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What’s Wrong Here


What’s Wrong Here?                                                          09.29.15

Dr. A. H. Krieg


For the last few days I have been inundated with face book as well as e-mails from Europe about all the demonstrations against asylum seekers in Europe. The matter remains totally unreported in America, including the huge numbers of protestors in large cities often over 300,000. The fact that 75% of asylum seekers are males between 19 and 45 (1) is not reported, and neither is the fact that 54% are not from Syria, and that 200,000 Afghans are departing for Europe every month. Obviously this scenario does not coincide with the Lamestream multicultural BS/PC and is therefore simply omitted from the all news. With the closing of The Nationalist Times, these sorts of facts will now no longer be in the public eye.

Putin meets Obama at the UN no one knows what transpired or the plain fact that Putin won the argument. Putin is right on Syria, everyone in Europe agrees with that, but the American Lamestream, ever the agents of zionism, tout the endless Israeli line, while the pundits claim that Assad is a murderer, when in fact that title only applies to the Israelis and their endless Erez Yisrael policies. (Gaza comes to mind) Reporting on these issues as well as the recent Jerusalem assault on the al Aqsa Mosque remain at least in American media, as a terrorist act by the Muslim worshippers that were attacked by Israeli security forces.

This all brings me to our media and their totally distorted false news. Facts are facts but the Lamestream never lets them get in the way of policy and propaganda that so dominates American miss-information. Fact: Blacks are about 13 percent of our population. They are the least productive, least educated, and highest in criminality of our nation. They commit 85% of all crime in America and 45% of their victims are White. (2) While they represent 13% of the population they collect 45% of government benefits. (3) But they, through the media PC (Cultural Marxism) applied by academia and government, absolutely control the national political debate. They have elected our president twice, with a black vote of 96% in 2008 and 93% in 2012. (4) It is a fact that Blacks vote for blacks and Jews vote for Jews, regardless of how incompetent or inexperient the candidate is.

Blacks must represent a plurality of clerical workers in the VA, never mind the fact that they screw up almost everything they do, resulting in a totally dysfunctional VA. (5) In all honesty, I feel sorry for those Blacks who are honest and competent (almost totally immigrants of this generation) who are then unfairly looked at with jaundiced eye by the rest of society.

In general terms, instruction in schools, academic codes of instruction, dress codes, obscenity, promotion in the private sector and employment in state and federal government, police, post office, acceptance to higher education and fire departments must all be adjusted to accommodate Blacks. Even if they are totally unqualified they are promoted before Hispanics or Whites. They must be admitted to universities even if totally maladroit. Curriculum in colleges must be changed to meet PC policy. Black studies, and female studies, both usually run by a Black ex-convict or lesbians. Colleges now determine acceptance based on race or gender instead of academic ability.

According to the latest Black issues, voter ID is racist. It is threatening to blacks that vote numerous times in differing districts to have to provide a picture ID, which by the way is free in all states. Southern flags are racist, never mind the fact that the civil war (War of Northern Aggression) had absolutely nothing to do with slavery. About the 85% of all collected federal taxes in 1895 were collected from the Southern States, which, when they rebelled against these policies, saw Lincoln blockade the South with the navy, and so began the war.

No criticism is allowed; they are offended by virtually everything.  They call their own people “niggers”, and their women “hoes”, but you had better tread lightly or the media and their pundits will label you a racist. As things are going we will require an entire set of new laws governing speech and debate. Perhaps we are already there. The PC police have banned open debate on issues including, immigration, race, religion, gender, creed, sex, and national origin. Everyone is offended by everything, except White males who are of course the cause of all of this, or maybe not. Without White males we would most likely still be living in caves or in trees, but then, that’s hardly an issue of import. As a White male I am not offended, lies never bother me, and in the long run, they, the media, pundits, and the public will have to come to terms with their false narrative. All this PC crap has reached the point where people are afraid to discuss such issues in public, they whisper, they look over their shoulders, they whimper, its pathetic.

We are now at the point where White people are afraid to talk with each other, if they are strangers. Is he a realist or a progressive? Can I speak in normal venue’ or should I pussyfoot about? Will he be offended? Dare I say what I think? Next will be, is he a member of the thought police—coming soon to your neighborhood! This is a really sick society! People are afraid that someone will tell Jessie Jackson or that other creep race hustler from NYC, after all one of the more stupid TV networks has given him a podium. We have all become cowards to the PC police. On the other side of the coin it’s perfectly OK for Blacks to call Whites, Honkeys or any other by them, considered demeaning title, (intelligent?) this is all a one-way street.

Much of this is based on higher education that is totally controlled by socialist and communist academics, whose lowered standards graduate teachers unable to pass an 1890’s 8th grade matriculation exam. In Massachusetts, who would have guessed, that bastion of leftist crap, 59% of teacher hopefuls failed the state Competency exam. (6) The state then altered certification requirements stating: “simply sitting for the test will be sufficient for certification”. How about that you can have a total moron teach your kids, something that is obviously, by our lowered standards a fact. Consider that before Jimmy (The Twit) Carter’s, Department of Education in 1970 American grade school students international competency rating was number 4 in the world, today dependent on subjects, its from number 15 to number 34. PC has proven usefull in attaining that level of stupidity. In some Florida Counties teacher certification requires the challenging ability to read at 10th grade level and do math at 8th grade level, astoundingly those taking the exam have BA’s from teachers colleges. I hope this won’t get into the medical or engineering fields, or dead people from medical malpractice and falling buildings, airplanes and bridges will be in our future.

A good deal of this is related to the ridiculous concept that everyone is a winner. That there are no losers, and no winners, and that everyone is the same. (Equality crap)  I first ran across this in California in the 70’s when I was setting up a branch office and one of my employee’s wives, Mary, a teacher, who tried but failed, to tell her husband and me that competitive sports were truly bad, because they produced not only winners but also losers. Say, isn’t that what life is all about? How the hell are our children going to compete in a very competitive world with this sort of mush?  Equality before the law is the hallmark of a civilized society; equality between people, races and gender is stupidity.

As we approach another election we may anticipate another form of foolishness when women will in the same sort of numbers vote for a woman not based on ability, but on gender. The two ladies running, one Republican the other Democrat may well end up to be the candidates. At least Carly has some spotted record of accomplishments, the other one has none, is a crook and a liar to boot, but as of this date 35% of the Democrat female population will vote for her anyway, makes me wonder about their sanity.

Obama promised to “fundamentally Transform America” in that venue’ he has been the most effective president of history. The transformation he promised has surfaced; create racial discontent, set every grouping of citizens against each other, totally destroyed our defense ability, lowered our secondary education standards by appointing a secretary of education from the worst school system in America, turned our friends into enemies, insulted our allies, destroyed the entire Middle East, (Hillary’s Arab Spring) done absolutely nothing about North Korea, spent with
Dr. Chu’s aid, billions upon billions on failed green energy projects, totally destroyed our electric energy production ability (coal) increase taxes on the most overtaxed nation in the world, increase our income tax, appointed a bunch of buffoons as Czars, (47) appointed two racists as Attorney Generals who completely ignore law and rules the DOJ as a racist enforcement device, and all this he accomplished with a Republican majority in his last years in office. Now why would anyone wonder, why the people give congress an 8% rating and the president a under 39% rating. (Blacks 80%)


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