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The Federal Reserve Act and the creation of the FRS


The Federal Reserve Act and the creation of the FRS

The 16th and the 17th amendments to our construction in 1913 just over 100 years ago was the seminal event changing America from a Republic into a Democracy, or perhaps more accurately in the 21str century a kleptocracy. The Federal Reserve Act, (ch.6, 38 Stat 251, 12 U.S.C. Ch. 3) established the right of the FRS as the central banking system of the United States, to issue [Federal Reserve Notes] now called US dollars as legal tender. In other words the issuance of money, setting of interest rates, collection of taxes, distribution of funds, were removed from congressional control and placed with a government sponsored but privately owned monopoly, called the Federal Reserve System. (FRS) The NY Times that cost 2 cents on December 24, 1913 announced the act by the Wilson administration. Just a month before on Sept. 24 the Times had published the list of the FRS and its 12 branch operations and the stockholders of the FRS. This much most Americans know.

The much more interesting facts of the cause of the 16th amendment is a devilish story that will fascinate you. But before we begin you must be apprised of some important and revealing additional information. President Woodrow Wilson (1) was an academic who had been president of Princeton University he was our 28th president and had a PhD from Johns Hopkins University. (2) Wilson was not a man of the world and therefore relied heavily on colonel Edward Mandell House (3) for international and economic information. What is generally omitted in mainstream history is that House was the paid agent of the “British House of Rothschild”, at the time of 1913 the wealthiest banking family in Europe located in London. By the time Wilson came to Princeton almost all American academics that had PhD’s were German educated.

The next pertinent fact is WWI, which has bearing on the reason for the 16th as well as 17th amendments to our Constitution. The war began when a Serb assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo, Serbia in June of 1914. By July Russia mobilized its military to intervene between the Austro-Hungarian Empire on behalf of their ally Serbia. On August 4, 1914 hostilities erupted. Germany invades Belgium. By April 22 things are in full swing, on May 7th the Lusitania, an British flagged ship, (Cunard Line) is sunk by the German submarine U-20. The Lusitania in violation of international treaties is loaded with munitions and war supplies, She sank immediately after the munitions exploded, many Americas were killed. Germany tried to warn Americans about traveling on the Lusitania but the NY press refused to accept the ads, which only ran in mid western states. In April 1917 Wilson enters the war on the side of France, Russia, Italy and England. Germany is allied with the Austro-Hungarian Empire the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria. In 1918 Germany and Russia declare and end of hostilities and Germany allows Vladimir Lenin, who was sitting the war out in Zűrich to go to St Petersburg Russia in a sealed train containing millions of gold bullion as well as armaments and men for the Bolshevik revolution about to start.

Just one more fact; the Bolshevik Ashkenazim Russian revolution was not a revolution it was an invasion. (4) European and American Jewish bankers financed the invasion. One of the largest fund providers was Jacob Schiff (Kuhn Lobe & Co) who had already financed the Japanese, in the Sino-Russian war in 1904, substantially weakening the Czars position and navy. He also financed Leon Trotsky who was in exile in NYC and was given an American passport by Wilson. Trotsky was unemployed, living well in NYC, but had a total income of only $600 in the previous year. He traveled to the Russian revolution through Canada. The Canadian government stopped him and he had $10,000 in gold, the British government instructed Canada to let him go, the Diaspora was in London and wanted Trotsky in Russia to aid Lenin in the Ashkeanzim revolution and deposition of the Czar who was hated by the Jews. The diaspora acted against the interests of the allies. Lenin and Trotsky were Jews, Marx and Engles were Jews and all the members of the first central committee of the Supreme Soviet were all Ashkenazim Jews.

The coming war in Europe (WWI) was expanding. The Ottomans that had joined Germany in 1914, had the British expeditionary forces bottled up outside of Cairo and the British commander Allenby (5) was in stalemate. He requested more forces but England was hard pressed because France was by this time broke, and the war was not going well on any of the many fronts. Things in France were so bad that they could not afford their part of the costs of the allied diplomatic mission in Washington where they were soliciting Wilson to enter the war. The fact of the matter being that by 1915-16 France, England, and Italy, which had joined the alliance in 1915, were all broke. Allenby was allowed to make a diplomatic agreement with the Palestinians who were at the time allied with the Ottoman Empire. Allenby brokered a deal granting the Palestinians autonomy over Palestine in perpetuity, guaranteed by the British Empire if they allied with England to defeat the Ottoman Empire in Egypt, which they did. The British then backstabbed the Palestinians with the Belfour Declaration, (6) granting the Zionists the same territory.

Economic pressure in Germany primarily caused by food shortages was taking its toll not only on the civilian population who was by 1916 starving but also the military that was unable due to food shortage to mount any prolonged military action. The food situation on the allied side was fine, because the Americans were providing ample food. However the financial situation was dire. The Crown had two options, borrow money from the Americans who were the richest nation in the world or borrow from Rothschild the richest man in Europe. Rothschild however had terms and there were two of them. 1) Rothschild and his bank would get controlling interest in the Bank of England and 2) England would grant the zionists the rights to immigrate into Palestine. (The Balfour Declaration) The Crown accepted Rothschild’s deal because they thought that an English lord would be better than a former colony, little did they know. The naiveté’ of the British negotiators is astounding, Jews are always, Jews first and whatever nation they reside in comes second.

    Now we can return to the 16th amendment and the situation in the Wilson administration. In general terms the American population was dead set against any war engagement in Europe. However economic things were coming to a head. The British and other European’s were converting holdings in their nations in order to raise funds by selling to Americans. There were also massive monitory transactions between the European allies and America. The fact is that the only power that could alter the chaos in Europe was America. It was by 1914 the richest and economically most powerful force on the planet.

Wilson was a progressive internationalist whose sentiments were only revealed after the war by his desire to have America join the League of Nations in Geneva, an effort that failed badly. By 1916 House who had on behalf of Rothschild, managed Wilsons entrance into the war and by 1917 induced the president to expand the US navy to one larger than that of England. By 1922 the American navy was the same size as England’s. All of these issues were in entering stages by 1913. Trade between especially England and America had expanded substantially. The world was changing rapidly, mainly in economic terms. The Rothschild’s wanted a central bank in America as existed in England, Germany Austria, and Italy that they could control. Rothschild already controlled the banks in Austria, Germany, Italy, France, and England, with branch operations in Vienna, Frankfurt, Naples, Paris, and London and had correspondents in NY, Chicago, SF, as well as other places, and he had his man as advisor to president Wilson. The Russian revolution that had also partially been arranged and financed by Rothschild took pressure off the Germans by the elimination of one war front. Realistically an examination of the occurrences from 1912 to 1920 indicates a well-organized plan by the Rothschild’s combined with American banking interest to gain world control of banking. The New World Order a phrase that would be used by Mussolini, Hitler, Wilson, House, and Lloyd George and eventually by George H. W. Bush and then his son was rapidly developing.

Banking has been a Jewish and Bones (7) endeavor since the late 1800’s. By the early 1880’s Brown Brothers & Co was the largest private investment bank in America it had been founded by the Harriman brothers both were Bonesmen (9) and the bank now called Brown Brothers Harriman & Co now employs 5,000 and has revenues of over 1.3 billion. (8) Management has always been Bonesmen. The financiers of the Russian Revolution were Schiff, J.P Morgan (10) Wartburg, and Strong form the American side. So that you understand Rockefeller, Aldrich, Kerry, Bush, Brown, Coffin, Gilman, Davidson, Norton, Harriman, Kellogg, Walker and Weyerhaeuser are and were all Bonesmen. Bonesmen also control the Yale endowment fund (11) and essentially own the city of New Haven CT.

The establishment of the FRS was planned out at a secret meeting in 1910 held on Jekyll Island Georgia, which at the time was a private hunting preserve of J. P. Morgan. The meeting included, Nelson Aldrich, Republican “Whip” in the Senate, Henry P. Davidson, partner in J. P. Morgan, Charles D. Norton Pres. 1st Natl. Bank NY, A. Piatt Andrew, Assist. Sec. Treasury, Frank A. Vanderlip, Pres. National City Bank, Benjamin Strong, head of J. P. Morgan’s Bankers Trust Co, and Paul Wartburg (Big Daddy Warbucks) partner in Kuhn Loeb & Co. and whose brother Moritz (died in 1910) had a bank in Germany and other family members with banks in Holland. Wartburg was the author of the Federal Reserve act as well as the 16th amendment. These 7 men at the time of the meeting owned or controlled over 75% of the worlds entire assets. Any way this is viewed, what was created in the meeting was a cartel (monopoly) that was to control currency, taxation, interest rates, government borrowing, the national debt of America and everything to do with money from the creation of the 16th amendment and the Federal Reserve Act forward. Rothschild the father had it exactly right when he said, “Give me control of a nations money and I care not who makes it’s laws”.

All this continued until the progressive FDR administration when Roosevelt with Executive Order (12) in 1933 issued his proclamation that it would be forbidden for Americans to own gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates. Then on August 13th 1971 came the progressive “Nixon Shock” (13) that ended the convertibility of the dollar into gold. Nixon by executive fiat ended the 27-year old Bretton Woods agreement that had been world currency policy since 1944 by the 44 victors of WWII.  

The Bretton Woods Conference (14) at the Mt. Washington Inn was the precursor of the disaster that has befallen the world in the first quarter of the 21st century. Conceived by the Fabian, (15) John Maynard Keynes a devout socialist and homosexual, with the aid of the American delegate and communist spy Harry Dexter White (16) in 1948. The Venona papers confirmed the claim that White was a communist spy by released Kremlin documentation in 1950. Keynesian economics is the conceptualization by them, that economies cannot expand unless vast amounts of fiat (paper money) are placed in circulation. This eventually led to an American national debt of $18.7 trillion $4 trillion in off the books “quantetive easing” and $34 trillion in provided international bank loans, also of the books, and a projected to 2050 obligatory future debt mandated by existing obligations of about $ 200 trillions.

After the passage of the 16th Amendment, State Banks that had become prominent in America were gradually taken over by the big FRS controlled banks. Bank consolidation may be seen in terms of consolidation in the late 20th century and are astounding we lost over 1,000 savings and loan institutions, by 2010 just 100 years after the meeting on Jekyll Island, bank consolidation has reached the point where people have been media induced to believe that these banks are too big to be allowed to fail. Thus when they were about to fail the taxpayers were by force induced by Congress to bail them out. That is most of the national debt on the books and the $38 trillion off the books. Repayment in any realistic terms is a pipedream. We should simply dispute it and shut the FRS down.

The 17th amendment to the constitution was the change of election procedure for senators, and the removal of power from the states, thus eventually insuring executive dictatorship, which is exactly what we now have. Prior to 1913 the two chambers of each individual state elected senators, thus ensuring the Republics continuation. By eliminating the 17th amendment the bankers were able to buy senators, eliminate state banks and state rights, buy the senate and rule through executive fiat. Congress then simply ignored the 10th amendment, first resulting in Executive dictatorship and then a democracy and thereafter a kleptocracy, which is what we now have.


  1. 1856-1924 President 1913 to 1921
  2. Johns Hopkins was originally set up to bring the Prussian education system to America in 1867. All American PhD’s to about 1875 were Prussian educated.
  3. The title colonel was a gift of the governor of Texas it was not a military rank but House always demanded to be called Colonel. (The Private Papers of Colonel House Pub. 1926 Mendez)
  4. The invasion commenced with the arrival of the sealed train that contained hundreds of Jews weapons, men and gold. Schiff financed both Trotsky as well as Lenin. Diplomatic correspondences of British, American, as well as Italian diplomats confirm that it was an invasion.
  5. Edmund Allenby 1st Viscount stalemated in Egypt in 1918
  6. The Belfour Declaration was made out by Lord Belfour to Baron Rothschild as the president of the World Zionist Congress.
  7. The Order, 322, The Order of Death, Skull and Bones all the same is a Yale University Senior fraternity whose members are active in several large banks.
  8. 2012
  9. What members of The Order are called.
  10. Now J.P. Morgan Chase
  11. Yale endowment fund 2015 10.1 billion City of New Haven assets base unknown.  
  12. EO 6102
  13. EO 11615
  14. Also called the UN Monetary and Financial Conference.
  15. The Fabian society is the oldest socialist organization in the world it met at the Webb house in the British Midlands. Fabians are gradualists they implement their socialism slowly and carefully.
  16. (16) White was eventually convicted of espionage in NY. (Southern District Federal Court) He was also appointed by FDR in 1945 to the UN establishment meeting in SF and betrayed America yet again.
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