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The end game


Progressives have an end game and conservatives seem ignorant of it. The end game is simple. It is a contrived effort to change the electoral majority in favor of progressive Fabian liberals. The systematic process to accomplish this has been ongoing for decades. One of its architects was the philandering usually drunk Teddy Kennedy. Bear with me because this octopus has many tentacles. Outcome based systems in statistical services from government agencies is certainly one of the used methods.

There was the 1965 (Pub.L.89-236) Called the Hart-Celler Act, i.e. Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. It drastically changed American immigration policy by firstly liberalizing it to the most open immigration law in the world, and secondly to skew immigration in favor of minorities and against Europeans. The 7% rule restricted immigration to 7% of the total population for any nation for immigration. The act turned the entire American immigration policy up side down. The promise from LBJ, Teddy Kennedy, Dean Rusk, JFK, Hart and Celler was that the legislation would not in any way change the racial makeup of America. Now for the next lie, and it’s another whopper!

The American census has been falsely configured for the last five times, which is in the last 50 years. The 2010 Census was purposely and systematically, outcome based altered, in order to produce false data. The used methodology of the 2010 census produced an over-count of almost 40 million. Home enumerators had strict instructions, “Count everyone over 3 months old.” The purpose of the ten-year census is to establish the correct population number in order to allocate congressional representation. Since the census takes place every ten years children under the voting age by more than ten years should not be counted. (47 million) Green Card holders who are not citizens should not be counted. (5 million) Diplomats and illegal aliens should not be counted. (18 million) (750K) Refugees should not be counted. (7,4 million) Additionally the count was further skewed by having group counts in hospitals based on hospital records for a set date, the same at state police and military barracks, resulting in double counts for most. (1.3 million) This produced a totally bogus population number (307 million) and miss-represented local counts, thereby altering the congressional districts. States like Florida, Texas, New Mexico and California that have a large illegal alien population on average wound up with a minimum of four more congressmen than they should have had.

Progressives began in the early 70’s to champion illegal immigration, in fact, the entire Republocrat operation went hell-bent in effort to recognize illegal aliens as potential voters for their cause. The “Left” made it look like their effort, in order to get the 17% Hispanic vote for the Democrats. They succeeded in this with a 67% Hispanic Democrat majority vote in 2012. This is amazing, considering that Hispanics by majority are actually conservative, what the progressives accomplished was to turn the Hispanic voters, into one-issue voters, the same that they had accomplished with Blacks. Interestingly in both the Black as well as the Hispanic cases, both are considerably worse off under the Democrats than they would be under the Republicans. The entire dependency social state serves only politicians in their re-election bid, and permanently impoverishes the beneficiaries of government largess.

Then along came Obama whose socialist ideology trumped the race issue, by the usual socialist ploy, of offering free everything to large portions of the population. This resulted within 5-years of the Obama presidency of increasing the food stamp program to include 47 million Americans and by compiling sources of government programs to include one third of the entire population in some form of government benefit program. By 2015 the number of Americans on some form of government benefit was just over 107 million. Unemployment benefits were repeatedly extended until in 2015 it became 73 weeks, or one and one-half years. Benefit programs were so construed, that actual employment in an average job could not provide equal income so the incentive to work has been crushed. Many of the programs were administered by the individual states, which if run by progressive politicians were draconian.

A CATO Institute study of Hawaii, the furthest left state in the nation, resulted in the realization that a single mother living in Hawaii with two children will revive $49,175 in welfare benefits. Because welfare recipients do not pay income or state taxes, the same woman would have to earn $ 60,590 to have equal pay as the welfare recipient. About 66% of Americans earn $41,212 per year, or $7,963 less that a Hawaiian welfare recipient.

The 18 or so million, illegal aliens living in America, are by a percentage of about half, earning income cash under the table. They pay no taxes, send their kids to public schools, use our hospital emergency rooms as their medical providers, and in the case of Mexico send $22 billion back to Mexico every year. (2013 stats.) This means that their impact on our economy is about one third that of domestic workers. Illegals also represent 27% of all imprisoned felons that costs the economy over $ 18 billion annually. They in fact cost the overall economy about $850 billion annually. The claim by progressives that we nationally benefit from illegal immigrants is a ruse, and part and parcel of the entire program. Immigration both legal and illegal changes the electorate configuration; it alters the entire structure of society.

In order to understand exactly what the plan is, we must run the numbers and apply them to the immediate future.

  • The collection of Census information has been altered and is wrong.
  • We have about 5 million green card holders.
  • We have about 18 million illegal aliens.
  • We accept 1.2 million new immigrants into the country annually. (5 years for citizenship) this adds 6 million.
  • In 2012, 71% of Blacks voted Democrat, that’s about 8.7 million.
  • In 2012, 69% of Latinos voter Democrat, that’s about 12 million.
  • We have 45,000 illegal alien felons in prison.
  • 107 million Americans on some form of government subsidy.
  • 47 million American citizen minors who would not vote in 2020.
  • 31% of Americans identify as Democrats, that’s 20.07 million.
  • 57.5% of Americans voted in the 2012 election.

Based on the assumption (dicey) of the preceding numbers we can estimate the probable turnout and direction of the vote in 2020. If their plan runs as they expect they could reap a total vote of 223.70 million votes in 2020. Assuming that about 60% of American will vote in that election that would be 111.85 million cast progressive votes. Based on the same numbers the Republicans can at best come to 88.82 million votes. That’s the end game and the direction America is pointed in in 2015. In fact if this happens the likelihood of any non-progressive being elected for national office becomes impossible especially in the North East and on the West Coast. Good bye America!


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