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Four things you should know



No more government and Obama BS!

According to Obama and the FRS everything financial is peachy keen.

  1. The recovery story is a myth.
  2. Above the national debt we have another $ 4.5 trillion in “Quantetive Easing”.
  3. Above the $18.7 trillion national debt the FRS has bailed out banks with another $16.4 trillion off the books. Total bank bailouts of $ 39.6 trillion.
  4. The value of the dollar due to inflation is falling.
  5. The actual total fiat in circulation is $ 250 billion.
  6. There is about $500 billion in dead money, held by individuals and business.
  7. Total USA spending is about $11.4 trillion
  8. All other spending is through credit.
  9. Citizens spend mostly credit not cash.
  10. Credit can disappear overnight.
  11. Americas credit system is insolvent.
  12. Our entire manufacturing distribution and retail systems are based on credit.  If credit shuts down we are finished as a nation.
  13. Cash is king if credit falters.
  14. There is at this time $57 trillion in credit in use that’s about three times our national economy of $14.7 trillion.
  15. The FRS will eventually collapse.
  16. The entire American economy is credit dependent.
  17. Most Americans have no savings.
  18. The dollar will cease as world reserve currency by 2016.
  19. When the dollar stops as world reserve currency prices will rise from 30% to 60% overnight.
  20. All of this is real and will take place within the next two years.


No more Fannie, Freddie and Obama BS!

  1. 8 years ago a hamburger flipper at McDonald’s could get a 600K mortgage with 3% down.
  2. With wonderful Dodd & Frank (the moron and the fag), all the rules have changed.
  3. Those without Federal insurance are left out in the cold.
  4. Many cannot qualify because they are middle class.
  5. Even with a 25% down payment most middle class member do not qualify.
  6. Someone flipping hamburgers at McDonald’s with 3% down qualifies.
  7. This is Obamas stupid “affordable housing” project.
  8. In the real estate bubble almost all 5% down or 0 down went belly up.
  9. Obama is creating another bubble.
  10. Credit score numbers by rating agencies are total BS. Not one of these organizations even has a clue of what real credit is.
  11. Credit rating organization was the very ones who gave bogus credit lines to unqualified borrowers. Why do banks use them they are useless!
  12. Credit rating organizations gave triple A rating to companies that collapsed three days after the rating was given.
  13. Credit rating organizations ignored every warning of the housing collapse.
  14. They gave Enron, Countrywide, and Bear Sterns a clean bill of health two days before they collapsed.
  15. FHA is guaranteeing mortgages with 3% down payment today; these will collapse.
  16. The Obama administration is repeating every single mistake that was made in the housing bubble and the exact same result may be expected.

As Albert Einstein said: “only a moron tries the same failed thing over and over again and expects different results”!

VA Benefits?

According to Obama everything at the VA is fine.

  1. In May of 2015 I changed banks. I transferred my VA disability payment to my new bank. They said everything was OK.
  2. It was not OK I have not gotten my benefit since May.
  3. I tried to call their number 1-800-827-1000 for four day about 30 calls.
  4. Sometimes I was on hold for up to 20 minutes.
  5. I called 1-800-983-0937 and 1-800-342-9647 same story.
  6. Normal computer response was “we are very busy call us at some other day”.
  7. Then I tried the web site; it refused to accept my e-mail address.
  8. I tried IRIS Question it refused to accept input.
  9. Then I tried my other six e-mail addresses it rejected them all.
  10. Then I tried with my tell number it had no record of it and it was refused.
  11. Then I tried my old address and old tell # it was all rejected.
  12. Never did get to speak to a human.
  13. The system does not accept any messages with unverified by it tell # or E-mail addresses if you moved too damn bad.
  14. I am totally unable to contact anyone no matter what I do.

I know the problem the same morons who set up Helthcare.gov for Obama also set up the VA site—I wonder what sort of kick back was involved?


Latest report from big government is that our unemployment rate is now 5.1%. On Friday the 4th of Sept government reported 173,000 new jobs for August. That same day they reported that unemployment was at the lowest level in 7 years. They went so far as to state that they considered this “full employment” Then they said they would consider raising prime interest rate. They know that they cannot raise prime interest rates over 2% because they could no longer pay the interest on the $18.7 trillion national debt. (Real national debt is $39 trillion)

  1. The 173,000 new jobs created are 44,000 below anticipation. 217,000 new workers that entered the workforce creating the shortage.
  2. Honesty would dictate that the unemployment level actually rose.
  3. Actual real “participating in the work force” labor is at the lowest level since 1977.
  4. The previously used unemployment formula (Bush admin.) would give us a 10.7% unemployment rate and the one before that 24.4%.
  5. We have seen three changes in statistical reporting unemployment in 15 years.
  6. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 94 million Americans of working age are “not in the labor force” I.E. unemployed.
  7. The actual number of unemployed is 93,031,000 in August, which is 261,000 more than in July.
  8. The labor force participation number is 61.8% a 38 year low.
  9. Actual reported by FRED (civilian Employment Population ratios) US Bureau of labor Statistics. The unemployment level from 2010 to today has hardly moved.
  10. ShadowStats ® that counts all Americans estimates US unemployment at 22.9%.
  11. America has the fastest growth of ultra-poor in the entire world.
  12. 47 million Americans are on food stamps.
  13. Free food banks are swamped at 6 AM because they usually run out of food by noon.
  14. The global economy is collapsing world wide, things are worse in South America and Asia than here.


Thank you progressives!


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