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The state of things


The state of things

Dr. A. H. Krieg


While the great majority of populi remains in a state of utter bewilderment, as they have been for the past four years, the establishment Republocrat selected persist their uncompromising drive of attempted control of the body politic. We should not be stunned; after all we’ve been down this road before. The underlying circumstance that they have already lost seems not to be part of their awareness. The electoral outcome of the Indiana primary is the strongest indication to date that the establishment has lost control. Think on it, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders were the undisputed winners; the chosen were vanquished, the vote was in fact not a vote for Trump or Sanders it was a rebellion against the Republocrats. Americans are unequivocally fed up with the status quo, in politics as well as media. Ashkeanzim are, to a man progressives, they jointly own the media, they own the 6 major media enterprises that control 96% of the news, and they are the relentless allies, and syncopates of the political elite. The next stone to fall will surely be the Lamestream, whose present lack of popularity is rivaled only by that of the Republocrats.

The Democrat wing of the Republocrat system is in quandary; their choices are rapidly diminishing either Hillary under two FBI investigations, or Bernie an avowed, over the hill, socialist and nut job to boot, and a VP who is by many considered not only a old loon from the left, but certainly based on discourse of the past four years, somewhat senile. The Republicans offer nothing because their candidate is not a Republican, Trump was an independent for decades as most successful businessmen are and is a pragmatists. There is no second Republican those three-loser runners-ups who for some ego based misconceptions refuse to release their delegates, with Trump now at 1,239 that is two over the top, one wonders what the twits are contemplating. Then we have the three Amigos, no not the movie, Bush 1 & 2 & 3 whose sour grapes prevent their support of the winner, because all three of them have been losers for decades. Then there’s Mr. Ego the Cuban, Canadian, whatever and Mr. “Cashinich” who has garnered the entire Ohio delegation apparently anticipating his 161 delegates as a challenge to Trump, way too much testosterone!

I must say I am mildly amused as I am sure you are, why this has to date been the most entertaining presidential run up election since Coolidge. But we are only in the beginning of a Kabuki theater that is sure to please, and not to bore. Think of it, soon to make an appearance is the FBI with the first of two riveting announcements, regardless of how that goes, Hillary has been tarnished far beyond repair. Act two will the DNC chairs, [Oh I forgot we now are in quandary as to who that will be Because Debby “Cagna” Wasserman Schultz seems to lack the required unterstüzung from anyone] inability to name a socialist who is not a member of the Party, the Democrat candidate. I’m sorry for whoevers shoulders this falls on. The RINOS now have a clear choice—they can support Trump or say good-bye to their Elephant who’s Mahout is now Trump.

We are hardly over with the theater, think of the possible coming debates between Hillary and Donald, why I don’t want her indicted or up against a Grand Jury, I look forward to a woman who can only regurgitate old campaign innuendos off a provided teleprompter to audiences of 20 to 40, debating a man who speaks off the cuff, says what he means and means what he says, to audiences of up to 30,000. Just imagine the entertainment! Why the networks will be bidding up the price to the point where they will pay the Republocrats money for the privilege of running the debates. The Lamestream will have a field day, they will lambast Trump for being mean spirited, for brining up irrelevant issues like, “Why did you flunk your BAR exam Hillary?”  Heaven forbid, that’s out of bounds, “well, then could you explain the $6 billion that evaporated while you were Secretary of State?” No, then how about Vince Foster’s visit to Mark Rich in Switzerland and Vince’s strange death shortly thereafter, I’m sure you remember Mark you know when Denise his wife donated $ 450,000 to your husbands presidential library and Bill pardoned Rich? Say, come to think of it there are loads of very interesting questions I would like to ask Hillary on national TV.

There’s always the consideration although slim that there will be no indictment. That would seriously harm the nation; America would for sure be relegated to banana republic status; that’s if we’re not there already. The FBI would become even more suspect and legally irrelevant than they already are today. And Loretta Lynch would be forced, to that of a back-seater to the contemptuous Eric her lackluster predecessor. Think on it, everyone with a minor understanding of law understands perfectly well that Hillary is a liar, cheat and has committed enough crimes just with her e-mail server that if individually per issue litigated would be in jail for decades. General Petraeus was fined $100,000 and two years probation, as far as I can determine, Hillary did that over 2200 times, works out to $ 2.2 billion in fines and 4,400 years in the pokey. Then we come to the really prodigious Clinton foundations; the largest of this century money-laundering scheme. The reason for the entire private server was to keep transactions or more correctly money transfers from foreign governments to Clinton foundation bundlers in Norway and Canada off the State Department’s radar screen. You remember the 30,000 e-mails about Chelsea’s pending wedding to Mark Mezvinsky, do you remember his dad---well we won’t go there it would be much too embarrassing for the Clintons.

If all that were not enough, we as a society are faced with an unending litany of vulgarity. Our country and the entire world for that matter is built upon a gigantic mountain of lies. We tell our children that in the end good and honesty always wins, we also tell them about the Easter bunny and Santa Clause, just about correspondingly as honest. Our government tells us that a lone assassin killed Kennedy, when in reality it was the bankers, they tell us 9-11 was managed by a man on dialysis with a failing kidney, they tell us new lies every day and we eat them up. Our school system now teaches our kids that homosexuality is perfectly ordinary and not to pay any attention to the pervert in their locker room of the opposite sex. They in fact teach them that transgender is normal, homosexuality is OK, pornography is a constitutionally protected right, and for a woman to kill her own children is normalcy. Lest we forget the same troop of morons have banished the entire basis of Western law, the Ten Commandments from public places based on a totally misunderstood first amendment, which ten laws are on the wall of the Supreme Court. If we do not turn all this around Western civilization will cease to exist, just so you understand, that is exactly what George Soros and company want.

The astounding thing is; those progressives on the left that relentlessly pontificate about justice, compassion, equality and the poor are the very people who exert every possible effort to shutting the rest of the peoples’ comments down. Behind every society disruptive act you will find a progressive community organizer, say don’t we all know one of them? If you doubt this then think on the riot in Albuquerque, it was organized by PSL (The Party for Socialism & Liberation) Let me recommend that you go on their Internet site PSLWEB.ORG because the line of rubbish expounded on that site is truly mind boggling. Oh, and just one more thing they support Hillary and Bernie for president. When you’re dead you don’t know it, it’s only hurtful to others, it’s the same when you are stupid! Have you ever listen to a Progressive for a while and wondered who ties this persons shoelaces?


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