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Open Letter


 Mr. James Comey

Director FBI


Dear Director Comey,


I am now 77 years old and have lived in America since 1952 when I emigrated from Switzerland. I have been a citizen since 1957. My cultural doctorate is in manufacturing science in which I am also life certified by SME. I was proud to have voluntarily served in the US Army in the 50’s and 60’s, where I had top-secret clearance, due to which I was not permitted to visit Berlin. I served in a nuclear artillery unit in the cold war.  I fully understand and know all the legal requirements of such clearance, which are strict and carry severe penalties.

I have had the greatest respect for the FBI ever since, as a boy, two agents came to our home to interview my father about an airplane he had traveled on that was later destroyed in a bombing. They were professionals.

My concern is that our Justice Department has become totally politicized, as have most agencies with this administration. EPA, IRS, and BATF per example. Some of this might be expected, because its politics, but in my humble opinion it has now gone too far. I think that Eric Holder, was the worst DoJ Director in American history, and his replacement shows all the same traits. The FBI likewise has demonstrated in several instances, a demonstrable disregard for justice. Fast & Furious and the Lois Lerner IRS case among many others, all come to immediate mind.

I am now rigorously concerned, as are many Americans, that the present pending FBI case against Hillary Clinton appears to be stonewalled, possibly by the Attorney Generals office. I was dismayed to hear former national security Attorney, (CIA) Edward MacMahon Jr., say, “She’s to big to Jail” When a Lawyer previously employed within the government informs the people that justice is applied differently dependent upon wealth and social position, America has turned the leaf to becoming a banana republic. Any person that has unlike Hillary Clinton (1) passed the BAR exams, certainly knows better. Just this week another 7,200 E-mails were released by the amount of redactions we know that at least 200 were classified, general Petraeus was convicted of carelessnessly sharing classified information with his mistress/biographical author, a misdemeanor compared to what Mrs. Clinton did.

Naturally I am not privy to matters relating to the case, however it seems to be going very slowly. I assume that you heard her testimony in the recent congressional meeting in which she repeatedly lied under oath. (2) She sent Susan Rice to lie to the American public, who was then made National Security Adviser to the president, (Executive privilege) in order to shield Hillary and Obama from exposure. She lied by admission to the families of the deceased Benghazi victims, its difficult to recall any testimony before congress, under oath, where in a response to a question she did not lie. She lied about the reason Ambassador Stevens was sent to Benghazi. She lied about the availability of military aid to the Benghazi incident, which was from Vicenza Italy, less than 1 hour away by F-16 at a base that has an entire squadron of F-16’s. She lied about available aid for Benghazi from Tripoli.  She has also failed to secure many hundreds of confidential and secret government documents as Secretary of State, another crime, for which a good General was criminalized. (3) The penalty in the first instance is mandated under the laws below indicated. I am sure that because of the ongoing investigation relating to the lack of protection for classified document that you know the penalties involved. Since her actions are far more grievous than those of the general we all know that the woman belongs in jail. I hope and pray that you will do the right thing by America and file charges accordingly. We need you badly, to set things right again.

Another issue that I have heard very little about, is the speeches given by Bill Clinton, her husband, to dignitaries of foreign governments that certainly give the appearance of dollars for State Department favors. The biggest of these was an $850,000 fee, to the Clinton Foundation, for a one-hour speech in St. Petersburg Russia and the subsequent personal approval by the Secretary of State for the uranium mining deal between Canada, America and Russia giving the Russians control over the majority of the world’s uranium mining operations. The entire Clinton Foundation operation is nothing but a Clinton family tax evasion plan, whose operation configuration certainly borders on the fringe of criminality. While you are at all this, you might also consider the $ 6 billion that appears to have gone astray and the millions she personally made for speeches while she was Secretary of State. These are all certainly all conflict of interest issues.

To make your case against Hillary Clinton appears to me to be simple. Go to FOX News in NYC and request copies of all televised Clinton statements and testimony, ask them to then compare those with public statements made by her, and play them back to back, she will be convicting herself.


  1.  Failed her Washington DC bar exam


  1. (18 U.S. Code 1621 //June 25, 1948, Ch. 645 62Stat.773; pub.  L. 88-       619 para.1 Oct. 3, 1964 78 Stat. 995 L. 94-550, para. 2, Oct. 18, 1976 90 Stat. 25634; Pub. L. 103-322, title XXXIII para. 330016 (1) (I), Sept, 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147)
  2. General Petraeus



Adrian H. Krieg                  


I urge all readers to send a similar letter to Director Comey; it is only with public outrage and public pleasure that anything will come out of these many investigations. To date many e-mails have been released however of the 32,000 claimed withheld by Mrs. Clinton because, “they were about my Yoga class and communications with my daughter about her pending wedding” less that 30% have been made public. Information contained on her three electronic devices, and at least two servers is still not public.  Much of the released information, over 500 pages, is very heavily redacted indicating that it dealt with national security matters. The mandatory penalty for perjury is 5 years in prison and a $25,000 fine. General Petraeus did not get prison time but his crime was minute to that of Hillary Clinton’s. This is not a political matter; it is irrelevant that Clinton is the front-runner in the Democrat presidential primary; it is a matter of justice and law.




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