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I was not a Trump guy, but now I am


I was not a Trump guy, but now I am!

Dr. A. H. Krieg                                                                                    04.01.16


After the relentless uncalled for attacks by RINO’S, and losers like Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, and Democrats, like Debbie W. Schultz, Jessie Jackson, and Al Sharpton, the Lamestream, Black Lives Matter, Move on. Org. (funding the likes of Al Franken, and Bernie Sanders), by George Soros, the Sanders socialist campaign, the perpetual millennium students, occupy Wall Street, the Ferguson riots, the Baltimore riots, the Chicago Trump rally protests, I have become convinced that if all these people hate Trump, he must be the best thing in politics. Combined, these people can’t possibly have an IQ of over 50. On that note, I have just heard that the following luminaries promised to leave America if “The Donald” was elected, Miley Syrus, Whoopie Goldberg, Samuel Jackson, George Lopez, Al Sharpton, John Stewart, Eddy Griffin, Cher, and Raven Symone’, well there’s nine more reasons to support Trump, think of it this way, nine fewer fools in America. Good riddance! 

Let’s be serious, campaign promises by Clinton and Sanders when totaled increase the already bloated by 1.5 trillion Obama budget for 2017, by an additional $5.7 trillion. This would actually increase our national (on the books debt) of $20.4 trillion by 2017 to over $26 trillion. When asked where the money was to come from Sanders said 90+% tax on the 1%ers, (would fund American expenses for just under 40 days) and Clinton refused to answer. How exactly stupid do you have to be to buy this crap? But then I forgot, millennial’s no longer are required to take economics, mathematics, geometry, physics, history, government, or accounting in order to graduate HS, worse yet most of them that attended college have degrees in things that no private sector employer considers worthwhile, which is why they are all looking for jobs that don’t exist.

The Republocrats are apoplectic with just the thought of a Trump presidency. Just think about the loss of payola, end of lobbyist’s control of the elected, the inability to control the presidency, it’s driving them around the bend. The RNC is far from alone; the DNC hates it just as much. The established political structure is simply terrified at the thought of a president that they cannot control. The “Republocrat System” is about to cast itself as the victims of a cruel conspiracy by the voters. Gay activist Gov. Kasich wants a brokered convention both the RNC as well as the DNC are on board for that. It would break the Republican Party in two with a RINO running on the RNC ticket and Trump as an independent guaranteeing a Clinton victory and the end of the Republican party and America as you know it. The Republocrats don’t care, its about their ability to control the system, its not about America, in their minds it has never been about the nation, it was always about their financial control of the political process.

This is in fact the progressives attempted takeover of America and converting us into a socialist nation. We went from a Republic to a Democracy and now into a socialist state. The establishment has pulled out all stops. Trump political rallies are being infiltrated by Move-on.org, George Soros paid for agitators. Rally access roads are being blocked; Black Lives Matter hooligans who are paid for by Soros organizations are attacking rally visitors. This is all very reminiscent of 1930’s Germany with the communists attempted takeover of Germany and Austria. When the media then chimes in, calling Trump a Nazi everything becomes very clear. But when they then call out Trump, and say it is his fault, that he is being attacked by leftist hooligans we perfectly understand the cause and the situation. To call the victim of an attack responsible for it has been a progressive policy for decades.

Trump just pivoted with a huge AIPAC meeting, larger than any I have ever seen. No teleprompter, no BS, named Hillary several times in derogatory terms and got huge applause, it was the big appeal to the Jew vote and he pulled it off nicely. It will mean a big change from here forward, after all Jews fund the almost the entire political process. The only big time opponent is now George Soros. While the RINO supporters will not back him they will probably relent in attacking him. It’s al about mammon, it always was.

Anyway, the situation today is that the RINO’s and the Democrats, i.e. the Republocrats that provide the funds for the re-election of our elected crooks, and there are only a few thousand of them, are very--very worried. Why? You ask! Well, you see they have controlled the Republocrat system ever since, TR’s Bull Moose Party and Ross Perot was defeated. They have successfully kept third party candidates far away from the debate dais, they have rigged elections, kept third parties from being qualified by the FEC, they have fixed voting machines to produce desired results, they have made ballot access so complicated and so expensive that no third party has attained national access in the last 50 years, they have prevented voter identification at the polls, in other words they have screwed us all for decades. Along comes Donald Trump, can’t be bought, doesn’t need their money, will do whatever he wants, spends almost no money on TV ads, now do you understand why he has such bad media and Washington insider support.

Just this week I heard a pundit who had been in the W. Bush administration state that, “I don’t know who his foreign policy advisors are, I don’t know who his advisors are. This is a disaster, I mean what will he do?” Well, Hillary and Barack had all your advisors and jointly screwed up the entire Middle East with their mindless “Arab Spring”, W. Bush had your advisors and started two wars on their advice that cost America $4 trillion and over 3,000 lives, how the hell did that work out for us. Our foreign policy has been run by Israeli/American dual nationals since about 1950, and it has been an unmitigated disaster ever since. Say, we could bring back that moron Heinrich Kissinger, who in 60 years in America has not even learned to properly speak English and whose allegiance is to Israel not America.

How about that Romney, he lacked the balls to even reply to a CNN lackluster moderator, and let Obama walk all over him, and now all at once, is the champion RINO critic along with the other Mormon Beck, the Cruz attack dog, come to think of it Donald could not have picked better enemies, such a bunch of lackluster louts have done more to boost the Trump campaign then anyone would have thought possible. 

The RNC simply does not get it, and the DNC is right behind them. Democrats are not voting for Sanders, with the exception of a few brain-dead millennial’s, Democrats in huge numbers are voting against Hillary! Meanwhile Republicans are voting by obvious majority against all RINO’s. The people are pissed-off and they have good reason for it. Getting screwed a little bit may be tolerable, but getting screwed big time and then dragged over hot coals is simply too much, we have been screwed over by the Republocrats far too long, the time is at hand to change the system and Donald it just the guy to do it! 

The people see this man as the first hope to end their 50-year frustration of rule by a Republocrat system that has lowered their income, destroyed their employment, ruined our national standing, given us the largest national debt in history, bailed out the banks while screwing the public, lower educational standards, pissed our money away with useless waste, perused a policy of open borders, issues relentless visas for immigrants thereby reducing Middle Class income, and indebted our children and grandchildren.

Our people have come to understand that the politicians don’t control anything; it is the multinationals, and their lobbyists who control the processes of government, a government that has been purchased by them. They have seen this with NAFTA, CAFTA, and the continuous expansions of “Free Trade” that allows multinationals to off-shore American industry to optimize their profits, destroying American industry and Middle Class employment along with small business.

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