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Il Papa & Il magnate immobiliare


Religious leaders including the Pope should shun commenting on economics, politics and policy outside the Churches sphere of knowledge. There are several distinct reasons for this; 1) America has a clear separation between church and state 2) It is frankly none of the Popes business 3) America is a secular state that makes its own policy and is not a Roman Catholic nation as those in South America 4) the entire Western World is seeing its culture, religious history, and legal systems negated by hordes of immigrants that refuse assimilation or acceptance of our ways of life. We all understand that Il Papa was born in Argentina in 1936 and that from the age of 10, was thus for his first 28 years of life intermittently exposed to Juan Peron the National Socialist president of Argentina that only ended in 1974. We are also aware that he is the first in history Jesuit (Order of Jesus) Pope, a religious order that has at times been in grave conflict with the papacy and was banned from many places including Portugal, France, Venice, Malta, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Austria, Columbia, and Brazil, all of which with the exclusion of Switzerland are predominately Roman Catholic. The Jesuits were even banned by the Church (Dominicus ac Redemptor 21 July 1773 by Pope Clement XIV) and have a terrible record in South America, continuously supporting communist insurrections in one after another country. Not in one instance did their political intervention improve the people’s lot, to the contrary every Jesuit inspired revolt ended in reduced freedom, wealth, and justice for the population.

Lecturing Americans and “The Donald” on building a wall on our southern border as inappropriate, it is a real stretch considering that a wall of considerable size surrounds the entire Vatican, we assume to keep people out, not to keep priest in.

Lecturing Americans and “The Donald” on immigration policy is really over the top. Considering that America has 22 million non-citizens, about 18 million of which are illegal immigrant Mexican and Central Americans, over 95% of which are Roman Catholics, is an outrage. Much of this illegal immigration is the direct result of priests of the Roman Catholic Church and its American College of Bishops that have for decades been at odds with the secular state and most Americans, with immigration and refugee policies specifically designed to increase the number of Catholics in North America.

Going over the top, the Pope has missed no opportunity to tell the world that capitalism is evil and socialism is good. Now as noted above I clearly understand the origin of the Popes allure with socialism, I simply cannot comprehend why he has not looked at the deleterious effect of socialism on the places where it was implemented, especially in Argentina. His home nation, that was in 1920 the second wealthiest country in the world after America, today after decades of socialist rule Argentina is ranked at 37 and rated in economic freedom at 43.8, America at 75.4 and Switzerland at 81.0. One comes to wonder when he will assault the Swiss, maybe not, he must not aggravate his bodyguard!

Where was the pope in grade school history class, sorry, I forgot Peron was president in Argentina at that time, and history classes were economically and socially to some extent distorted. When he attended secondary education, it was Jesuit schools and economics has never been a Jesuit subject strongpoint from day one of the Order, it was in revolution against the Church as well as all of mankind. That’s why they call the Jesuit head Commander General, oh yes; the Jesuits are a military order, whose commanding officer is the Black Pope.

My real question would be to the Curia, how a previously conservative Curia and retired Pope picked a socialist revolutionary as their new leader, who according to the church is the Vicar of Christ on earth. I seem to recall Jesus saying, “render onto Caesar the things that are Cesar’s and unto God the things that are Gods”, in reference to the marking on Roman coins and if it was lawful for Jews to pay taxes to Rome.

The real fact is that over the last 300 years wealth and social justice has been exclusively the preview of capitalist nations while depravity hardship and poverty has been the result of socialism. Does the Pope remember when he was a boy and Argentina was a wealthy nation before Peron’s election and how it faltered thereafter. Did he learn in his long life about the major socialist dictators, Peron, Mussolini, Stalin, Lenin, Salazar, Franco, Mao, Nkrumah, Batista, Ortega, Noriega, Castro, Vargas, the list is endless and every one of them failed. Not one single socialist government in world history ever achieved what it promised, and Papa wants us to emulate those failures? On the other hand his much-demeaned evil capitalist system has enriched his church, created no dictatorships, and raised the standards of living of all the citizens who participated in capitalist governments.

Does he even realize that socialist dictators murdered over 200 million of their own citizens in the 20th century? Where was this Pope even educated? Does he not realize that one of the main teachings of Christ was for religious institutions to stay out of politics? “For of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that they may live peaceful and quite, Godly and dignified in every way” Timothy 2:1-2

America admits one million legal immigrants about one million illegal aliens, 100,000 Refugees, 50,000 Special access visas (H1B) we have 22 million non-citizens 18 million of whom speak Spanish at home and the Vatican accepted two families last year, and the Pope has the nerve to criticize us?  The Vatican with the exception of St. Peters Basilica is a walled fortress centered on Castello San Angelo. And we Americans should not have a wall on a porous border over which 5 million people pass every year. Does he really think that countries should not have borders, and let anyone into their nation un-vetted, in a world overrun with terrorists? Is this a Papal formula for national suicide?

Why is he so magnanimous to Muslims and Mestizos, don’t the rest of us count as Christians? How could he make the determination that “The Donald” was not a Christian?  What does the Bible say about assimilation of immigrants and Refugees? “There shall be one law for the native and for the alien who resides among you” Exodus 22:21



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