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It’s Unconstitutional & Un-American


Dr. A. H. Krieg

For some time now I have been thinking about the actions taken by our president and government relating to Anwar Al-Awlaki. The precedent set by the actions of our government is frightening for any lover of liberty and freedom. Bill O’Reilly of FOX news is dead wrong. It’s one thing to be a patriot and quite another to condone governments murder of its own citizens. The action could have taken place legally steps to make it so are simple. The problem that has now become apparent is that the government was unable to produce evidence of their claims that Mr. Al-Awlaki had committed crimes against the United States. Jay Carney, the president’s mouthpiece put up such a failing defense of government action in this case that the issue was sealed. We have now learned how this all came to be and find it disgusting.

A secret government panel placed Al-Awlaki on a kill or capture list, they then informed the president who agreed. There is no public record of the government panel, there is no published list of its members, heaven forbid that would make all of them accessories to first-degree murder. The committee is a sub-structure of the White House National Security Council; no law exists authorizing this committee. (This we all know from a Reuter’s article of October 5 2011) O’Reilly’s attempts to demonize Reuter’s for exposing this is pathetic.

It is absolutely irrelevant what this man is supposed to have done. America is a nation of laws, we are a Republic, not an empire, or a democracy in which law changes with the changing norms of the society, we do not, like the Israelis, run about the world murdering our opponents or their leaders. We are a Christian nation and therefore unlike the Israelis did not practice preemptive war or political murders until the zionists became the major players in our foreign policy and controlled the entire Middle East section of the State Department along with our mainstream media.

The legitimate and legal way to accomplish what the government did was to: 1) Declare Al-Awlaki to be a criminal who had taken up arms against his fellow Americans. [This would have to be proven in a federal court and a judge would have to agree to it] [Constitution Section 8 P. 10 &11, Section 9 P2]  2) Revoke his citizenship, passport, and American residency in his home state. [Done by the State Department and his state of residence]  3) Issue an arrest warrant Dead or Alive. [Done by the executive] 4) Offer a reward to anyone able to carry out the warrant.

What was done is very different. No one in or out of government offered any evidence of guilt, or any evidence supporting the government’s assertions of guilt. Due process was denied. Habeas Corpus was denied. No evidence of any type was given. Constitution Article III section 3 in fact cleary outlines our laws relating to treason. I think we can all agree that this would be the appropriate action to follow. “No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimonies of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in court” I think we can all agree that this did not take place, the question is why not?

The sited by war mongers AUMF (Authorization Use of Military Force) as the right of the president to carry out such assassinations is false. AUMF is a short public law (public law 107-40 [S.J. Res. 23] passed by the 107th congress in application only to 9-11. It has expired in regard to these actions because none of the claimed acts of Al-Awlaki relate to 9-11. 

America in this 21st century is on a very slippery slope. The government is hell-bent-for-Leather to violate every possible freedom we as Americans have cherished for 200 years. This act is simply an expansion of what the elitist bastards in Washington are up to. It all began under Clinton with Waco in which a militarized gone-berserk FBI, BATF, etc murdered 76 American and British nationals including 20 children, from Janet Reno the AG all the way to the lowest BATF agent, not a single one of them was prosecuted for the murders they committed. It was Ruby Ridge where an FBI sharp shooter murdered a teen-age boy, shot in the back, and then murdered his mother holding an infant, he was brought before state court but the feds got the case dismissed.

Terrorism has become the catchall of the bureaucracy to expand their relentless destruction of our freedoms. Let’s all understand the likelihood of your being injured or killed by any terrorist act is 3.7 million to one, in fact you are more likely to drown in a bathtub or be struck by lightning than be killed by a terrorist. We clearly see by this that the actions taken are way over the top. Terrorism has become the catchall of an all encompassing out of control bureaucracy and executive. The events of 9-11 appear to have elevated the executive branch above the law and Constitution. This has resulted in policies allowing the government to hold American citizens in prison without charge and indefinitely, all in violation of the entire Constitution and Bill of Rights. It has produced a policy of allowing the executive to declare an American Citizen a terrorist and enemy combatant without even providing any evidence to that claim. It has elevated the stakes by executing American citizens through the CIA, which by law is not allowed actions against American citizens, based solely on the assumption of wrongful action, without due process. Obama has in fact claimed that he has the authority to kill US citizens based on his personal assumption that he deems them to be terrorists. [That could eventually be anyone who disagrees with the executive] Thus on Obama’s word the CIA using a drone robot aircraft murdered Samir Khan an American citizen, whose crime was to publish a magazine called Inspire that the American government deemed to be offensive, which may well be the case, but is not cause to kill anyone. In the same attack they murdered Al-Awlaki an American citizen and Islamic cleric who had just like Osama bin Laden (CIA code name Tim Laden) been a government asset. Al-Awlaki had worked as an advisor to government agencies relating to Islam and the Middle East. When after some time he saw what the government plans for the Middle East were he turned and became radicalized, opposing his previous employers.

            I think all this to be very worrisome. I have seen this take place in nation after nation, Germany 1930’s, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Japan, the scenario has played throughout the entire 20th century and has now come to home to roost in America. We have a goverment whose policy is now internationally recognized as relying on mechanical devices to carry out a cowardly foreign policy of un-Christian preemptive war against often-undeclared enemies and individuals. We are engaged in three major wars, Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq and our foreign policy mastered thorough AIPAC in Washington and in Israel are determined to expand these to Syria, and Iran. In fact the warmongers of the Likud will not be satisfied until the entire world is plunged into a war between Islam and Christianity a war that they will conveniently sit out awaiting their spoils.


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