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The Great Deception


“Mainstream Media”, and by that I infer the progressive left wing media, that comprises American information and news, has of late been abuzz with stories of the crack-up of the political right, and the coming success of Hillary Clinton as our next president. The assertion is, that progressive socialism is the inevitable progression of society, and is the endemic outcome that will result in the final stage of man’s economic and social development. Friedrich-August-von Hayek, the considered dean of “Laissez-faire” economic philosophy would, I am confident disagree. The Austrian School of Libertarian Economics will in the end be the one to prevail. I know this to be fact because I have witnessed the failure of one socialist economy after another well over 20, including those of communist Russia, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Etc. Fascisti Italy and Nazi Germany. Hayek is without doubt the most influential and best economist of the 20th century. Even though Hayek was a Nobel Prize recipient, and his many voluminous books on philosophy and economics have of late found barely entrance to the debate on present day economics, his ideas are superior to the Fabian developed, presently used, Keynesian model of John Maynard Keynes introduced in 1944, at the NH monitory one world bankers meeting.

Make no mistake about this; Hillary is a strong proponent of Keynesian and socialist viewpoint. Socialists by their very nature are political ideologues and are unable to accept the inerrant faults or failure of socialism on the world stage of the 20th century. Regardless of Hayek’s brilliance and proven theories, the economically void mavens of the Lamestream, who are far too lazy to read Hayek, continue to trumpet the failed progressive line. The cause of this is vested in American higher education, in which most academics, who have no real grasp of day-to-day economic venture, are socialists or communists. This aside, the fact that the Fabian developed Keynesian economic model in use today is the cause of the entire world’s economic collapse that is now ascending.

The threat of socialism and its top down authoritarian social and economic model through the socialization of society has been an ongoing effort for the last 50 years. Beginning with the administration of Teddy Roosevelt (R) the first Republican progressive president and the “Bull Moose” candidate and then expanding under Wilson (D) and continuing with FDR, (D) Truman, (D) LBJ, (D) Nixon, (R) Carter (D) the Bush’s (R), Clinton (D) and finalizing with Obama (D) progressivism has become the major moving force of American politics. Perhaps I am unfair because the administrations of W. Bush, Clinton and Obama are more like corporatist Mafiosi operations than progressive ones. The sheer criminality of the W. Bush, Clinton and Obama administrations have turned American politics into a third world “Banana Republic” sort of place.

Lies and false propaganda by not only the leadership, but in pronounced manner by the bureaucracy have in the last 20 years attained a level of expansion that I would have thought impossible 20 years ago.  The appointment of political operatives in position of authority within the bureaucracy has enabled the progressives to dictate special statistical information to be used to their advantage. The apex reached in the Obama administration could not possibly be pinnacled by Hillary Clinton if elected. Today in the 21st century any citizen that believes what the Lamestream or government reports as news is in denial. Just in labor (employment statistics) the utilized barometer of measure has been changed three times in the last 15 years. Thus reported unemployment now reported as 5.6% would using previous methods be 10.7% and respectively 24.4% utilizing previous to that means of measure. This effort by progressives has led to the rejection of reported news by a majority of the population as is evidenced by the inordinate drop in newspaper subscriptions. Media’s claim that they are losing readers due to the Internet is a lie; they are losing because their readers perceive them to be second-rate propagandists for the progressive movement, which is exactly what they are.

Todays less than 40-year old American may be considered geographically ignorant, politically uninformed, scientifically vacuous and economically challenged, and double that for journalists. The major responsibility for that is the progressive movement that has been at the forefront of educational “Reform” and federalization resulting in the removal of classic education and its replacement there-of by a plethora of BS, posing as education. Geography replaced by Social studies, Health replacing biology, foreign language education removed, economics not taught. Today’s HS graduate is unable to balance a cheque book, can not locate France on a world map, believes that man is the cause of climatic variation, can-not name the three braches of government or understand their social functions, and is unable to place the first of second world war in historic timeframe. The loss of historic perspective through the replacement or removal of history within the education dooms the new population to repeat the mistakes of their predecessors. This is the dream of the progressives because if past history is taught, the student learns of the socialist failures of the past, something the progressives will do their utmost to prevent.

Central planning, that robust Stalinist concept has crept into the political climate of America. The concept of a <<Spontaneous Social Order>> brought on by government plans (remember the many 5 year plans of the Soviet empire) is the instilled backbone of progressivism. Their greatest success to date is the American education system that has fallen from place 4 in 1970 before the Federal Department of Education was created by Jimmy “the Twit” Carter (D), to position number 14 to 34 depending on the subject.  They have done this on every issue by claiming that it is a matter of funding, “just give us enough money and we will fix the problem” is their mantra. Where have we heard that before? The sum of all this appearance is central planning of everything. It will never work it cannot work. Prevailing factors of influence on economic positions, climate, and finance, just to name three, present thousands of factors impaling outcome, far too many for even a computer program’s abilities. The Soviets ran over a dozen 5-year plans, not one ever worked, they centrally planed the economy until it finally collapsed. All you have to do is to factually examine the Russian environmental models that first predicted a new ice age, and then global warming and now climate change. Impending factors influencing outcome are far to many for man, computers or programmers to grasp.

Modern socialism or as the left prefers, progressivism requires political ideologues for its agents, and fools for its followers.  The never-ending mantra is the availability of followers to get something for nothing. That works until the providers are taxed into poverty, usually a short-term occurrence. Governments do not produce, they consume, and they consume the funds of those who pay taxes, that’s where all their money comes from. The strident benefit of progressivism is the sharing of misery by all its followers, and those unfortunate enough to be resident in a socialist system run by them. Socialist proponents, who are usually very rich, never practice the egalitarian BS of equality, fraternity, and social responsibility. Consider George Soros (Georgy Schwartz), Bill de Blasio, Michael Bloomberg, Hillary Clinton, and Diane Feinstein, Charlie Schumer, great socialists all as well as billionaires and millionaires.

It is reasonable to also consider the modern <<social state>> that has evolved in Europe in similar manner. The entire Euro-zone is in deep financial difficulty, because of social programs and policies that are financially unsustainable. Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal and Greece, are all in dire economic straights, socialist governments run all of them. In America the ten worsts states are; CT, RI, SD, MT, CA, VT, WV, HI, all of them including ME are run and managed by progressives. The five financially soundest states are: ND, NE, AK, IA, SD, all have conservative Republican governors.


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