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No More Green BS Please


I’ve had enough! The endless rubbish from the environmentalist lobby and their willing workers requires response. Twenty reasons listed below!


1)     Man produces 3.27% of all global CO-2 annually, the 2014 volcanic eruption in Iceland (Eyjafilljokull) produced more CO-2 in one day than man has in the past 250 years, the oceans produce 16 times more CO-2 annually than man does at 52.32%.

2)     CO-2 has nothing to do with climatic change; plants inhale CO-2 and exhale oxygen, which mammals and other animals inhale. Climatic change is mostly caused by solar actions, and volcanic eruptions.

3)     The largest producer of CO-2 on land is the termite.

4)     According to NASA average global temperature has fallen in each of the last 20 years.

5)     The hockey stick graph produced by environmentalists (IPCC) is a) bogus, b) not based on fact. The IPCC used select proxies, misinformation, and unrepresentative facts to support a false agenda. The report demonstrates a rise in temperature from 1900 to present, which is a lie. More extensive older reports omit the little Ice Age as well as the first Mid Evil temperature rise.

6)     The computer models upon which the entire green fairy tale rests was produced by agents of the KBG in the 70’s and is based on an earth without oceans or mountains. Its purpose was to interfere with Western development and industrial prowess.

7)     Ozone Al’s green BS story claims that all global temperature changes are preceded by CO-2 increases; actually it is the exact opposite.

8)     Oceans have always risen and fallen this is primarily dependent upon the size of North and South Pole ice cap size. Ice cap sizes have been growing for the last ten years. Man does not have an instrument or location where the level of ocean height, as claimed, can be measured in centimeters by the Greens; due to tides and waves there is no known instrument that can measure this. 

9)     The Ozone hole is the function of the earth’s rotation on axis of 23.5 degrees; this causes our four seasons. Ozone is a gas consisting of three joined oxygen molecules, and it is very light. Ozone is produced by solar radiation and lighting. When Polar Regions are in darkness (6-months) no radiation and no lightning so a hole in the ozone layer that bothers nothing because there is no sunlight either. (Radiation)

10) 31,000 real scientists have signed a petition that completely repudiates man as the cause of global climate change.

11) Many so-called scientists who support the green agenda are on the payroll of organizations whose very existence is based on the man made climatic change lies and government organizations of the left. My dog an Australian Blue Heeler is a member of “The Union of Concerned Scientists”, an organization that does not require a kindergarten certificate for membership. (They are usually the first quoted after IPCC)

12)The claim that chlorofluorocarbons (Freon) cause Ozone depletion is a complete lie. DuPont’s Freon patent was running out, so they came up with the ozone hole scenario and introduced a new product R-410A (Suva, Forane, Puron, EcoFluron, and Genetron) then got the EPA to outlaw Freon. Freon is very heavy gas ozone is very light and in the stratosphere, freon is destroyed as it falls to ground. How could a heavy gas on the ground destroy a light gas in the stratosphere?

13) Socialists and progressives have adopted the entire Green scenario because it swells their membership. (Democrats Socialist, Progressives) As the socialist craze dwindled environmentalists merged with the Democrats.

14)The claim of man-made ocean “acidification” is another lie; ocean acidity is by 98% influenced by volcanic eruptions beneath and above the seas.

15) Over 90% of the proponents of (a New Ice Age 1980, Global Warming 1990, Climate Change 2,000) are not scientists but politicians, academics who have no foundation in the sciences, and radical environmentalists (Green Peace, Global Green, the Sierra Club, World Nature Organization, Friends of the Earth, ESGP, GEF, IPPC, UNC, UNEP, WNO, and CSE among many others, many of which are well intentioned but unschooled in the sciences propagating the Climate Change lie for profit of these organizations.

16) The average environmental organizations leadership enjoys incomes in the upper 2% of the workforce, and benefits that makes politicians blush.

17) Environmentalism is one of the worlds leading industries, whose ideas and actions in most cases cause more harm than good. They direct people’s attention from actual problems through misinformation. In this way existing problems are not addressed and linger.

18) People like George Soros, The Aspen Institute, The Global Tomorrow Coalition, The World Watch Institute, The Nature Conservancy, and Michael Gorbachev’s Global Green use the environmental issue as a platform for their political agendas and profit. 

19) Monies involved in the environmental issue are astronomical on the private side a conservative estimate is over $916 million per year in contributions.

20) Monies from the government side are nothing to sneeze at either with cost for compliance by individuals an industry now exceeding $131 billion annually. EPA doles out 1.3 billion annually for pre-determined climate change studies every year. Further incentives to climb on the environmental wagon are $3 billion in grants, $1.3 billion in how man fouls the planet. (All from an extensive report “Who Owns the Environmentalist Movement? 1992)


Money has become the driving factor in the environment. Government and the UN far from being neutral has become the major policy wonk in pushing the green agenda. In other words your taxes are being used to influence your opinion with false and misleading information. The media strenuously refuses to report this.







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