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For years I have been calling them Ziocons rather than Neocons, Am I right?


Unfortunately many Americans remain unaware of issues pertaining to the (FRS) Federal Reserve System, beginning with that the FRS, is not Federal, not a Reserve and certainly not a System, it is a corporation incorporated in NYC on September 23, 1914, as is witnessed in the NY Times of that date, which also lists the stockholders of the FRS. (1) Sadly the wool has cleverly been pulled over the public’s eyes on virtually all issues relating to money, taxes, organizational structure and even the trading markets of our economy. For those Americans contemplating on voting in the 2016 presidential and legislative elections there is no more important issue.

The second progressive Democrat president Wilson created the FRS in 1913. It was adopted on Feb. 3; it established the income taxes as the 16th amendment of the constitution, and the eventual Internal Revenue Service as the collection agency for the 16th amendment. (Income taxes) The income tax began with a spread of from 0% under 20K to a maximum of 7% in over 500K in 1913 to 0% in under 7K to 35% in over 311,950 in 2015. It has continually risen in its 102 years. It is a severely repressive tax because it punishes success, and it is one of the Communist Manifestos 10 points of government. There is a huge movement to replace it by a consumption tax also called a fair tax.

The FRS is organized into 12 branch operations spread through the nation. Of these branches the one in NYC is considered the most important. I will not in this short introduction address the many various controlled sub-divisions of the FRS but say that it is a tangled web of complications, issues and scores of semi-detached agencies. The head of the hydra is its seven member board of governors which they claim is appointed by the president and approved by the Senate, an unlikely fairy-tale. The president is given three candidates and told to pick one from the list—not exactly a democratic procedure. There are then eight committees that act as the steering apparatus for the FRS. For the last 30 years the Chairman of the Board of governors of the FRS has always been Jewish. Since its creation in 1913 there has always been a substantial Jewish presence.

Based on reasonable information in the tangled web of international banking we can assume that the following organizations are the major stockholders in the FRS; Rothschild banks of London & Berlin, Goldman Sachs NYC, Kuhn Loeb (Shearson American Express) NYC, Lazard Brothers Paris, Israel Moses Sief Bank Italy, Warburg Banks, Hamburg and Amsterdam, J.P. Morgan Chase NYC. Then through various international bank relationships, Bank of America, Citygroup, Wels Fargo, State Street Corp. HSCB, Capitol One, Barclays London, BNP Paris, and PNC Bank. Most of these banks have assets of over one trillion dollars and have therefore been labeled as “Too Big To Fail”; that is too big for them to fail, so you will be bailing them out. Just to add some spice, four of the five largest banks in the world are Chinese.

Many people think that these banks are restricted to banking and that is a huge mistake. The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 (2) also called the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999, repealed the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, thus removing barriers in banking and allowing banks, securities traders and insurance companies, that under Glass-Steagall prohibited them, from acting in collusion with investment banks or combination of commercial and investment banks. This was passed and signed into law by Bill Clinton and the Democrats. This allowed all institutions of insurance, commercial banking and investment banking (stock traders) and securities firms to consolidate, actually setting up the too big to fail scenario.

On that interesting note the FRS runs an operation called the “Plunge Protection Team”. (PPT) (3) You might well wonder what PPT does, so, let me tell you. PPT operates out of the 12 FRS banks as well as the UBS trading floor in Stanford CT one of the largest in the world. (4) The PPT is a market manipulation organization that uses taxpayer’s funds to prop up the stock and commodities markets when they fall dramatically. Their first major coup was in October 1987 when the market fell 508 (DJIA) points (5) the team jumped in and by December the market recovery was in full bloom. They have done this over 50 times since ’87. While the average American is struggling to make ends meet, government ingratiates the rich, i.e. your taxes to stay richer.

The illusion that the Banksters fostered and what subsequently most Americans believe, is that they are dealing with an American bank, this is truly an illusion, in large banks those with over one billion in assets, there is no such establishment as a national bank, all large banks are international. In fact almost everything you think you know about banking is an illusion that was created at the Breton Woods Meeting in the White Mountains of NH in July 1944. There were 730 Delegates from 44 of the Allied victors of WWII. Besides reinstating the BIS they created the expansion of fiat monitory policy and the expansion of Fractional Reserve Banking (6) allowing individual nations banks to expand their issuance of fiat without hard asset backing. By adopting the Keynesian economic model proposed by homosexual British economist John Maynard Keynes and strongly backed by American communist Russian spy Harry Dexter White (the American delegate later imprisoned) the die for the 2007-8 economic collapse was set.

Special Drawing Rights (SDR, aprox. $280 billion reserve) is an international reserve asset (i.e. your tax dollars in deposit) created by the IMF (7) to act as a reserve for member banks. Since the BIS (8) had been re-established (9) at the Bretton Woods conference and it was the bank of last resort, the IMF seems to have been an effort by the American and British delegation to establish themselves as the lead players in world banking, by sidelining BIS.

This then bring us to an attempt to look into our future, which appears to this author rather bleak. There are many ways of tracking economic events and based on performance of them, to make some predictions. One of the World’s most accurate measures of economy is the Baltic Dry Index. (BDI) From 2006 to January 2009 the BDI grew from 3215 to 11,390 an exceptional growth, but then from 2009 to 2015 it fell to 851.74 Then in November 2015 Mazak Line the largest container transporters in the world announced that they would lay off 40,000 workers by year end. Today China is the worlds leading trading nation, but things are looking dim in China. International economists from WTO (World Trade Organization) indicate that their prediction of world economic growth prediction for 2016 of 3.3% would have to be lowered to 2.8%. Beginning in August 2015 China began shutting down substantial numbers of factories. Projected economic growth rates have repeatedly been reduced and the reported growth for the third quarter of 6.5% seems inflated. By 2009 global trade surplus for China fell 26% year on year to US $ 135.5 B. exports fell by 21.3% to US $ 846.7 B. China’s balance of trade remains positive at US $ 711.2 B. but has been falling as reserves are reduced to bolster other sectors of the economy.

The American economy, which is in large part based on consumer spending, is appearing absolutely dismal for the coming Christmas season. The International Business Times in late October speculated in an article, “Economy about to Collapse”. Because the public is beginning to understand that the capital markets are propped up by FRS interest rates of 0.05% and that this can’t go on indefinitely that the coming Christmas season is anticipated to be very slow. Speculation in the publication is that it will be the weakest of this century.

The real problem is systemic, in that the FRS is incapable of increasing the prime rate more than 2%, because if they did the collected taxes would not cover the interest annually due on a national on the books debt of $18.6 trillion. I am not including the off the books “quantetive easing” of over $4 trillion since 2008. I am not including the $34 trillion of off-the-books loans to member banks. I am not including the over $200 trillion in future but committed debt to 2020. I have always been an optimist in business and economics, however the present world situation does not allow any optimistic considerations. America is now the largest debtor nation in the entire world. The prevailing possibility is to lower expenses, in other words cut the government spending, but in a nation in which policy is to purchase votes from over one third of the electorate, that seems a point too far. Congress in fact just this October again incased the national debt by another $ 850 billion, and gave Obama an open book to increase that over the rest of his term in office. I have predicted since 2012, that the national debt will be over $22 trillion by the time Obama leaves office, after all his job obviously is; the destruction of this nation! 


                                                                              Dr. Adrian H. Krieg 11.18.15



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  3. Also called the Working Group on Financial Markets. (Executive order 12631 Ronald Reagan)
  4. 103,000 Sq. Ft. total UBS operation in Stanford is 700,000 Sq. Ft.
  5. Black Monday drop of 22.6%
  6. Fractional Reserve Banking allows a lending institution to loan out over 90% of their deposited money and to retain only a fractional amount below 10% as a security deposit.
  7. International Monetary Fund
  8. Bank of International Settlements in Basel Switzerland (estimated cash reserve $ 40 billion)
  9. BIS was founded in 1930.


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