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Sheeple in Revolt


Dr. A. H. Krieg

This month I will be 73, so historically; I want to tell you what’s really going on based on that perspective, because what the media and government report is pure bunk. What is taking place on the world stage today is a repeat of the German collapse in the Weimar Republic, but it is on a world-wide scale and it’s led by the exact same communists who are leading the sheeple just as they did in Germany eighty years ago.

Let us right up front understand that we have begun the revolution that I have predicted for the last ten years. Germany and Austria saw the exact same thing 80 years ago. On Friday the 30th of September the NYC police arrested 700 people at the Brooklyn Bridge for purposely obstructing traffic, it was all part of a greater Wall Street protest that had been ongoing for two weeks and which resulted in the arrests of scores of people every day, but was almost totally blacked-out by the Lamestream news. The protest is massively expanding with the joining up by veterans, and labor unions. Simultaneous protests against the Ponzigoniff Banksters took place in LA, SF, Chicago, and other places around the nation.

My father at age 20 was attending textile-engineering university in Wurzburg Germany. He began as a freshman in 1919. The Great Weimar monitory collapse ran its course from 1920 to 1923. The cause is almost identical to what is transpiring worldwide today. My grandfather used to send my father ten, Swiss 2 frank coins, (silver) every month. My father would trade them for Marks one at a time, picking up an entire suitcase of paper money for each 2 frank coin. My fathers used to tell me that his friends would come to his room and ask if they could take a handful to go out and buy a beer.

In order to understand this you must be a realist, and as we all know there are damn few of those left. While the Bankster Ponzigonifs are most certainly crooks well deserving of our ire, they are not the problem, they are the symptom. The problem is not the Keynesian banking system however crooked it may be, it is the politicians who facilitate the bankers ablity to rob you and your posterity blind. All the banksters do is to carry out the shameful theft of the electorate on behalf of their patrons, the elite owners of the multinational corporations and international banks. Just think about it, NOW: who will gain by what is taking place? Who gained in the 1920’s in Germany? Who got richer in the 1929 Great Depression? Who is getting richer while all the rest of us are getting poorer? And lastly who is exploiting this for political gains? The progressives, that who and who are the progressives, they are the socialists and communists of America. They have turned this issue into one of class warfare, while providing the public their lamb for slaughter the “banksters” who are in fact their implementers.

The Legislative branch of our government contains 74 “Progressives”, i.e. socialist, as members of the DSA [Democratic Socialist of America] all-pretending to be Democrats. They together with both houses, House Nancy Peloci and Senate Harry Reid, that they controlled from 2007 to 2010 and then with the ueberleft Obama orchestrated changes in our laws and constitution that facilitated the entire collapse. Laws and regulation passed by Christopher Dodd as chairman of the Senate banking committee and Barney Frank as chairman of the House banking committee, both of which were dominated by progressives, are the primary culprits. Remember the closed sessions under socialist Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid of the Obamacare bill? Blue Dog Democrats, all Republicans, all Independents were locked out, only progressive Democrats and socialist Bernie Sanders (S, VT) & Patrick Leahy (S, VT) were invited to the discussion.

The socialists under the banner of compassion demanded and got Freddie AIG and Fannie to underwrite mortgages that were totally untenable. These were instruments requiring no deposit, no down payment, no principal payments for two years, no equity for the buyer, not even a viable credit check of the buyer, and no collateral at all. Anyone with even a moderate understanding of finance could tell you right at the beginning that this would fail. In other words it was project designed to fail and produce a pre-planned and expected result, which is the state of our economy today.

See, its not about housing, its not about banking, its about centralized control of everything, government, banking, society, everything. The Sheeple have once again been duped. The Sheeple are in revolt in the wrong places, they are revolting against the fall guys; they should be revolting in Washington and their state capitals, not at banks and as Baron Rothschild said “I care not who makes the laws so long as I am allowed control of the money”. (Paraphrased) The banks are the largest dollar volume contributors to electoral campaigns. As I keep saying, banks are the symptom not the object of the occurrence. While the banks own almost everything, it’s not the banks it’s the owner of the banks who are the elites.

In 1913 our legislature passed a series of laws that were part of a great conspiracy by European bankers in collusion with American bankers. It was not the investment banks or commercial banks, it was the owners of them. Today about 100 families own the FRS [Federal Reserve System] which is not federal, has no reserves, and is not a system but a corporation incorporated in the state of New York as reported in the NY Times on September 23, 1914. By provisions of this law is in illegal to sell shares of the stock, so that the same identical families retain total control. We have a national debt of almost $ 15 trillion based on a stock value of $ 144 million when issued. The solution is simple dissolve the FRS pay the owners back the $144 million and repudiate the outstanding $15 trillion debt to the banksters. 1913 was the worst year in American history the 16th as well as the horrid 17th amendment to the constitution were enacted. The IRS & FRS was established, and the banksters took control of all Americas finances. In 1913 we had no national debt. We had state banks, which were gobbled up by the elite’s banks, federalized, money, money issuance, debt, interest rate setting, borrowing, lending, and even housing, not in the private sector but as the preview of a legislated monopoly granted by legislative decree.

The result has been devastating on Americans. As of the 1st of October 2011 46-million of all Americans are below the Obama’s stated poverty line ($22,314.00). 47.4 million Americans are on food stamps.  Middle Class income continues to fall, while the poverty rate percentage has climbed to 15.1% the highest national level since the Department of Bureau Statistics began publishing numbers. As of 2010 86.7 million Americans over the age of 16 were not employed, an increase of over five million since Obama’s inauguration. And still, half of Americans, if we are to believe the media, support the progressive’s and the debilitating attack on our society by Obama and his minions.

Things are going to get much worse because the progressives continue with the failed polices as have been implemented in the last 2-½ years. FDR who appears to be their model perused policies that extended the Great Depression for a decade, resulting in the veritable destruction of the Middle Class and the expansion of an elite cadre that came to own 2/3rds of America their present plan is to capture the remaining 1/3rd.

There are no parallels between the Tea Party and the political left demonstrators in Manhattan. Tea Party, that is to say conservative and politically right meetings have seen polite, well mannered demonstrations without arrests, and minimal required clean-up be government services after the meetings. Conservative demonstrators when asked questions give lucid answers. Politically left demonstrations are the exact opposite, unruly making a filthy mess, with most participants unable to even articulate why they are in attendance.

What people really don’t grasp is the enormity of this operation. To gain knowledge of this you must read the Communist Manifesto and learn of the ten pillars of communism, when you then see that 7 of the pillars have been made law in America and the remaining three are well on the way to acceptance, understanding that the elite have been the financiers of communism from day one, then you will understand what and why these things are taking place here and now. The violent overthrow of the republic is the starting point for a New World Order, remember Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Clinton, G. Bush, & W. Bush all used the phrase New World Order. A good introduction to the cabal is my new book, “Rendezvous with the New World Order”

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