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Round two


Lightsquared is round two of the ever-increasing scandals relating to this White House. The media is again mute. Four-star US air force general William Shelton is the commanding officer of the Space Command, he was told by the White House to alter his testimony before the US House of Representatives Subcommittee on Strategic Forces regarding the White House’s attempt to award a 4G Internet and communications contract to Lightsquared.

Lightsquared is a high-tech firm that is owned by billionaire Philip Falcone a personal friend and campaign contributor to the president. Reported by the National Legal Policy Center Mr. Falcone was a frequent visitor to the White House making large cash contributions to the National Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committtee.

Seems that the FCC granted Lightsquared a very unusual waver relating to a Lightsquared 4G wireless network allowing Lightsquared the rights of construction. The Air Force objected to this plan because it was assumed that its construction would interfere with presently operating GPS systems used by the Air Force, as well as other military services for targeting and the civilian sectors of the nation. The general was told to curtail his and the military’s objections to the proposed 4G system, not because they disagreed with the military but simply on political expediency grounds.

Congressman Michael Turner (R, OH) Chairman of the House Oversight Committee in the week of Sept. 18 has opened an investigation of the Lightsquared scandal relating to special treatment given the company under White House pressure. He opened the hearing after a Bloger reported that the White House had applied pressure of the general to curtail his testimony.

Further information released by NLPC’s Ken Boehm indicates that Lightsquared will be granted the use of a wireless spectrum of frequencies at extremely low cost by the FCC, and which their competitors pay billions for. Naturally the White House has issued a statement that Lightsquared did not get any preferential treatment for their political contributions to the Senatorial Committee or the Obama campaign.

Decorated four-star general Sheldon, in testimony before the House Committee stated that the Obama administration directed him to portray the Lightsquared 4G system in favorable terms during his committee testimony. Instead the general testified that the Lightsquared 4G network would interfere with the Global Positioning Satellite (GPS systems relied upon by military as well as civilian users.

There appears to be the beginning of a military rebellion.
According to sources inside the pentagon the military is alarmed and suspicious of the president, most of his appointees and White House staffers, little wonder.  When will the rest of America wake up?

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