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Judges with baggage


Dr. A. H. Krieg


The first rule of law for judges is that they must be impartial on any issue litigated before them. Today most judges belong to any number of organizations, which is fine so long as they are not politically or socially partial. Belonging to the Elks, Lions, or Free Masons is fine, La Raza is not! La Raza translates to The Race in English and by its very name indicates bias. La Raza has been involved in riots, anti-American protests, and American Flag burnings among other issues.

The case involves three-law suite by various parties, some not named claiming racketeering and two are class action suits against Trump University and Donald Trump the other third case is in NY state court. Then enters Judge Gonzales Curiel and Art Cohen on behalf of the plaintiffs, students of Trump U. Judge Curel continuously ruled against Trump, Trump University and Trump’s legal team. So, the law firm of Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd who are the plaintiffs in the case against Trump, they gave Hillary $ 675.000 for fees and speeches since 2009. The same law firm also made a direct campaign contribution of $ 225.000 to Hillary. RGRD was in fact the largest law firm contributor to the Clinton campaign and Democrat organizations. Are you gradually getting the jilt of this case?

Judge Curiel is a member of La Raza (The Race) Lawyers Association. It is a pro illegal immigrant organization that supports illegal immigration. Cesar Chaves called the lawyers association part of the “anti-Gringo” movement. Reason enough for the Judge to recuse himself. The stated purpose of the Lawyers association is, “to promote the interests of the Latino communites thorough the state”. (CA) The SDLRLS website includes the National Council of La Raza. These organizations consist of a community of groups including La Raza, Border Angels, as well as the San Diego Dream Team, all of which are race based. The Judge is a longtime contributor to the DNC, he was appointed by Obama. He was a contributor to Xavier Becerra CA representative DNC conference Chairman. Curiel selected the law firms to represent the plaintiff’s in the class action suites against Trump; both have considerable association with the DNC including Hillary Clinton. The senior partner of RGRD is Darren J. Robbins who has made over 100-campaign contribution over the years to Democrats. He also made a $ 2,700 contribution directly to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The second law firm appointed Zeldes Haeggquist & Elk LLP was a multiple donor to the Obama campaign; the senor partner was also a donor to, MoveOn.org. If you still don’t get it you must be a Hillary lover!

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