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Recent 2008 to 2016 Black election results in which Blacks overwhelmingly voted for other Blacks regardless of their abilities, have caused me to think on the issue. Many blacks with whom I spoke relating to this were unable to articulate the reason why they in fact voted for anyone. I thought that perhaps they were afraid to speak on the subject for fear of being perceived as racist, but I put that aside. I am not speaking of the average person; the Blacks that I know are mostly college educated. Looking into this issue more I found that the circumstance was universal, most Blacks always vote for Blacks regardless of ability or intelligence. Let me clarify, the ability of public speaking does not indicate intelligence, the gift of gab is no indicator of anything, I give you Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Not being an anthropologist I decided to do some research into the interaction of humans and found that there are spatial relationships within all species that limits, or more accurately, regulates interaction within groups. It seems that in pre-history humans lived in groups no larger than 150 with close relationships of no more than 12. This has something to do with neo-cortex region of the brain. I think that we all understand that as original hunter-gatherers humans had to develop a close relationship in which the group acted in uniform manner to allow successful hunts, upon which their survival depended. It is reasonable to assume that White and Orientals where due to geographic location forced to act and think more independently than blacks because their food supply was more difficult to obtain in colder climates than in sub-tropical and tropical regions of Africa.

In realistic terms I believe this to be the reason for the variance of IQ’s between races. Those subjected to worse climates and conditions were forced by nature to develop better tools, weapons, and procedures in order to survive. These variances also narrate to our attitudes relating to shared perceptions and self-determination. So, people who were subjected to more rigorous and difficult survival requirements developed better reasoning abilities, and consequently civilizations, metalworking, literature and all the trappings of modern man.

Therein is the crux of voting by race or gender explained. Those whose life was less arduous i.e. females and people living in temperate climates did not by necessity develop the capabilities to articulate independent reasoning ability, self-determination, or group hunting aptitudes, because they did not need them. Females were not part of the hunt; they were the caretakers of the children and the stabilizers of society.  This I believe is the reason why so many females and Blacks vote based on gender or race.


All of this leads me to some thoughts: How do Blacks feel about G. W. Bush using Colin Powel the highest ranking military officer in the army and a Black man, as gun fodder, in perpetuation the Mossad produced fictitious Weapons of Mass Destruction scenario in Iraq before the UN General assembly, making of himself an international fool? How do they feel about Hillary Clinton sending her UN Ambassador a Black woman Susan Rice to lie about the Benghazi attack to the American public in no less than five separate TV shows? What do they think about Elijah Cummings a Black congressman from Maryland being used by the DNC to make a total fool of himself defending Lois Lerner the criminal IRS agent who orchestrated the IRS attacks on conservative and religious organizations?  Why would Blacks allow themselves in SC to be used by Hillary Clinton’s media and Al Sharpton to gain ballot victory against a man who marched with King, and spent time in Jail on behalf of Blacks? How can they possibly support the candidacy of Hillary Clinton a racist woman who moved to Chappaqua in N.E. Westchester NY, median income $99,661, Estimated average home cost $507,835, population percentages Orientals 12%, Black 1.9% (Based on population that’s about 10 Blacks in the town) Hispanic 7.8%?  How can they support a woman who failed the Washington DC, BAR exam, was fired from her first job, and fired with prejudice from the second job?

The answer lies in groupthink. Blacks have for generations been subjected to discrimination by all other races, and by each other. They have through necessity established a protective umbrella over their entire group, in effort to protect themselves from harm by all other ethnic groups. The operators of the DNC are very much aware of this and use it to induce Blacks to block vote for their candidates.  This unfortunately has led to a condition where Blacks react to outside incitement as a group, without individual thought. In other words racial charlatans like Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, and Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X have used their considerable speaking ability to gather Blacks into individual support groups.  These groups then act and react in unison, they do not think for themselves, they groupthink. This creates a situation that allows certain unscrupulous political charlatans the ability to manipulate and hijack the entire Black vote.

The DNC has successfully manipulated all Blacks into believing that they are in fact the providers of all benefits to Blacks and that all others only desire is to remove those benefits from Blacks. This is a very clever lie. The reality is that the benefits Democrats provide Blacks enslave them in perpetuity and make them vote-fodder for the continuation of DNC rule. Entitlements provided by governments regardless if state or federal, enslaves the recipient preventing them from ever attaining any successful life. After a short time the recipient becomes accustomed to not performing, not working, not achieving, simply sitting around and collecting state largess. The process is called socialization, the name of the process of converting a free society into a socialist one. This process has been in use for the last 100 years beginning in the 1890’s. The first successful application was Russia in 1919, then came Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, the list is endless as are the failures. Every one of these societies went through stages; they went from being republics to democracies, then to socialism or communism, then to totalitarianism then to anarchy and finally ending in total collapse.

Socialism as presented by Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is a total fraud. There is not one instance of a socialist nation ever archiving economic growth, individual success, social equality, or anything else. Development of patents, new ideas, innovation, all disappear in socialist societies because socialism is based on advancement of the individual centered on time served not on ability demonstrated.       No social system based on time-on-the-job will ever produce a growing healthy economy, just look at tenure, and sabbaticals the two hallmarks of higher education, guaranteed advancement by time served not by product produced, with free vacations thrown in. Academia is the largest in America merchant of socialism. The attack by Sanders a lifelong socialist dreamer and Clinton on the wealthy is false in two specific concepts. As to Sanders the proposed idea that the top 1% can fund the equalization of wealth for the other 99% of citizens is not true, the entire 1% wealth would run the American economy for about one month. Hillary Clintons published proposals that she will penalize the “Big Banks” is utter rubbish, those big banks are financing her entire campaign. Furthermoe for a woman with over $350 million in the bank to claims to be the champion of the poor and downtrodden is utterly ridiculous. As to her average campaign contributions in the thousands and Bernie’s at about $20, we can see through her façade’. This is no endorsement for the socialist but at least he’s honest.


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