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Dr. A. H. Krieg


Lets get this right! Loretta Lynch our attorney general files out west in a private jet; she has secret service protection, and has filed a routing with the FAA. Bill Clinton a past censured and disbarred lawyer and president, who also have secret service protection, just by chance flies into the same airport. Miraculously Bill hears that Loretta is in the same airport at the same time and just hops over to her plane to discus their grand children and golf for 30 minutes. The fact that Bills wife is under investigation by the FBI in two independent matters is never once brought up. And pigs can fly!

The President is Loretta’s immediate boss who has just endorsed Hillary for the presidency. Loretta is the boss of the FBI who is in charge of the investigation and the person who will eventually determine what if any charges are brought against Hillary. There is absolutely no collusion here. And pigs can fly!

The NY Times, Washington Post, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, BBC, BET, all completely ignore the issue, reporting nothing about it. And pigs can fly!

The proposed by media propagandistic claim that this is a non-event is ludicrous. This is the heart of corruption, the husband of a probable defendant in an entire series of over 2000 federal crimes meets with the boss of the prosecution in a private and unpublished meeting. If this were between two republicans it would be news of the month and Loretta would be history.

Folks the fix is in and the meeting has confirmed it. Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundations will not be prosecuted and chances are that we will have an unprosecuted criminal for our next president. The Sheeple are so gormlessly stupid that at least half of them will vote for her. The basis of their decision is: 1) She is a woman, so what? 2) She is the most intelligent woman in the world, who by the way flunked her BAR exam 3) Its time we had a female president, yes indeed just like we elected our first black Muslim, how did that work out?  4) She has done a lot for women, yes indeed especially those who had affairs with her philandering husband, She is very experienced in government, yes she is with a lackluster stint as senator do nothing for NY, and as the worst Secretary of State in American history---anyone remember the Arab Spring, Benghazi, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Israel, North Korea, Croatia, the reset button? Yes indeed pigs can fly in Washington and Katonah.


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