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FBI Director Comey and AG Lynch You have turned America into a third world Banana republic



FBI Director Comey and AG Lynch

You have turned America into a third world

Banana republic!


We the people have lost the “Mandate of Heaven” passed to the political class!


I have lost all confidence in out legal system and our Judiciary. I have lost all respect for the FBI. I am disgusted by and FBI director that spends 15 minutes clarifying that Hillary Clinton committed crimes and then refuses on his own to not recommend prosecution. This is not his job. He should have turned the evidence over to a grand jury, or an independent prosecutor, that is not politically involved; which it the way our system works. Comey made himself the investigator, the judge and the jury. This announcement comes to us on the day that Barack Obama travels with Hillary Clinton to North Carolina on air force one and Hillary speaks from the podium from behind the presidential seal. The trip was on your dime, that’s illegal. The decision was reached after Loretta Lynch had a ½ hour private meeting in a private Jet, on your dime, with Bill Clinton at the Phonix airport, at which AG Lynch and Clinton the disgraced and first ever impeached and disbarred lawyer (perjury and obstruction of justice; both felonies) discussed their grand children and golf. (Or perhaps a Lynch seat on the Supreme Court)  Hillary Clinton has lied so often to congress, in sworn testimony, on TV to the American people, and the FBI, all of which are felonies that with a 5-year prison term per lie she could be put in prison for the next ten decades. I had a top-secret clearance in the Army; if I had done what Clinton did in 1961 I would still be in Leavenworth.


Dr. Adrian H. Krieg

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