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My dear American friends


My dear American friends!                                   Our Epiphany 2016


Later this year we will vote for a new leader. If our population like the last few presidential elections do not think about the consequence of their decision and vote based on race or gender instead of who’s the best, my 2000 prediction book "July 4th 2016 the Last Independence Day" will become reality. Should progressives be successful in capturing the White House and our legislatures they will finalize CHANGE destroy any HOPE we had and move FORWARD into their "Brave New World." Just so you understand those three Schlagwörter were the ideological dogma of the Soviet communist revolution in 1919 and progressivism in any venue’ means socialism/communism.

The 2016 election will be a conflict between two opposing economic philosophies; capitalism and socialism. It will be the first election of American history in which a change of economic systems will be contemplated. To this I must add that in world history there is not one record of a successful socialist system that continued for more than 60 years. Additionally the prosperity that the world enjoyed has always been the result of capitalism, never socialism.

Economic considerations aside, think about the changes proposed by progressives. These are not just economic they are also social. In the last 7 years we have invited over 10 million legal and illegal immigrants along with well over 500,000 refugees into our country. None came from European backgrounds and are not familiar with Western history, religion, practices or our culture. Over 50,000 are convicted felons that were by executive edict, after arrest, returned into the general population. Multiculturalism has proven to be an unending disaster for America as well as Europe. 37% of felons in American prisons are made up of these people, but they are under 10% of our population.

I am worried about the nations well being, and the real possibility that our White children and grandchildren will, like in South Africa be forced to live in walled compounds for self protection. We have no animosity to anyone, but people who will not assimilate, learn our language, obey our laws, and learn our history should not be here. For this and other reasons I would impart some thoughts to you.


Our economy has been wrecked by progressive incompetence, with much aid from the Republocrats. Today we have an on the books, national debt of $ 18.8 trillion, we have off the books $4.7 trillion in quantetive easing, and $34 trillion in FRS bank loans that are also off the books. We have a projected forward debt incurred by legislative action, of over $ 200 trillion. American unemployment as of today is 23.7% and 91 million Americans are unemployed and we have the lowest labor participation in the economy rate in two decades. 47 million Americans are on food stamps and 8 million on disability. The welfare state is well and growing and bankrupting all of us. We know now that 2015 had an annual inflation rate of 8% but Social Security claims 0% inflation. Middle class income has fallen for ten years and is now below that of 1998. Black unemployment is close to 50% as is youth unemployment. Women have lost position in the economic scale by 7%. Everyone except bankers and traders and the very rich are worse off than they were in 1995. This is called HOPE by progressives!

What have two progressive candidates promised us?

The list is short: 1) forgiving college debt $1.3 trillion, 2) free college education for everyone $1.3 trillion, $286 billion infrastructure development, 3) $34 billion bank guarantee loan funds, 4) Universal single payer healthcare $2 trillion, expansion of social programs $500 billion, gutting our military, militarizing our police forces, and elimination of the 2nd amendment. Total cost $ 6.22 trillion on top of the 2017 1.1 trillion budget driving the nations on the books debt in 2018 to $28.32 trillion, do you understand that they are lying? They stand Contra Mundum.

Consider the FRS they just published their latest financial statement, in it we learn that they have deposit assets of $39.5 billion, two weeks ago it was $59 billion, that’s a 33% drop in deposit assets value. The FRS has an asset total of $4.486 trillion but $2.21 trillion of that is US government debt notes, in other words their real asset is $2.286 trillion. This is only 0.88% of total asset. In fact if we add the quantetive easing and bank loans that are off the books, the picture is diabolical, put another way, combined with the afore-listed debt they are bankrupt. According to their own rules applied to member banks the total asset should be about 7.5% of total asset or $33.645 billion. Just one more financial issue; the dollar has fallen in value when compared to a bundle of other currencies from 145 in 1985 to 70 in Jan 2016 that is more than a 50% loss.

American foreign policy based on Obama and Clinton has been our greatest and most obvious disaster brought on by progressive policies. Hillary Clinton’s application of her perceived “Arab Spring” scenario has created unending civil wars, turmoil, dictatorships and unrest in the entire Middle East. A region that was in 2008 relatively stable, is not only destabilized, but two nations Iraq and Syria have both been partially overtaken by the second Caliphate, the first was 1,500 years ago and resulted in 400 years of wars between Islam and Christianity. While Secretary of State Hillary’s organization lists $ 6 billion lost, no one knows where it went, least of all Hillary.

Our progressive domestic policies like all others are instituted in a historic vacuum and as history instructs, those who disregard past history are doomed to repeat it. When you have a national leader whose formative education was in a Madrassa, was not a natural born citizen and attended American higher education as a foreign student, we should not be surprised. Our greatest problem is seated in our people’s indifference and unending acceptance of the pabulum fed to them by the Lamestream. Far too long have the media TV, radio, and print dictated the national social and political norms. The supposed journalists employed therein were all brainwashed by their communist and socialist professors, rendering them unable to even see the truth.  My local papers editorial editor is so far to the left it would make president Wilson blush. If our people accept the creation of a police state, a dictatorship, to which we are now very close, then the great American experience is over. Today the national polling difference between Democrat Progressive Hillary Clinton and Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders is within margin error 4%. Neither one of them when asked is willing to explain the difference between their two philosophies.

Obamacare that was forced upon us by a 100% progressive Putch, remains a continuing wealth redistribution scheme and employment killer. All healthcare costs have gone up, services reduced, the number of doctors dwindling, in fact today there are more uninsured than there were before it was started. Services available are smaller, every month as providers continue to refuse to accept Obamacare patients. I have to travel 16 miles for eye care, 56 miles to my VA hospital and it is virtually impossible to obtain an appointment with a specialist.

Our federally intruded upon education system, such as it is, produces uneducated illiterate, brats who in general terms are unable to cope with higher education. From 1970 when Jimmy “The Twit” Carter established the Department of Education, student competency has fallen from 4th in the world in 1970 to 13th or 34th depending on the subject today.

The Department of Energy, another Carter gaffe wasted $ 6 trillion funding now bankrupt green energy projects, opposed the Keystone Pipeline, and as they have since 1970 wasted our money and wreaked havoc with our economy and employment.

I am very seriously beginning to consider moving to some other nation and suspect that if a progressive is elected and the Democrats control the Senate and House that possibility will become much greater.


I sincerely hope that 2017 will see some very serious political change and wish all a healthy remaining 2016.


Dr. A. H. Krieg

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