empire or the Byzantine Empire nor the vassal of the Abbasid Islamic dynasty of Saudi Arabia. The Khazarian kings Bulan & Obadiah chose to convert to Judaism in an act of political expediency, in the hope that the two competing Empires would then leave them alone. The abject hatred of the Khazars by both Christian as well as Caliphate rulers was then simply multiplied by their dislike for Jews, forcing the rapid mass migration of the Khazars toward Eastern Europe. The Khazars could no more get along with the Caliphate or the Byzantines than they do with the modern 21st century world.

The Khazars settled in Poland, Russia, Eastern Prussia and the Baltic states. They adopted Yiddish a German dialect as their spoken language. They did not adopt Polish, Russian, or German as their mother tongues. This did not endear Ashkenazi to the local mostly uneducated populations and along with their refusal to assimilate into the societies that had accepted them it continued to cause friction. This refusal to assimilate, as has by them been repeated in every other culture and has been the backbone of Western Christian and Eastern Islamic civilization opposition to Ashkenazi. The capital city of the Khazarian Empire (Atil) was re-discovered in 2008 by Dmitry Vasilyev a Russian archeologist and has now been extensively explored.

The demand by the Rabbis that all Judaists live together in Ghettos was the dimension that expanded the rift between Christianity and Judaism. Christians were never the basis of Ghettos; it was caused by rabbinical tyranny. Rabbis have ever since they replaced the Jewish priest class (Kohen) been vigorous to keep their flock separated from the influence of Christians or Islam, for fear of losing their power over their communities. The concept of Ghettos is in fact not Jewish at all, it comes from Venice and the Venetians desire to keep secret the art of glassmaking in which they had a monopoly. They segregated all glassmakers to an island near Venice, which was called the Bicchiere (Glass) Ghetto.

The Khazars have from the day they came to Europe hated Christians and Christianity. They expanded the Babylonian Talmud, which came out of the Babylonian captivity (Babylonian conquest of Judea in 598-BC it lasted for 70-years [3 ½ generations] by the Babylonian Empire, it is the first claim of 6-million lost) Most of the Talmud (Baby) is the product of rabbis after the Khazars fled the Caucuses, and they replaced the Hebrew priesthood, thereafter the second claim of 6-million lost in 70-AD when Rome destroyed the Hebrew Temple killed about 800,000 Jerusalem inhabitants and forced all remaining Hebrews out of the Levant. (The diaspora) There were in fact never 6-million Hebrews in all of ancient history. The census of Quirinius 1-AD indicates a total Population of Judea of 600,000 the majority of which were Roman Cult, Greek Olympians (Zeus, Athena, Apollo, Poseidon, Hermes, Hera, Aphrodite, Hades etc.), Egyptian Isis, Mithraism, Syrian Sun God (Palmyra) One of the smallest was Judaism. Christianity was nothing but a minor cult at that time. Hebrew were not a majority of population in Jerusalem in the first century and after the diaspora were no longer represented. From 70-AD forward Jerusalem until the Ismail invasion of the Levant in 634-AD by the Rashidun Caliphs, Abu Bakr and Umar Khattab the old religions predominated, after the Islamic invasion from 634-AD to the end of WWI (for 1,285 years) the entire Levant was by 90% predominately Muslim.

There is no possible argument against the assertion that modern Jews are not related to Hebrews, and that they in fact are Khazars from the Caucuses, whose ancestors never ever lived in the Levant and are in no way related to Hebrews of the Old Testament.  (DNA proof) The assertion that God gave them Israel is a pure fabrication, If God gave anything to anyone it was the Hebrews, he never gave or promised anything to the Ashkenazi who came on the scene at the same time as Islam.

The Babylonian Talmud is easily the most racist and hateful anti-Christian and anti-Islam document in existence. Judaist’s rabbis in fact, actually produced copies of the Talmud that have all racist and anti-religious (Christian and Islamic) text removed, and then published a death sentence for any Jew that translated the original text out of Hebrew. Original correct Talmud translations from Hebrew to German made in the 20’s are available but only in German. The impression as provided by Ashkeanzim that all Ashkeanzim support Zionism and the holocaust ® is in fact a huge lie. Many Jews don’t even accept the Talmud strictly adhering to the Torah. (First five books of the Old Testament)  A large parentage of Jewish support with Ashkenazi is vested in pay-offs in the form of numerous cash payments by both government (tax incentives like no taxes on Israeli bonds and foreign aid to Israel and German aid to survivors) as well as from private organizations and victimhood embezzlements. Large percentages of Sephardim oppose zionism as does the Hasidic Orthodox, Neturei Karta. Many modern Jews are totally aware that Zionism, communism, socialism and progressivism are all the same ideology. Proof of this is vested in Israel’s political structure, which is a socialist theocracy. To put it bluntly, what did you think a Kibbutz was? A Kibbutz is a communist collective in which the residents only own their own clothes everything else is communally owned. A Kibbutz is a communist collective. It is very popular for modern reformed Jews to send their kids to Israel to a Kibbutz for some months so as to indoctrinate them in socialism and communism. When these kids return home they idolize their Ashkeanzim hero’s, Karl Marx, Frederic Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Salvador Allende, Fidel Castro, Leon Trotsky, Yuri Andropov, Willy Brandt, Allan Ginsberg, Bernadine Dohrn, Norm Chomsky, the list is endless.  By the way never be fooled by the names, Ashkeanzim change their names like other people change their socks.

It is virtually impossible to address the issue of the chosen People without an explanation of the Babylonian Talmud. Actually one of two, the other is the Jerusalem Talmud, which is not nearly as often used.  The Talmud demonizes all Christian saints, claims that Mary the mother of Jesus was a whore who conceived Jesus after having sex with a Roman Centurion, claims that rabbis killed Christ by suffocating him an a bucket of human excrement. But what is most astounding is that the Talmud asserts every issue from the exact opposite of the teachings of Christ. In Talmudic discourse you do not turn the other cheek, you harm your assailant, you do not save a drowning man, you let him drown, you do wrong in a community in which you are not known, you can have sex with children, homosexuality is just fine, sex between men and boys is OK, women are no better than mules, and it is perfectly fine to cheat any non Jew anytime you so desire to do so. To those ends they even have a rabbinical prayer, “Kol Nidre”.

On the eve of the Day of Atonement:

All vows, obligations, oaths, and anathemas, whether called Konam’ konas’ or by any other name, which we may vow, or swear, or pledge, or whereby we may be bound, from this Day of Atonement until the next (whose happy coming we await) we do repent. May they be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, and void and made no effect; they shall not bind us nor have power over us. The vows shall not be reckoned vows; the obligations shall not be obligatory; nor shall they be oaths.

What this in effect is; is absolution to violation of a bound agreement before the event. It clearly means that any agreement made with any Ashkeanzim at any time is not obligatory upon him to comply with. If he cheats you that’s OK, he already has absolution from his God for cheating you. The basic understanding of modern Judaism is that it is as a religion in no way related to Christianity or even Islam. Both Christianity (The ten commandments) and Islam (The five- pillars) are based in a moral code, this code may differ but it is an obligation of the believer to comply with a standard of laws incumbent on all members of the belief. Modern Jews do not accept any such obligation to a statutory acceptance of any obligation to either a moral or an ethical code; their only code is to each other not to non-Jews. 

This brings us to victimhood ™ a trademark of Ashkenazi. For as long as recorded history from 634-BC forward Jews and after the 6th century Ashkeanzim have always claimed to be the victims of someone. They were the victims of the Babylonian Empire, then Rome, then Spain, then Germany and before that the over 120 communities that banished them In Asia, the Middle East and Europe. It would seem that there must be an ulterior reason that so many peoples could not get along with Jews, or are we to assume that every one of the many societies that banished them, was at fault---no not really—it would be those expelled so often that are at fault. The reasons are clear; refusal to assimilate, attempted takeover of the existing society, speaking a differing language, continuous agitation against the adopted place, disruption of the social structure, corruption and finally the liberalization of the society by introduction of homosexuality, pornography, pedophilia, marital dissolution. (Divorce) These all are things that Jews introduced into western society. But they went further. By taking over a major part of the judicial systems in places that they developed a greater than 3% overall population percentage, they changed the laws. America is their greatest to date success, before that it was Germany. In fact the German model from 1920 to 1933 almost exactly mirrors event is America from 1975 to 2016. Today we have 8-sitting judges on the Supreme Court one position is open, of those eight, four are Jews which is 50%, Jews who represent 1.4% of the overall population (Wikipedia) [Sotomayor is not a Catholic her mother is Jewish] But it is not just the courts; the mainstream media that is a 96% Jew enterprise, only six companies all spearheaded by a Jew control the American media, as is banking the last four sitting directors of the FRS for over 30-years have all been Jews.

In the bad boy category we have an excellent example in <<George Soros>> whose Ashkeanzim name is <<Geörgy Schwarz>>.  This man who can only be characterized as evil, has a history that is an indictment of all Jews. The Reverend Jessie Lee Peterson has it exactly right “Soros is an evil man. He’s anti-God, anti-Family, anti-American and anti-Good”. In fact, Soros is a malignant, messianic, atheist, narcissist, who has essentially purchased the DNC. This man is so evil he makes Stalin, <<Trotsky>>, Mao and Pol Pot look good by comparison. Why we have not deported him, is a question I ask myself daily. Steve Kroft interviewed him on CBS’s 60 minutes; it fully exposed the sick nature of Soros. Kroft: (These events occurred when Soros was 14 years old) “My understanding is that you went out with this protector of yours (SS officer) who swore that you were his adopted godson” Soros: “Yes-- yes” Kroft: “Went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from Jews” Soros:  “Yes that’s Right. Yes” Kroft: I mean, that sounds like an experience that would make lots of people go to the psychiatric couch for many, many years. Was it difficult” Soros: “No not at all, No” Kroft: “No feeling of guilt?” Soros: “No” Wall St. Journal Joshua Muravchik,  “What was the best years of your life?  Soros: “1944 was the best year of my life” [about ½ million Hungarians died in WWII in 1944] Geörgy went out with an SS officer for whom he identified Jews for arrest and deportation, out of which the Schwarz family made 10% of the take. Geörgy identified the SS officer as his Godfather, pretending to be Christian. I really don’t think God would choose him for anything but hell!  Geörgy has been known to bring economic collapse to one nation after another. He is now working on America he already owns the Democrat Party lock stock and barrel. Soros destroyed the economy of England, Malaysia (1997) Russia, and Thiland, in each case destroying the middle class, pensions, savings, mortgage debt, and the national currency. He used his Quantum Fund to devalue the currencies. He made billions with this strategy. Just so you understand, he now owns the DNC his contribution to Hillary Clintons Super Pac (Priorities USA) was $ 7-million. He also has designs on Russia with $500 million per year from his (Open Society Institute) in contributions for political parties opposing existing ones.

The great money machine of the Ashkenazi is victimhood ™ and the vehicle for victimhood ™ is the Holocaust ® both should be registered Ashkenazi trademarks. Six million is the ever-reappearing number of Jews lost. WWII was the fourth, six million. To understand where this all came from we need to return to WWI and the British propaganda machine. England was losing the war, which was unpopular in England. In order to ramp up enlistments, the British government in 1916 produced a scenario that the Germans (called Huns by the propagandists) were systematically gassing POW’s. The Germans had captured over 2.4 million allied soldiers. After the war those who had invented it, disputed the propaganda, before the British Parliament in the 30’s. This was the origin of the gassing invention. (The diaspora was in London up to 1949)

In order to understand all of WWII we must look at what caused WWII, which was without doubt as accepted by all historians, the armistice agreement of the end of WWI. The WWI armistice of the 11th of November 1918 at Compiegne that was imposed by the Ashkenazi dominated Allied clutch armistice committee was so horrific that it caused the great German inflation, the collapse of the Reich Mark, and the starvation of millions of Germans. It made recovery from the war impossible. WWII began with the declaration of an economic embargo and a declaration of War by the Diaspora, in London, on March 24th 1933 that was published in the London based Diaspora Newspaper the “Daily Express” just 60 days after Hitler was made chancellor. Hitler did not consolidate power until August 1934, the declaration of war by the diaspora predated any and all actions against Jews in any of the Axis nations. It is also acknowledged that the Russian revolution was in fact an invasion by non-Russian Ashkeanzim and that the entire communist movements from 1916 to today are managed by Ashkenazi. Of the 68 members of the Soviet central committee in 1930, 65 were Ashkenazim and three were married to Ashkenazi women. (Including Stalin) The communist parties of Russia, (<<Lenin>>) Germany, (<<Rosa Luxemburg>>) Poland, (<<Koszutska, Warski, Horwitz, Prochniak>>) Hungary, (<<Bella Kun>>) England, France, America, Italy, Spain, and Portugal were all communist Ashkenazi. What the Nazis in fact did, beginning in the late 30’s was to arrest communists and communist leaders who were ensconced in the labor movements all of which were Jews. The Nazis were not arresting Jews they were arresting communists and anarchists. That the Nazis were anti-Jew-communist is correct, but they were also anti-homosexual, and anti- pornography, prostitution, perversion, criminality, freemasons and pedophilia, they rounded all of them up and put them into work camps.  (KZ)

I cannot say what the result to Jews of the Nazis was, because although I lived through most of it I was not present in Germany and Poland where events occurred. I am however able to read: The World Almanac of 1933 lists population worldwide by religious beliefs; under Jews we find the following numbers:

North America South America Europe Asia Africa Other
4,383,643 293,474 9,494,363 882,609 630,800 30,410
4,971,985 228,958 9,372,665 572,930 542,869 26,954
+588,342 -64,516 -121,698 -309,679 -87,931 -3,456

So, the question is where did the six million number come from? Conversely we have the report of the IRC (International Red Cross) certified on Jan 1979 as 271,301 Jews killed in concentration camps during WWII. As you can see that is not far off from the World Almanacs of 1933 and 1948 reported numbers.  The IRC was the agency that in WWII did their best to help POW’s as well as internees in camps; they have no cause to lie.

I will speculate that the entire holocaust has two distinct and separate causes. The first of these is victimhood as a means to capitalize on falsely created guilt. This one we are all familiar with. The second is hidden in facts that have by Ashkeanzim been suppressed ever since the end of the war and is much more important to them. In WWII and after it, up to the 50’s, the Bolsheviks that were by huge majority Ashkenazi from 1918 to 1956 murdered over 65 million Christian Orthodox Russians sent 1,100 Russian Orthodox Priests to Siberian labor camps where they were worked to death, and destroyed 900 Russian Orthodox Churches and monasteries. They killed the Czars entire family including the cook, doctor, chambermaid, and footman even their dogs. Not one of the killers at Ekaterinburg was a Russian all of them were Ashkenazi; <<Yakov Yurovsky>> was the Cheka commander of the murder detail. The fact that the Russian Revolution was a Jewish invasion, and that from 1919 to the end of the Soviet Empire Bolshevik Ashkeanzim were responsible for the deaths of close of 70 million Christians makes the entire holohoax story a minor subheading in history books. Then the communist system expanded to China where Mao Zedong managed to murder about 100 million Chinese. What a legacy Ashkeanzim have!

This then leads us to the existing Western laws implemented by Ashkenazi insistence. These would be; Germany 5 years imprisonment for holocaust denial, interestingly there is no definition of “holocaust denial” in the German legal dictionary. In Austria prison is for 20 years. There are also prison terms or deportation orders in Canada, Switzerland, and 16 European nations. These laws are enforced as many revisionist historians have learned. Let me just make one comment; the holocaust ® is the only event in man’s history that requires laws to support it, all others are supported by facts! The assertion by zionists that the holocaust is a proven historic fact is in fact fiction, produced by those zionists. The case about gassing of Jews is especially bogus because they died from the effect of Typhus Fever, for which the Germans had no cure. The gate at Auschwitz clearly states “Arbeit Macht Frei” “Works Frees You”; these camps produced large parts of the supplies for the Wehrmacht, why would you kill off your own labor force. Some died due to starvation because Eisenhower had all rail accesses to camps bombed so they ran out of food. The far worse crime was Eisenhower’s systematic starvation and death by exposure of over three million German POW’s and the joint Churchill and Eisenhower fire-bombing of Dresden that killed over 600,000 civilians at the close of the war. There was not a single military target in Dresden!

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