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Dr. A.H. Krieg


My wife and I met Maggie Thatcher many years ago at a Hillsdale college event. I was most impressed with the little lady of much stature and great ability. One of the things she said was, (Paraphrase)  “evil in the end fails because eventually it runs out of productive things to destroy”. Evil in fact, only functions in the absence of good.


The entire problem with this hypothesis is that it is dependent upon the people’s ability to realize the existence of evil in all its forms. In today’s contrived political circumstance that is highly unlikely, because between government and multinational corporations over a billion dollars are spent on producing false information every year. Elite goad the majority of the population into accepting propaganda that nullifies reality. History books of European as well as American history are re-written every few years in order that the narrative complies with the norms of existing present society. As each layer of misinformation is piled on, the misinformation of the previously written text, truth and honesty become relegated to the dustbin of history past. Just in my lifetime, that spans most of the 20th century, I am aware of the reality that three-quarters or more of the presently accepted historic information is fairyland make-believe. This situation has virtually exploded in the first quarter of the 21st century; to the point where all presently produced news is deceitful rubbish. Every morning I read the local fish-wrap, which like all newspapers in this century belongs to a Jewish conglomerate whose reported news is produced in NYC but written in Washington. Why do you think that all news agencies report the same issues, at the same time, in most cases using the same phrasing? 

Last week we had a horrendous Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando FL. We know it was a terrorist act because, 1) the perpetrator was a Muslim, 2) he had scouted out the place of the attack, 3) The Caliphate confirmed he was acting on their behalf, 4) in concert with Jihadi law the perpetrator called a radio station and the police informing them he was in the middle of a terrorist attack on behalf of ISIS. There is no latitude to dispute any of this. The cause of the attack is the war between the Caliphate and Western society, and is the sole responsibility of the Islamic state. How did our Washington cadre’ react? The president gave a speech in which he attacked the 2nd amendment of our Constitution and the American right of its citizens to have guns for self-protection. Hillary Clinton chimed in with the same foolishness. No remorse for the victims, no promise of retaliation on the Caliphate, no resolute leadership against a commonly accepted enemy—nothing. Like all terrorist attacks of the last 20 years this one took place in a gun-free zone. This was a concession to progressives in the FL state legislature based on the incredibly stupid idea that terrorists or criminals will not bring their guns to a gun-free zone like a school nightclubs or bars. Of course not! What terrorists do is to locate gun-free zones to commit their crimes where no one will have the ability to counter them.

Honesty and honest citizens do not require the force of law as personal protection; it is only dishonesty and criminality that requires legal protection to enforce their agendas. Florida has about 1.5 million issued gun carry permits and about 20 million population, it therefore follows that of the about 300 people present at the club at least 20 would have been armed, if that had been the case the body count would have been under 10. In response to all this the U.S. Senate is not expanding carry permits to be allowed cross state borders, no indeed, they want to implement more gun restricting laws to make it easier for the terrorists. I in fact have a better solution. Let every American military veteran who passes a sanity test have the right to carry everywhere including in aircraft, terrorist’s life expectancy would go down hill fast.

The largest institutions in the world are governments. Governments are the largest by numbers killers of their own people. You say; “It can’t happen here!” That is exactly what the people of Germany, Russia, China, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, and so forth said in the 20ies and 30ies. In fact between Soviet Russia and Communist China over 200 million people of those two nations died by the hands of their own governments. Needless to say all the guns were confiscated long before those socialist gained total power. After the institutionalization of universal healthcare and the nationalization of utilities and the media, gun confiscation always follows, and always before the people come to understand that socialist government is a terrible administrator of services and that they will be forced to curtail, healthcare and utilities access, the now controlled media simply reinforces governments dictums. The unarmed people are left without options. In the Soviet state universal single payer healthcare went from 100% to many restrictions, to 60% then 40% then 20% and finally to only party members which was 3% of the total population. Governments by their size and management means are absolutely terrible administrators. As a management consultant one of my many vocations, I can clearly say, that all governments are at least 30% less effective in running an organizational structure than the private sector, Bernie and Hillary take note! If you don’t accept my assertion, might I be so bold as to suggest you visit or move to, Cuba, Venezuela, or Zimbabwe, socialist paradise, one and all. 

There are always realistic and functional solutions to problems. In the case of terrorism that would be to react the same way as the Mongols did against the Assassins of the 10th to the 13th centuries. The Assassins were terrorists on a grand scale, operating out of the mountains of Persia and Syria. They were in fact the murder incorporated of the 10th century, killing not only for their own political power but also as killers for hire. They made attempts on the life of the Mongol emperor that failed; he ordered an attack and the total destruction of the Assassin’s capital. After that the Assassins power collapsed. Obama take note!

On the issue of guns, which has absolutely nothing to do with the attack in Orlando, there are also viable solutions. The senate’s proposal to add the no fly list to people not permitted to buy guns is pointless. For the following reasons; 1) the no fly list had 480,000 people added on by Obama all at one time, no one to date has explained where this list came from, 2) The person that places a name on the list in all cases is unknown, and it appear to be impossible to challenge a name placed on the list by some unnamed bureaucrat, 3) criminals and terrorists rarely, unless stupid, try to buy guns from licensed FFL dealers, 4) the ineptness of Homeland Security, BATF and FBI in compiling terrorist lists is founded in the Obama and Homeland Security’s Jeh Johnson’s out of control PC (Political Correctness) more correctly called Cultural Marxism. This by presidential directive forbids the naming of any terrorist act or organization to be called Islamic. These communist inspired, PC policies have been devastating in our war on terrorism. The very first act of government is the protection of its own citizens. The first requirement of that is to identify the enemy and to name that enemy, regardless of if it is a religion, political movement, or social organization. The absolute refusal by all members of the progressive movement to name them as Radical Islamist Terrorists is unfathomable, but understanding that 78% of them support the progressive movement provides a clue. The opposition to the acceptance of refugees from regions of conflict in the Middle East is unconscionable. Trump is in his assertion to block all Middle East Muslims from coming to America, until we have in place a viable system of vetting refugees or immigrants, nothing but common sense. The head of the FBI, CIA and NSA all concur with this. Speaker Ryan’s opposition to this, based on his assertion that it is Un-American, speaks volumes to his total ignorance on this and many other issues. Jeh Johnson’s assertion that the Orlando incident is based on the availability of guns in America can only be called stupid. A gun Mr. Johnson is an intimate object; it no more causes terrorism than a match causes arson. There are now according to reasonable estimates about 340 million guns in America even if they were tomorrow all outlawed the remaining supply would last for five more decades.


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