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The parasites and our Enabler in Charge


According to my Miriam Webster a parasite is a creature that lives on another host benefiting by obtaining nutrients at the hosts expense. Say, that sounds a lot like bureaucrat, politician, senator, president congressman and refugees to me. An enabler is someone that makes something (terrorism and refugees) possible. What do you think? Progressives and Obama maybe?


If only one citizen had been armed in Orlando, and it was not a gun free zone, many more Americans would be alive and unharmed today!


Not satisfied with the attained nutrition from their constituency our elected progressives are now purposely importing refugees into our midst without vetting. Those here already when repeatedly questioned by the FBI and found acceptable, possibly due to being politically registered as Democrat (St. Lucy County, FL) even with legal infractions are passed as acceptable and are allowed to purchase firearms. Omar Mir Seddlique Mateen’s father ran for the Afghani presidency in 2015, he is an ardent supporter of the Taliban. His son murdered 49 and injured over 50.  These wonderful terrorists have perpetrated; 1993 shootings in Langley VA 2 dead, World Trade Center bombing 1993, 6 dead, 9-2011 NYC, 2,996 dead, Washington Beltway assassin 2002 17 dead, LAX 2002, 3 dead, in fact from 1972 to today there have been 74 domestic terrorist attacks resulting in a total of 3,161 deaths and the moron in chief refuses to call this Islamic Terrorism, even after ISIL claims responsibility and the shooter claims he did it for the Caliphate. Then the RINOS chime in with its un-American to place a hold on Islamic immigration, what can I say? Common sense has been banished from the realm.

Obama and Hillary promptly pontificated with the usual stupidity “we need more gun control” (Worked well in Paris and Norway) Never mind that a retired police officer who worked in the same security firm as Mateen said he was unstable and nuts, that he was divorced and his divorced wife said he was unstable, we let him buy guns because the FBI who interviewed him twice, possibly more times, is very busy having over 200 agents work on the various Hillary issues when everyone knows she is guilty as hell, before they even started, but that Obama with his endorsement of her will block her prosecution. They sadly dropped the ball on the IRS matter. Neither Hillary or Barack used the dreadful Islamic Terrorist phrase, heaven forbid, we actually acknowledged that a bunch in Middle East Islamic radical terrorist bastards are running around the world murdering Westerners at will.  To combat that situation Obama and his brain-dead associates are allowing over 100 Syrian Muslims that are not vetted into the country every day. To further improve the situation for the Caliphate Obama has scaled up Muslim refugee immigration to 10,000 this year but Hillary wants that increased to over 65,000. I think they should all be located to Katonah. 

Among other matters you might be interested to learn is that these refugees are granted very special privileges directly after arrival. For one thing they are placed on food stamps, and welfare immediately granting them better benefits than American Social Security recipients, who actually paid for they’re SS with taxes. I’m sure you want to know exactly what they get!  Remember Obama and his buddies are very generous with your money.

Being allowed entry into the United States of America, as a refugee is the most coveted of all possible benefits that any Middle Easterner or Mestizos from our southern border, could possibly hope for. For starters most do not have any papers so our immigration officers simply take their word for minor issues like name, place of birth, nationality, date of birth, you know all the sort of stuff you need just to get a drivers license, that by the way was not sufficient for me to renew my Florida license, I had to produce, a US passport, my old license, prof of residence, and a utilities bill from the county. Refugees don’t have to screw around with any of those little annoyances.

So, what do they get? Interesting you should ask! Well, you know we want them to learn to speak English, when I came from Switzerland in 1952 I was on my own, at age 14 I did not speak a word of English. We give them PELL grants, they never have to be repaid, and it allows them to go to school on your dime. Their housing is paid for by the Feds (you). The PELL grant pays for the school, books and a small allowance. They get the WAIT program that provides a credit card for free gas to travel to and from school. They get CARIBE that pays for childcare and sports for the kids while the student is in school. Oh, just wanted you to know CARIBE is specific to refugees, American citizens are excluded. They are qualified to get, food stamps, welfare, telephones, heating, air conditioning, WIC for their kids, Obamacare depending on the state to which the administration sends them. For the sake of honesty lets pick the averages of direct payments; Welfare $ 733.00 per month, food stamps $157.00 per month, (Catholic, Lutheran and Jewish charities are given $ 75 million per year from the Department of State resettlement fund, which is paid to those not so charitable charities) public housing $1,471.00 Child care development $1,000 per child, between $1,500 and $3,000 for JOLI (Job Opportunity for Low Income), secondary education for college, $310.00 per month tuition, $33.43 per day allowance, Refugee assistance program, $100.00 per month, if applicable Title IV Foster care $400.00 per moth per child they can also get Title XX funds from Social Services block grant, these vary dependent upon conditions and the number of family members but can go as high as $92,003.00 per year. The highest welfare in Hawaii at $ 50,590.00 the Lowest of the top 25 is Alabama with $ 26,400.00. The average Social Security recipient after having paid in for over 30 years gets $1,250.00 or $35,590 less than Hawaii’s welfare recipient.

The very next question is how many refugees do we already have in America? That is very difficult information to obtain; in 2013 they claimed we had 264,000 in residence. Based on average number of 10,000 for 2014, 15, 16, we would assume about 300,000 today.  However those numbers are questionable because the UN claims we took in 71,000 in just 2013. Like every other government produced statistic its just another load of BS. Worst is the fact that of the total number of Middle East refugees only 2.5% are Christians, considering that there are over one million Syrian Christian refugees in Jordan, Egypt, and other Middle East nations one begins to see a pattern of discrimination by the administration favoring Islam. It has been estimated that the average refugee cost us about $64,370.00 per year; total cost per refugee for the first five years is $257,481.00. (Center for Immigration Studies)

The parasites are gradually with help from the administration, bankrupting America. The total annual cost as of 2016 can be estimated at just over $2 billion per year. All we have to do is to add the cost of the executive and the cost of congress. Congressional payroll is $95.8 million, (Excluding the Senate) but that’s only the tip of the iceberg, when we add aids, expenses and other costs of about $25 million per member we have $ 25 billion. The Executive costs $2.3 billion per year. The total cost of all the parasites is $ 29.3 billion annually. (Conservative estimate) The only remaining question being, “is it all that worth it”?

Just to clarify all of this, a breakdown of the Senate is as follows: (2010) Hair care, $26,117.19, restaurant $72,370.12, Gym $256,380.37, Mailing $368,801.28, Gift Shop $166,637.26, Photo studio $789,690.53, recording studio $1,945,771.10, Stationary $ 1,078,456.74, personal expenses $400,590,512.37, Contingency fund $140,500,000.00, Miscellaneous fund $19,909,500.00, administrative expenses $23,603,773.00, Contingency Sec. of Senate $1.990,000.00, Contingency Sargent at arms $141,601,000.00, Settlement accounts $1,000,000.00, salaries officers and employees $150,017,546.99, Legal council 1,544,300.00, Widows and Heirs and deceased members $ 174,000.00, are you getting your moneys worth?



Information relating to this article was mostly provided from a new book from Dr. Krieg coming out late this summer titled “Practical Economics for Millennial’s”.


Obama must be impeached for failure to keep America safe and Clinton due to criminality legally prevented for running for office.

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