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President Moron


On the 15th of July 2016 Barack Hussein Obama explained his foreign policy as it relates to the Caliphate attack in Nice France.

#1 “We need to build”---what do we need to build?

#2 “We must have diplomacy”---with whom?


This response is not just weak it’s ridiculous, especially in sight of the fact that he did not in any way or manner explain either of his two foreign policy initiatives. 84-people were killed and many were seriously injured. We have no diplomatic relationship with the Caliphate and as they are the admitted actors in this Nice attack, there is no one responsible with which we can have any diplomatic discussion. What are we to build? A wall around Europe might be a start, but he does not like walls, as is evident in his refusal to protect America with a wall on our southern border. Establishing a manner of discourse with people determined to kill you is hardly an option.


France is America’s oldest ally. In the 1770’s they were our allies against the British. Gilbert du Motier better known to American’s as The Marquis de Lafayette was a Lodge brother of Dr. Franklin and one of the Lodge brothers of Washington one of his best military advisors, along with Steuben from Prussia. We would not expect a president who spent his formative years in a Madrassa in Indonesia, studying the Koran, to have even an inkling of such facts, however he must have at least one academic in his circle that could explain such mundane matters to him. But I remiss, Obama is in his own mind, so brilliant that he does not attend CIA and NSA briefings, nor does he require any other opinions of facts from the military or anyone else, after all he was a lay reader at the University of Chicago, which in his little mind places him above all the rest of us. His claim of professorship is a lie. This response to a horrific act of terror is an insult to France and its people.


And we have millions of Americans who want these policies continued by Hillary Clinton who has promised us “four more years” of Obama foreign policy!


Just on foreign policy let me list Hillary’s successes: Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libra, Egypt, North Korea, Israel and now Turkey…and lastly the development of the Caliphate…all of her and Obama’s doing. And we are informed by the Lamestream that she has a 52% lead! There are some really dumb people out there.

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