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More on Social Security Etc


More on Social Security Etc.

Dr. A. H. Krieg


Anger about the government rip-off of social security paid, was covered in my recent article titled “Without Vaseline”. Now I have learned that the situation is even worse than I had anticipated. Previously I pointed out that SS does not tabulate you employers SS taxes nor compound interest over the entire term, well if you had not read “Without Vaseline” let me just say, that when collected funds on my behalf are totaled, the government collected $560,000 (that’s without the approximately $15 million employers contribution) but when interest is compounded on just my SS taxes (37-years) at a low 4.3% they actually have $1.4 million of my money. In honest accounting by actuaries this would result in a payout based on average life expectancy of $18,229.10 per month; I get $ 1,600.00 and I am pissed-off. Had I been allowed to purchase private insurance instead of government SS I would be collecting $18,000 per month.

Doing just a bit more research I found that our government is very generous with welfare payments. In fact in 34 states welfare payments are higher than SS payments. My SS payment is about $19,200 per year on which, believe it or not, I am actually taxed and funds are removed for Medicare, for which I had already paid taxes since its inception. 34 states pay from (highest) Hawaii $60,590 to South Carolina the lowest pay $21,910 welfare benefits. Mind you these benefits are paid to people that never worked never paid in one cent, sit at home and watch TV. And every one of these Ne’er-do-well’s get more money than honest people who worked their entire life and have paid SS taxes on average for over 30 years.

As I had stated in “Without Vaseline” our incompetent bureaucracy and its criminal syndicate, congress--- oh, I just have to add, congress has its own pension which is 100% funded by the taxpayers— and most federal employees also have a separate pension system-- waste money at rates that are beyond astronomical. Well, after all, why not, there is no accountability in government service and it’s not their money. There are six basic places where government could save billions. 1) Identified fraud 2) Federally administered programs that should be administered by states. 3) Federal programs that should be privatized. 4) Duplication of benefits 5) Misappropriated granted government benefit to people not entitled (Illegals, refugees & criminals) 6) Programs whose time of necessity has expired.

I recently was apprised of a welfare scam in which one address was listed for welfare that collected hundreds of welfare payment all to the same name and address. (Over $ 10 million) Are the people at welfare departments so stupid, that they don’t even have a control program on their computer to verify recipient’s names and addresses?  According to the Government Accounting Office various welfare agencies paid out $ 72 billion in fraudulent and improper payments. Our government pays out $92 billion every year for corporate welfare, these are agencies like the Export Import Bank, whose principal beneficiary of over 80% funding is Boeing. The Washington Bureaucracy maintains $25 billion of unused office space in Washington and surrounding places. Auditors of government programs have concluded that 22% of government programs or $ 123 billion do not identify any social gain for the expense. I won’t bother you with all the details but Trump is absolutely right, my research indicates that almost 30% of government spending is waste. GAO audited the issued credit cards of government workers and determined that 40% of charges were improper, being made for gambling, mortgage payments, booze, lingerie, electronics, and even Internet dating services and girlie bars.

Lest you think that some of this benefits the Middle Class or small business, it does not. The Export Import bank has never provided even 4% of its funds for small business. The SBA told my Black partner of one of my manufacturing companies, that the firm was not entitled for a SBA loan, or even SBA bank guaranty for a bank loan, because the company was partially Caucasian owned. Farm aid is by 90% to corporate owned mega farms, less than 10% is to family owned farms. I farmed for 15 years and was never able to get any government assistance and the same held true for all my neighbors. The USDA would not even do soil analysis for best crop production without charge.

Serious examples of waste according to GAO are found in: duplication of 342 agencies, duplication of 130 development programs, 130 duplications of disability programs, 90 child development programs, 72 safe water programs and 75 funding programs for international education. (Why we even federally fund international education is far beyond my meager understanding)

These are not hidden facts; all this information is reported annually by scores of private foundations and organizations, nothing ever happens. I was employed for 15 years as a corporate turn around specialist, expert witness, and executive advisor and I will tell everyone, that every business regardless of function can cut its payroll by 3% without any effect on output, they can cut costs by 4% and not effect production or output. In government, where waste is the name of the game, payroll reduction of 25% does not affect output. In fact I was involved as a scientific expert in a law-suite against NASA at one point; my experience was mindboggling.

NASA had hired four or more contractors and asked them to refurbish a launch tower at their Cape Canaveral installation. They demanded that the entire tower be enclosed with canvas. Operations included sand blasting, arc welding, priming, painting, and chemical stripping, all in one enclosed space simultaneously due to time restraints. Over 6 men died, most of the rest were hospitalized, contractors and individuals as well as survivors relatives brought millions of dollars in law suites, I do not know the total tally, but am certain it was over $25 million. This demonstrated the perfect example of bureaucratic idiocy; no private company would do anything that stupid.

It is my opinion that good management in government agencies with private sector experienced managers would result is savings exceeding 30% of the national budget without any reduction of services. Reducing government employees by 5% per year through fixed hiring freezes (restriction on hiring anyone) for a time of five years, and cutting all dollar budgets by 3% every year for the coming 8 years would go a long way to fixing our national problems. The elimination of useless agencies like Energy, Education, Labor, Department of Housing and Urban Development and Department of Homeland Security for the obvious reasons that none of them are the business of government or are operationally delinquent.

Lets take the Department of Labor as an example. Labor was instituted in 1913 by president Taft just hours before the swearing in of progressive Wilson. The agency principally represents organized labor. Through the 1930’s with almost 20% unionized that was a viable idea. Today private sector unions represent a total of 6.7% of American workers a percentage that falls more every year. The budget for the department of labor is $104.3 billion. So the total number of unionized workers in America is 14.8 million. That indicates that Labor is wasting over $ 7,000 per unionized American worker every year. Large portions of the money go to labor union slush funds that are then transferred to the DNC. Offer the unionized workers a one-time benefit of $ 7,000 and shut the agency down saving $312.9 billion in the first four years.

The Department of Education is without question useless. President Carter established it in 1970. Educations costs $77.4 billion in direct costs and about $25 billion in interest and other costs, additionally it drives local property taxes through the roof. In 1969 American HS students competency on international scale was number 4 in the world. Today after 46 years Education Department management student’s competency depending on subject is from number 13 to number 34 in the world. The continuous fall of ratings shows it all, and provides the reason why this agency must be shut down. This would save us at least $ 110 billion.

Based on my research the response to the teachers 2017 Question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” will result in the student’s response. “I want to be a welfare precipitant!”


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