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Surviving the JV Team


Surviving the JV Team

Dr. A. H., Krieg


The sophomoric activities of our government combined with the misdirected executive leads one to a state of comatose disparity of mind. Well, I had better be careful with the newly unconstitutional (EO) gun laws I could wind up on the infamous “NO GUN BUY LIST”. After all we are apprised that any bureaucrat can post anyone on the “NO FLY LIST” without corroborating evidence or of personal disclosure of the accuser. While his un-Royal Highness rants and cries about gun laws, making irrelevant proposals to stem gun violence, terrorism has become rampant all around the world. The obvious issue is not guns they are simply inanimate objects, the issue is the terrorists and individual people. In our case these fall into three classifications 1) Terrorists 2) Insane 3) criminal and gang related.

There are a few things that could be done, but the progressives ignore them primarily because they make sense and would work and do not conform to their PC agenda. We now have almost 50,000 illegal alien convicted felons in America. The Administration has mandated that they can only be held in prison for 90 days and must thereafter be released into the population. Furthermore, illegal felon aliens deportations, have fallen in 2015 by 27% vs. 2014. Seems that the progressives are hell-bound-for protecting non-citizen thugs from the vagaries of punishment, while at the same time ignoring the safety and security of the people. To clarify this further Homeland Security has stated, on numerous occasions, that they are unable to locate these criminals, all of whom have missed their court dates. Rounding up these people and deporting would be eminently more productive than more gun laws that are judiciously disregarded anyway. Kate’s Law that would mandatorily imprison repeat offender illegal alien felons, that was blocked by progressive Harry Reid, would be ten times more effective than more gun laws.

There are some issues, which the Lamestream arduously avoids, there are over 40,000 gun restricting laws in America; these are federal as well as state laws. More than half of them are not enforced.  It strikes me as odd that we have laws on the books that could be used to curb gun violence, which the agencies of government refuse to enforce, and then demand more laws. The big issue however is the places where most gun violence occurs. A close examination of crime statistics indicates that most violent gun related crimes in the last 20 years have been in “GUN FREE ZONES” and that crime rates with guns see the highest levels in places that have the most restrictive gun ownership laws. The other caveat is that licensed gun owners, with carry permits, commit almost no crimes. In other words people who illegally have guns commit almost all gun related crimes. More gun registration laws will accomplish absolutely nothing to curb these problems.

The mental competency issues relating to gun ownership is another vastly overlooked issue. Everyone agrees that insane people, and those of limited mental capacity, should not be allowed to have guns, or for that matter sharp objects. The clear problem here is that we do not have a national registry listing such people. Therefore the FBI in their clearance of carry permit checks is unable to ascertain the mental competence of the applicant. This is more than anything a social issue. Progressives have over the last 50 years continually liberalized restrictive regulations applying to mental health issues. When I was a boy insane people were locked up in asylums, consequent crime rates per population were substantially lower. Psychiatrists and those employed in the venue’ of mental health now drug these people, an effort mostly failed, to reduce their deleterious effect on society. As has repeatedly been demonstrated, this has disappointed everyone who examines the issue with an open mind.

Keeping terrorists out of the country best solves the terrorist problem. This will require secure borders, which clearly is the responsibility of the federal government. For as long as I can remember we have never had any real secure Southern border, this is applicable to both Republocrat clubs. Deporting illegals that have been convicted of crime is the second issue. Rounding up the hundreds of thousands of overstayed visas and deporting them would be a fine start, unfortunately Alan Bernstein HHS Asist. Sec. for International Affairs, has clearly stated, “We don’t know how many have overstayed their visas”. Perhaps we could get the Social Security Admin, State Department and HHS all in the same room and exchange notes. A huge part of this problem is refugees of which the Obama administration has accepted over 100,000 of in the last 7 years. It was recently revealed that just fewer than 10,000 had their status as refugees revoked due to terrorist contacts; HHS who let them in anyway, has stated that they cannot be located. Since all of them get welfare cheques would it be possible for HHS to ask SS where they are sending the payments? Why do I harp on, with this issue? I do so, because 27% of the inmates in state and federal prisons are non-citizens.

The criminally and other insane should be kept locked up in asylums as they were from 1800 to the 1950’s. There are certainly differing classifications of insane; many do not need to be incarcerated. That is up to the courts and the medical profession, however I would demand a provision in the law requiring anyone who releases any insane from an asylum be personally, criminally responsible for the actions of the released.

The last issue is crime connected and gang related. Here our bleeding heart liberals are the primary problem. Our criminal justice system is nothing but a revolving door. Every time we hear of the arrest of another criminal we find that he has a rap sheet four pages long. They commit the crime and don’t do the time, and are released to wreak havoc on society. In the nations highest crime counties two thirds of felony convictions were drug relates, 23% were for violent crimes. 40% of those arrested are repeat offenders, but only 55% of those convicted for violent crimes serve any time in prison. We clearly have a severe problem that is obviously tied to the justice system and our approach to crime and its consequences. None of this has anything to do with guns. The removal of guns from society as is evidenced by England and Australia simply results in higher crime rates.

There are several things that should be considered. First is the separation of drug related crime from violent crime. Marijuana should be nationally decriminalized; the greatest opposition to this is the liquor industry that hates competition. Marijuana use no more causes hard drug use, than beer and wine causes people to drink hard liquor. The illegal sale of hard narcotics must be treated as a federal crime with 5 years hard labor as penalty for sellers. By hard labor I mean 5 AM to 6 PM building roads with pick and shovel, so hard that after five years they will never want to come back to more of it. For crimes of violence, penalties must be very severe. First time offenders must learn a trade while in prison and release only possible after they have been judged journeyed in the chosen trade. That way they will have a profession when released. Repeat offenders, second time 10 years at hard labor 9 hrs. a day for ten years. Third offence life at hard labor. Along with this would be a requirement that the criminal must make 100% financial restitution for the expenses inured by his crime to the victims. These acts would reduce our prison population by about one third and it would reduce gun violence by 70%.


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