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Fear and Terror


Fear and Terror

Dr. A. H. Krieg                                                                                    01.20.16


For some time since the resent terrorist attacks in the homeland, Lamestream media has continually pontificated about Americans’ fear. That may well be the case in blue states wherein most sheeple are unarmed and Hillary is the saving hero, it’s not the case where we live. After over 7 years of Obama we, and by that I mean most of us, are terrified of another 4 years of on the job training for another gun grabbing arrogant incompetent flunky.

It should be apparent to all Americans, that foreign policy as crafted by the Hillary/Barack team has been a disaster for our country. I think that most of us also clearly understand that “Islamic Terrorism” is not workplace violence, and that Saudi Wahhabi-Sunni Arabs are the financiers of it, along with the prime supporters of ISIL, ISIS and the Caliphate. 

Obama domestic, as well as foreign policy that Hillary stated many times would be continued as the third term of Obama represents terror to me.

Race relations are the worst in my memory and I’m 77 years old, never in my memory have race relation on a national scale been so bad; this causes anxiety and fear for all of us.

Last week the Democrats had a debate, more like a photo-op, that can only be described as delusional. We have a geriatric socialist on one side of the podium and a lying-hag socialist on the other side the third guy on the platform is total inconsequential because he is not a progressive (socialist) and socialists today run the DNC. Never once during the entire discussion did Islamic Terrorism, or reality make an appearance. The Lamestream fool moderators, whose function appeared, as DNC lackeys, never followed up a response with any meaningful questions. The debates were purposely timed so that the least numbers people would watch.

Proposals by the socialists Clinton and Sanders are so totally off the wall stupid that I am horrified, if Americans were so dumb that they can accept their proposals. Both candidates have stated that they would; Make healthcare a single payer universal system (about $1.4 trillion), eliminate all outstanding college loans or allow 30 years to pay the debt off, (about $1.6 trillion) provide free or massively government subsidized higher education (about $1 trillion) spend $285 billion on infrastructure, provide $34 billion loan guarantees for infrastructure to banks, address income inequality by litigating equal pay, Going after the banks, pharmaceuticals, petrochemical industry, expanding Obamacare, etc.

The existing national debt of $18.9 trillion was never once mentioned, the off-the-books $4.7 trillion in quantetive easing was nowhere to be found and neither was the $ 34 trillion bank loans by the FRS, that are also off the books. We already have a $1.1 trillion budget for 2016 and 2017, all we have to do is add the two socialists promises to them and understand that we would have a national debt of $ 28 trillion (w/o the bank loans) by the end of 2017. This in fact terrifies me a lot more than a bunch of crazy Muslims.

In fact it would not surprise me if the Caliphate leadership figured this out, and supported the Democrats, sitting on the sidelines and watching us destroy ourselves.

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