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A Letter from the third world


Dr. A. H. Krieg


Florida June 10, 2016 The Third World

My fellow third “worlders” I am here to report to you that we have entered a new era in America.  We are now a genuine qualified third world nation. We achieved this banana republic status through civic cowardice, judicial inactivity, and legislative chickens. Without question our Lamestream is complicit in abetting our new status. We have a national leader who has decimated our military, removed all flag officers who posed any opposition of his political and social agenda, and appointed scores of unqualified minorities and women all without combat experience to replace our heroes. We have done nothing in their support.

We have one single opponent to this structure Donald Trump and he is under attack by RINOS, Democrats, progressives, as well as the political left and right. Why, you ask, because he had the courage to point out that a federal judge who is affiliated with La Raza (The Race) appointed two Democrat law firms in a class action suite against Donald Trump, who have made over 100 contributions to Democrats, supported Hillary Clintons Campaign with thousands of dollars and the Democrats in general with over $800,000 and even given cash to MoveOn.org.

We are the Third World because our system is broken and over half of our population thinks that that’s OK.

We are the Third World because the Democrats are running a candidate that has been implicit in murder, theft, slander, espionage and is a habitual liar, and not only do they think that this is OK but over half of the people support this aberration.

We are the Third World because our legal system has been politicized to the point where our federal judiciary might as well be Nigerian. We have a national AG who supports and condones judicial racism on and in every level of the performance of her duties. In fact Loretta thinks that race is the overriding issue in America and that she has been appointed and approved for the sole purpose of alleviating imaginary wrongs done to blacks seven generations ago.

We are the Third World because our Democrat presidential candidate, was fired from her first job, fired with prejudice from her second job, wrote her college senior thesis on communist Saul Alinsky, comparing him to Martin Luther King, failed her DC BAR exam, that she then miraculously passed in Arkansas where her husband was political big wig, all followed up with; Chinagate, Travelgate, Whitewater, Madison Savings & Loan, James McDougal, Susan McDougal, The Rose Law Firm, the Vince Foster murder, Filegate, Cattle futures trading, Lootergate and the theft of over $ 200,000 White House artifacts, Benghazi, the murder of our ambassador to Libya, The loss of Syria, ISIL, ISIS, al Qaida, The al Nusra Front, the Caliphate, and the Arab Spring which we won’t overcome for at least 20 years, the loss of $ 6 billion while Secretary of State, 2200 secret top secret and higher communications, private E-mail servers all hacked, and the various Clinton Foundations, payola from foreign governments for personal profits. Then in her husbands dalliances in which she viciously, without cause, attacked Juanita Broaddick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, Dolly Kyle, Jennifer Flowers, Sally Perdue, Connie Hamzy, Lencola Sullivan, and Monica Lewinsky, all the while claiming to be the champion of the women’s rights movement.

We are the Third World because of the endorsement by our president of this crook, which means there will probably not be any conviction or even an indictment.

We are the Third World because we can no longer trust our legal system, police or legislators.

We are the Third World because the taxing authority of our nation has been turned into a political enforcement device that attacks and prosecutes against the political opponents of the executive, and our legal justice system does absolutely nothing about it.

We are a Third World because Black Panthers in Philadelphia were allowed to intimidate White voters evidence of which is on video, and our AG protected the Black Panthers and refused prosecution.

We are the Third World because contrary to our constitution we allowed a man who is not a natural born citizen in violation of our constitution to become president.

We are the Third World because our president in violation of his oath of office makes laws, and because our legislative branch refuses to impeach him and our judicial branch refuses to enforce our laws.

We are a Third World nation because our government passes 80,000 pages of new laws every year that are enacted simply because they are published in the Federal Register, that no one has read, and are then used by bureaucracies of the government in a process of selective enforcement used to frighten the population into complying with every edict or order from the bureaucrats.

We are a Third World because our government is complicit in scores of false flag attacks within and outside of America to enforce their will upon the people.

We are a Third World nation because our legislators have more than once passed the American Patriot Act which violates the 1st. 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th and 10th part of the Bill of Right of our Constitution thus abolishing our most cherished freedoms.

We are a Third World nation because our congress has passed NDAA, which has a provision that removes the Posse Comitatus Act that formerly prevented the use of American military against indigenous population.

We are a Third World nation because our population has become feminized and sissified to inaction against obvious crimes. We have by PC been so conditioned to obeying our political and media class that we are afraid to criticizes any Black, Hispanic female or other minority because regardless of how right the criticism is we will be called racist. We have by this system been conditioned to accept ridiculous concepts like those expressed by the Miss USA winner claiming that women have the exact same physical abilities as men. We have been taught that women in infantry combat can perform equally to men, which is pure BS.  We are allowing our entire military to be turned into a social experiment, which will result in our losing the next war.

We need to turn this around, and quickly because four more years of this crap and America will be a memory.

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