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Some thoughts


Some thoughts!

Dr. A. H. Krieg

Recently while working on a new book I reflected on politics, and more pointedly to the present circus that we call our presidential campaign. Having been directly involved in senatorial, congressional as well as presidential campaigns I thought back about others, and came to the realization that this is the most bizarre campaign of my life. Just so you understand I am no newcomer to this issue, my first president was Harry Truman. I think he would be appalled by the present malaise.

Looking at the candidates we have a billionaire NY developer who if nothing else has been a successful entrepreneur and considering that about 96% of new businesses fail that’s saying a lot. I remember the Wollman Ice Sakating rink in Manhattan, the city had spent millions for years and it was a disaster, Donald took it over and it was fixed, worked, under budget, and weeks before the scheduled completion date. He knows how to get things done! I don’t care if he was married ten times, or how many girlfriends he has had its irrelevant. I know one lady who knows him well and she endorses him, and says he is a gentleman. In fact I know about 20 New Yorkers and they entirely rave about “The Donald”, not one has ever said one bad word about him.

The other side champions Hillary Clinton, there are lots of books about her not one of them is complementary in any way. In fact if I were Hillary I would take at least some of her $35 million personal fortunes and buy up the remaining published books to prevent you from obtaining or reading them. No worry, she has close to $ 500 million in her various Clinton Foundations, and the estate in Chappaqua is paid for, anyway the rent they charge the Secret Service is enough to live on. Well unfortunately that’s only the tip of a huge iceberg, most of which is under water so that you won’t see it. Her two most pressing problems is the FBI investigation into her E-mail private server. The problems with it are, 1) it was illegal to route government communications through a personally owned private server that by the way sat in a closet in Chappaqua. 2) She sent and received over 2200 secret, top secret and 7 higher than top secret communications through her unmonitored server, that we now know was hacked by almost every foreign power and even Lucifer a Bulgarian hacker. 3) When she was employed by State she attended FBI classes of over 3 hours relating to the national secrets act. Four star General David Petraeus, was convicted on one count of sharing information with his mistress, which in comparison to Hillary was a non-event. Her second problem may be worse.  Gov. Terry McAuliffe is subject of a FBI investigation of over a year, which links him with the Clinton Global Initiative, of which he was a board member. That’s not the big issue. The Clinton Foundations were without question a huge pay for favors operation that netted the foundations millions through third country bundling operations in Canada and Norway because both nations have laws prohibiting the release of information about donors. It is the largest money laundering operation in America at this time. Most of the raised monies were from foreign governments, which are prohibited from making campaign contributions, but some of the Foundation monies are being used for expenses of the Clintons that involve Hilary’s campaign. The total amounts collected in question, are well over $ 50 million while Hillary was Secretary of State. This is a violation of Federal Laws and additionally misuse of funds by a public official. Both are felonies. The fact that Bill gave speeches in over 10 nations, after Hillary visited as Secretary of State, for from $ 200,000 to $ 850,000 then contributions were given to one of the Clinton Foundations, it is a matter of public record. I am not even covering the Russian uranium deal here, which is in the millions. The third item is not criminal but certainly interesting for voters. Hillary gave over a dozen speeches to big banks for $ 225,000 each for 25-minute speeches. Hillary has refused to release the text of any of these speeches. Now think about this, who the hell would want to listen to a perennial liar for 25 minutes and then pay a quarter million dollars for the privilege? I think I know what she said, Don’t pay any attention to what I tell the suckers, your donations will ensure that the status quo in banking will not change while I’m in office.

I have no idea what the Democrat fallback plan is if the FBI indicts Hillary. VP Joe Biden is too old and far too senile, Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren is too far left, Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat but a socialist, And Debbie Wassermann Schultz is so dramatically hated she has a lower chance than Bernie. What are Democrats to do?  I’m sure Loretta Lynch will block a recommended Grand Jury by the FBI, but it will be only weeks before the election. If she is not elected she will be indicted.

This leaves us with one more thorny issue for the Democrats. They and they alone passed and forced Obamacare on America, not one Republican or Independent voted for it. On November 1, annual enrolment of Obamacare will open exactly one week before the vote. Premiums will be significantly higher, insurance carriers that like the rest of us were sold a bill of lies posted $650 million in losses last year. United Healthcare has skipped out on AARP. In 2016 insurance costs for Obamacare rose by 20.3% and for 2017 are anticipated to go up from 24.0% to 45.8% depending on what state you live in. I guess the $2,500 healthcare reduction promised by the progressives is not going to happen. I’m sure that as voters go to the pols they will remember “you can keep your doctor”, you can keep your insurance carrier” “Your healthcare cost will go down by $ 2,500” I hope everyone will remember what party promised all that crap and lied. 

Just one more thing, several states are about to go the same way as Puerto Rico, which defaulted on their bonds just three weeks ago. Connecticut, New York, Illinois, and California just to name a few, its simple, just look for states run by Democrats, oh, and by the way the same holds true for cities.

For the life of me there are two things I can’t understand. Firstly why do people vote for the same bunch of morons that are bankrupting their communities over and over again. Einstein had it right; only an idiot makes the same mistake over and over expecting a different result. And the second issue is why can’t these politicians who keep failing try something else or something new? Why can’t they look at Republican run states that are not broke, Republican cities that don’t have gun confiscation and have crime rates 80% lower? Why can’t they look at Australian statistics proving murder, rape, assault, and robbery rates all dramatically increased after they confiscated the people’s ability to protect themselves? I think that they are political ideologues that don’t care a hoot for you or for America, all they care about is their failed dogmatic progressive affiliation, and their buddies of same mind.                                    

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