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Reparative History


Reparative History

Dr. A. H. Krieg


A comparison between Rome and America is not really as far-fetched as you might think. After all Rome created the identical social programs as we have today, and the chickens-are-coming home to roost! As of 2016 entitlement spending by our government (vote buying) is over $1.75 trillion of our national budget. Sure, the Romans did it differently, but not by much. They gave the populi bread and the Circus Maximus; we give food stamps and welfare. We provide free TV through welfare, for football and wrestling, our Circus Maximus. Roman free bread programs when Augustus became emperor was to about 40,000 citizens, Augustus expanded it to 320,000. We have 47 million on food stamps and 109,631,000 on some sort of government largess. In both cases, Rome in the first century AD, and 21st Century America, its over one third of the national budget. In Rome the Army suffered just as ours does now with a total budget of $700 billion less than half of what we spend on welfare. The result in Rome of all that government welfare was inflation—in the first century a measure of which is wheat that cost 6 drachmas, by 344 AD, close to the collapse of the empire, the same measure of wheat was up to two million drachmas. Rome was sacked in 476 AD the army had been decimated.  In America a Chevrolet Corvette cost $3,000 in 1958 today it costs $56,000 to $84,000, when we will be sacked is simply a matter of a little more time. We are no longer able to sustain a two front war and are obviously failing in combatting terrorism.

As is palpable by our present presidential contest, our politicians are no more interested to addressing the problem than were the Roman Senators or emperor. The very thought of eliminating all those free-b’s has apparently not occurred to anyone running for office. Quite the contrary Hillary announced her grand tax plan, an increase of taxes over the coming decade of over one trillion dollars; she said it’s doable. Bernie went one better with government paid-for, free college tuition, forgiving of student debt, billions for infrastructure, all together he would spend $4.7 trillion over the Obama proposed 2017 budge that is $1.4 trillion over collected taxes. Poor Bernie, he lives in an alternative imaginary universe. Let me point out that neither one of the Democrat candidates have ever been employed in the private sector, met a payroll, or had to pay quarterly employer Social Security taxes. They have been on our payroll from birth!

Debauching the currency is the usual way politicians and banksters deal with this problem, and let me make it very clear, the end is in sight. Someone certainly knows; J.P. Morgan Chase has been accumulating silver at astronomical rates. Last year they bought 30 million ounces. It is larger than the Hunt brothers of the 80’s, or Buffet in ’98. And it’s not paper but actual silver, at least 200 million ounces. And that my friends, is a lot of cash equivalent to about 200 million times $17.00. The FRS just admonished Chase for poor planning in the event of an economic catastrophe, hell someone must be kidding, with over 100 trillion in Chase derivative holdings, the problem is insurmountable.   Monitory polices of central banks both here as well as in the rest of the world have proven to be huge mistakes. The endless quantetive easing is no solution for overextended borrowing by government business as well as individuals. We have become a Western society based on borrowing more than we make. Corporations are borrowing to buy back issued stock because the government (i.e. FRS) has made money cheap with ridiculously low interests. The FRS has painted itself into a corner, unable to increase interest because it will impact the ability to repay the interest on the national debt and unable to reduce interest rates because they are near zero now. But worst of all they are backing the currency with valueless debt, like the $1.4 trillion outstanding student loans that are by over $200 billion in default.  The process of papering over bad debt of a recession with worthless issues of unending paper simply does not and cannot work, not for Rome and certainly not for us.

Just after Obummer’s first election, he and scores of Republocrat politicians informed that the country is in recovery. If that were the truth the FRS would have immediately begun raising interest rate, they have not, in fact they lowered them. No record of an economic recovery in which any government maintained a near zero percent interest rate has ever been recorded. There is no fact or credible cause to believe that we, or the world, are in a recovery phase; in reality, it is getting worse. Official CPI data would indicate growth, but we all know how that goes, all the data is bogus and designed to keep the elected Republocrats in office.

Rome has been put to shame; the entire world is ensnared in a procedure of unrelenting borrowing and monitory expansion with ridiculous interest rates and debt rations so high that they cannot be repaid. Today a bank will loan you money on your credit card debt at 17.7% while paying the FRS ½% interest for prime rate loans. Car loans at 20+% with the identical bank costs. This usury is destroying the middle class, even the upper middleclass. Average American credit card debt is now over $15,000 and the average family has debt of $130,000, banks are in negative, and our government is $ 19 trillion in debt. Nationally, America’s total consumer debt is $ 733 billion, Mortgage debt is $ 8.25 trillion, Auto loans are 1.06 trillion, Student loans that are collateralizing FRS debt is $ 1.4 trillion, other total consumer debt is $12.12 trillion. Let me just point out that the American economy, every dammed thing we produce per year is $14.7 trillion. The average American now pays $6,658 every year in interest payments to banksters. Yes you guessed it, slavery is back, and it’s to the same lot of Ashkeanzim as the last time.

Inflation is now at about 11%, household income in fixed 1950 dollars has fallen every year since 1952, and the cost of living has outstripped income by at least 12% per year. Today’s citizens are worse of then their fathers or grandfathers. Real income from 2003 to today is stagnant displaying no growth, while household average debt is up about 20%.  Average consumer credit card loan debt repayments are over $ 2,500 annually and from 2004 to today, average credit card debt has grown every year, from $13,864 in 2004 to $15,762 in 2016. More small business is closing than opening and the FRS has not a clue as what to do! 

Since 2006 the FRS has dumped money into the banking cartels, American as well as foreign, while the people are going broke their taxes are bailing out the fat cats. First the FRS borrowed money by the issuance of T-Bills, Savings Bonds and T-notes, then after the interest rate was lower than the rate of inflation they began in March of 2009 making credit side book entries for $ 85 billion a month, they changed that to $ 55 billion in March of 2012—no one has a clue how much they are inflating the FRS books now. All we know is that from 2009 to the end of 2015 they had inflated $4.7 trillion off the books, but that’s not all, they also loaned $35 trillion to international banks, also off the books, which by the way don’t have the asset base to repay any more than the $1.4 trillion outstanding student loan that is over $200 billion in arrears, that has also been collateralized as an asset by the FRS.

As went Rome so will America go!

On the international front we see the Greek banks broke, the ECB has produced the equivalent of a 45% QE balance, (about €3 trillion) one of the Austrian banks was just bailed out, the entire Italian banking system is about to collapse, Spain and Portugal is in serious trouble, and the FRS has about $ 500 trillion in outstanding derivatives. Puerto Rico is about to go under! This is what the unprecedented meetings in Washington were about last week. The president and VP and all major banks were called in, for three days. Japan is now at the point where they must sell their held American bonds in order for their economy to survive. China is in economic downturn. American banks are exposed by an estimated $600 trillion in derivative exposure, no wonder they had an international bankers and government executive meeting in DC last week. The events that will unfold over the coming months have started.

As you can see, the problem is not national it is international. All the banksters have been following the poor FRS example and all of them are on the same sinking ship. If you don’t want to go down with them, you must get out of debt, pay off your mortgage, dump your credit cards after you paid them off, hold at least 25% of your remaining assets in hard assets, gold silver, palladium, platinum, get out of the bond markets, especially municipals they will all fail. Hold only stocks of companies that have little or no debt, and have impeccable track records. In a financial collapse gold, silver, food and ammo is king.

The American story of deception is based on progressive plans that have been in operation for decades; to fill the nation with illegal illiterate immigrants and seduce them by provided free stuff. These are benefits not available to taxpaying citizens, some refugees getting up to $ 5,000 per month. The plan is to give them citizenship and create a 25 million progressive Democrat landslide in the 2020 election, ensuring progressive control of America from that time onward.



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