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This government needs a serious reality check


This government needs a serious reality check!

Dr. A. H. Krieg


Is Air Force Brig. General Christopher Short a total moron? Well yes, he is demanding that the Air force Thunderbirds be more multiracial. Frankly to hell with ability and competence, we now need diversity everywhere. Even though only one minority qualified out of the last 15 applicants, by all means let’s lower standards!

The Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus is on the same line, he now wants female marines. Never mind that the best female qualifiers at Guantanamo scored below the worst 5% of males that washed out, we need more diversity. This way our troops can be killed quicker. Let’s make things easy for our enemies! For both of these men, war is not a social experiment; it is not gender neutral, it is win or die!

The time of stupidity is over; their lies are losing power! Stand up against the communists of dishonor and lies; stop the progressive juggernaught, vote in 2016. The head of the American communist party John Bachtell, has written a 2000+-word manifesto endorsing Hillary Clinton, and for the communist party to work within the framework of the Progressive Democrat movement. The NY Times has also endorsed Hillary. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson support her, so who endorsed her? Madeleine Albright, Carol Bowles, Henry Cisneros, Eric Holder, Walter Mondale, John Podesta, Bill Richardson, Kathleen Sebelius, Donna Shalala, Andrew Young, Andrew Cuomo, Charlie Christ, Chuck Schumer, Al Franken, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Bill Nelson, Chris Dodd, & the entire Black Caucus. Now there you have at least 20 reasons to vote for--- Anyone else.

Actually Hillary supporters right along with Washington are in greatest need to face reality, the Democrat progressives are way beyond help. I heard both Bernie as well as Hillary say that they want to forgive outstanding student loans…..just one little problem with that; student loans are now 45% of assets listed by our government. It used to be, that assets were something you possessed; obviously not any more, now assets are what other people owe you, seemingly regardless of their credit ratings. The mostly millennial’s, which own this money are unemployed and on food stamps, well, with 94 million Americans out of work, and the lowest labor participation rate since the early 90’s we can’t really blame them. The progressive created the entire problem, and as usual after creating the problem, they now offer to resolve it, by making it worse. Last night in a TV event, Bernie, proposed $1 trillion for infrastructure to wild applause, Bernie is now $5.7 trillion above the $1.5 trillion deficit over the existing budget.

The student loan problem is the direct result of progressive student loan programs instituted by the federal government. Educrats and academics decided that they wanted to expand higher education, profit and with that higher pay for socialist and communist professors. They accomplished this with the 2010 replacement of private bank loans for students and Obama’s takeover of the entire student loan programs by the FED. Just like; The War on Poverty, The War on Drugs, Sallie Mae, Obamacare, the student loan program, which is now $1.4 trillion, is unaffordable. The most remarkable part of this loan program is that none of the borrowers even had a credit check, and none of them had a financially responsible co-signer. Their ability to repay these funds is marginal at best. Would you invest in that?

The second largest asset on the federal balance sheet is 16.1% of government assets, consisting of checkable deposits and currency. Let’s be realistic with an approximate, on the books national debt of $19 trillion, there is no currency only more debt. Most of these claimed deposits are in fact corporate loans caused by a binge of corporate borrowing, to buy back outstanding stocks. Repayment is based on the asset value of outstanding shares of stock, which wildly fluctuate, and could hardly be called stable. The theory being that once shares rise in value, the corporations will be able to resell them and then repay the outstanding loans. Would you invest in that?

9.4% of government assets are other outstanding loans, in other words more assets that don’t exist. 8.5% are advances, i.e. monies loaned out and not to date collected, sort of accounts receivable. That is a real positive on the balance sheet if we had any idea how long funds have been outstanding, and if the holders are financially stable, but we have no clue!

So, if we total this “asset” we see that total reported government assets are by 79% uncollateralized outstanding funds. Feel Better now?

To overcome this problem the Banksters have made some very interesting changes in banking policy. The money you deposited in your local bank is no longer considered to be your asset, no indeed; it is now listed as a “Loan” in the banks asset ledger. When you deposit money in the bank you immediately become a “creditor” to the bank. The bank previously held your funds for your benefit and had them insured by the FDIC to whom they pay a monthly stipend for the cost of the insurance. Now you are an unsecured lender to the bank, and believe it or not, at the very bottom of the totem pole. The banks invested derivative, the federal government, the FRS, and FDIC, have first dib’s, even though its your money not theirs.

Let’s not forget that the FRS is a private corporation, granted monopoly status by the 16th & 17th amendments. Relevant is the fact that the FRS has no assets, and that total, held secure deposits dollar value is, 0.088% of total deposited funds. Put another way the FRS and Treasury combined could not float the national debt for more than one day. Say, we haven’t even addressed the $4.7 trillion of quantetive easing or the $34 trillion of foreign bank loans made by the FRS that are all off the books. Using my little calculation, that brings the actual present National Debt to $ 58.7 Trillion, a tidy amount. Oh, I apologize I totally forgot all those pesky $200 trillion future and committed debts, you know Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, Welfare, Food Stamps, Aid to dependent children, and all the hundreds of freebees the progressives have instituted.


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