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She who would be


She; who would be!

Dr. A. H. Krieg


Before you consider voting for anyone, would it not be a good idea to check their credentials, accomplishments and past history? You-All did not do that the last two times around, ask yourself how did that work out? This article is only about the progressive (socialist) in the race, because she is the assumed Democrat nominee. I will assuredly get the Republican nominee when we get one. Actually the party running all this is the Republocrat party; just so you understand the Republican RINOS had a meeting with David Axelrod in early October to advise them on how to proceed against Carson and Trump. That sort of puts the picture in focus.

Before we even begin with Hillary I think we should re-cap how the “Clinton Foundation” and “The Clinton Global Initiative” actually work and what their purpose is. The purpose is simple; it is to enrich the Clintons and avoid US taxes. How it works requires some patient consideration. The foundations do not accept funds directly, they are channeled through two foreign holding companies, one in Canada the other in Norway. Canada has already advised US taxing authorities, that under Canadian law, Canada is not allowed to publish listing of contributors to anyone, Norway followed suite, that’s why those two nations were chosen to be the location of the bundling operations, in the first place. The two bundling operations in Canada and Norway send huge bundled amounts of cash to the foundations on a regular basis. Total reported Clinton Foundation assets are estimated at $ 584 million. Individual donors are never mentioned in the transfer of funds documents. Once the funds are deposited and listed, 10% are distributed through their listed charities; this is in accordance with American law that requires that at least 10% be attributed for that purpose. Normal American income tax in the amounts in question, would be 39.6%, thus by channeling the funds through a foundation they save 29.6%. The remaining 90% goes for payroll, travel expenses, and operating costs. Corporate and personal income taxes are totally avoided by this system.

The real story however is how these foundations obtain such huge amounts of cash, an issue that bears some considerable oversight. The supposition is that there is a close connection with Bill Clinton speeches and subsequent contributions to the foundation bundlers. Furthermore there is an absolute relationship between Hillary Clinton’s travels as Secretary of State, to foreign nations, and Bill Clinton speeches in those nations within reasonably short time. Nations that were visited by Hillary in which Bill then gave speeches that made major donations to the Foundations are; Russia, Australia, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Norway, Kuwait, China and Algeria. Certainly too many nations to be a coincidence. 

The most troubling of these is the Russian one. For a contribution of $ 500,000 for a speech by Bill, in St. Petersburg, the Foundations Canadian agent Frank Giustra allowed a Russian company through Canada, to gain control of 80% of North American uranium mining. Due to National Security issues, (Uranium mining) Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State had to sign-off on the transaction, which she did. Now you understand why over 30,000 e-mails were deleted and why she claimed to only have a blackberry when in fact she also had an Apple I-Pad and why she claimed to have only one server when in fact there were three. We now also understand why the president has locked up all e-mails between him and Hillary until he is out of office.

It is a fact that the Clintons have been playing the same corruption and political graft game for three decades. Obstruction in the Rose Law firm billing records that turned up two years later in the White House; kept the “Health Care Taskforce” (1993 Hillarycare) record secret; using private servers for government correspondence; refusing to inform on Benghazi and blatantly lying about the cause of it. Funneling private contributions solicited by the Secretary of State to the Clinton Foundations, and all that is but the tip of a very large iceberg.

But why not go all the way back in Hillary’s career so as to gain a real understanding of exactly who this woman is? Most of this information has been hidden from view by the Clinton machine. She was fired from her first job in Alaska; its chairman, Zeifman fired her with prejudice, from her second job on the Watergate Committee. Zeifman a long-time Democrat operative stated, “She is a liar, and an unethical and dishonest lawyer” Her Yale touted services to the poor, was a stint on the Black Panther trial working as a go-fer for Bob Truehaft Esq. communist defense attorney who lost the case. Her legal internship (1971) was with the Oakland law firm of Treuhaft, Walker and Bernstein, arguably the most politically left law firm in the country, most of whose members were card-carrying members of the communist party.  Qualification for presidency would be the ability to remember things; in congressional testimony she repeated, I can’t Remember that, I don’t recall that, I don’t know about that, over 200 times.  Her Yale senior thesis was a book review of “Reville for Radicals” whose title was later changed to “Rules for Radicals” written by communist Saul Alinsky. In her 92-page double-spaced, thesis she compared Alinsky to Eugene Debs, Walt Whitman and Dr. Martin Luther King. Her final attempt at BAR certification after failing her Washington DC, BAR exam, was in Arkansas, where Bill was active in the Arkansas law school. The Rose Law Firm, in Little Rock, then employed her, because her husband was Arkansas AG and the Rose firm was the largest state legal contractor in Arkansas. Missing from her thesis was the quote by Alinsky “Lucifer was the real first rebel!” 

Just a brief question, does anyone even remember; Vince Foster, her confidant and lawyer, White Water Development Co, Travelgate, proposed gun ban legislation, Hillarycare, that cost American taxpayers over $25 million, national amnesty for illegals, forced unionization for foreign workers, tax payer funded abortions, Juanita Broaddick, Eileen Wellstone, Monica Lewinsky, Jim & Susan McDougal, Madison Savings and Loan, J.L. Resolution Trust Co, The Bank of Kingston, Castle Grande, Bills disbarment and Hillary’s laps in her law license. Then there is her most recent proposal. She wants a law to allow victims of shooting to have license to sue the gun manufacturer. On that note; you will be able to sue GM if a drunken owner of a Chevy runs into your car. This woman does not even understand the difference between an inanimate object and a human.

From 2001 to 2009 she was the elected Junior Senator from NY. She and Bill moved to the ritzy lily-white suburb of northern Westchester, Chappaqua. No problems with minorities here! Even with Bills humongous presidential pension and perks, they were unable to swing the mortgage for their Chappaqua property of $ 1.7 million; their old time campaign bundler Terry McAuliffe co-signed the mortgage documents for them.  Her senatorial voting record is one of deception. She would vote for legislation she knew to be popular and then in the final vote she would abstain, she did that 42 times in just 8 years. She voted for all wars. She was a strong supporter of the Patriot Act which she had never read and which violates the first, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eight, ninth and tenth amendments to the Constitutions (The Bill of Rights). She voted for NDAA, which is an abrogation of the Posse, Commutates Act, a law that prevents the government from using American military against the American civilian population. She also voted for every gun control proposal and every war and spending increase bill that was proposed during her 8-year term.  In her entire 8 years in the Senate she did not propose a single meaningful piece of legislation and followed her senior Senator Charlie Schumer’s (D. NY) lead in all voting.

Her next job was to be appointed Secretary of State by Obama with the approval of a dopey legislative branch. A mediocre politician (Obama) seeks people of like ilk. This is the real JV team! In 2010 Hillary openly subscribed to the “Arab Spring” scenario, probably the single dumbest foreign policy idea of American history. Hillary was without question the worst Secretary of State in American history.  Her incursion into Libya resulted in the death of Gadhafi and the fall of his government. Gadhafi was working with our CIA against al Qaida he was replaced by al Qaida and a totally dysfunctional government. Her and Obama’s Arab Spring resulted in the establishment of the Caliphate (ISIL and ISIS) the loss of American influence in Iraq, the fall of Syria, the fall of the elected government of Egypt and its replacement with a military dictatorship, The gradual collapse of the Afghan government, horribly worse relations with Israel, failure to curtail North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, and an up to now an unpublished treaty with Iran that remains suspect. The Benghazi incident in Libya, which was a arms deal gone bad, to trade Russian made arms to Obama’s mythical free Syrian army through a Turkish envoy’ resulted in the murder of our ambassador Stevens and three of his aids by al Qaida which now rules the roost in Libya. The biggest by far result of Hillary’s actions as Secretary of State is the loss of American power in the Middle East and the ascendancy of Russia to take our place as the prime actor in the Middle East.

What astonished me is that 67% of Democrats say they don’t trust Hillary, and the same percentage thinks she is a liar, but 37% of Democrats fully support her for the office of president. Are these people brain dead?


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