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The Situation


The Truth

The dollar is a promise of exchange based on value set by bankers.

Physical gold and silver is a completed transaction based on the

perceived value of asset by both parties.


Dire! That’s our situation. The American Middle Class is systematically in a planned manner being destroyed. It is the plan of the New World Order. What that is will be explained later. First you must come to know and understand exactly what is taking place, only after that will you understand why and who is responsible.

American workers are the most productive in the world, they work more hours, have less time off, and have shorter vacations than anyone else in the world. Productivity increases just since 1990 have doubled. In that time corporate profits have doubled. Average American workers income has fallen, in fixed dollar value every year since 1955. The economy has expanded by 83% in the same timeframe. The stock markets have grown from 2,185. In-1980 to 18,440 by 2015. It is much worse than you suspected; in fact, Wall Street bonuses in 2014 were double all minimum workers combined income. The wealthiest 85 people in the world have a greater asset valuation than the 3.5 billion poorest people.

Caterpillar, whose stock has been stagnant for 5 years, even with huge buy-backs, reported on July 23, a 19% fallback of orders in Asian-Pacific, following a 30% fall in US last year, and had reported a 21% drop in 2013. Cat has a 5% Y/Y drop in sales for 2015. Latin American sales, which fell 14% in 2014 fell 50%.




Why should this be the case? It cannot possibly be by accident. This is in fact planned. While considering that, you might ponder how it is that the average American has a wealth of $ 39,000, which is less than the average in New Zeeland, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, or Belgian. American in per capita wealth is 27th in the world, a far cry from where we were in 1950. The richest people in the world own 46% of its total wealth. The top 1% of Americans owns 35% of the nation. Middle class American income has been basically stagnant for the last 100 years. The size of government has grown every one of the last 100 years.

How was this accomplished? First there had to be a plan. Then it had to be implemented. The plan was hatched a long time ago by an organization called the Fabian Society, look them up on the web—USA--England –Canada—Australia, they are all over. The Fabian society is a socialist organization that developed in England in the 1880’s in what we now call the Edwardian era. The name comes from Quintus Fabius Maximus a Roman Cunctator and general whose most pronounced military strategy was to delay, delay, delay. (280 to 203 BC) i.e. winning conflict by wearing the opponent down. The founders of the society were Lady Passfield (Martha Beatrice Webb) and her husband Sidney Webb (Baron Passfield). The meeting place was the Web House; early members were prominent British socialists like Edward Carpenter, Annie Besant, and George Bernard Shaw. They even have a crest, a wolf putting on a sheep’s mantle. They were instrumental in founding the British Labor Party (Socialist) and The London School of Economics that is the present day prime expounder of Fabian (Socialist) economic theory. Later the American Progressive movement beginning with presidents Teddy Roosevelt (R & I) and then Wilson (D) came to be their champion on this side of the Atlantic. The Progressives now dominate the American Democrat party, but there are plenty of progressive Republicans like John McCain (R).

 The Fabians sort of languished in their plans until the end of WWII when one of their prodigies John Maynard Keynes, became through their efforts, a major force in economic theories. He developed the Keynesian Economic Model under which the world has been operating since 1944. It was in 1944 that the Bretton Woods Conference, in which 730 delegates from 44 nations adopted the Keynesian Economic Monitory Policy that was to cause the beginning of total world economic collapse by 2016. This theory developed several strong supporters like Harry Dexter White (Later revealed as a Soviet Spy) and Dean Acheson (D) (for Chase bank NYC) and Secretary of State for Harry Truman (D) were the American delegates.

What did the Fabians do? After some considerable bickering especially from Norway they reinstituted BIS (Bank of International Settlements in Basel Switzerland) hatred of BIS stems from the fact that Hjalmar Schacht, who had been employed at I.G. Farben, but more importantly the architect of Germany’s rapid recovery when the Nazis took over and he was made head of German banking. What Schacht did was to circumvent the Jewish banking monopoly led by the Rothschild banks by refusing to borrow money from them. In retrospect we see that opposition to the world Jewish banking monopoly is unhealthy. Schacht was a strong BIS supporter. Consider Libya, Iraq, Iran, Oman, Napoleon, and Kennedy (JFK) with a warning to Reagan, and every other government or leader who tried to circumvent the monopoly. The Fabians implanted their monetary policy worldwide.

What is the Fabian monitory policy?  Firstly it was to set up a structure with worldwide application that could dictate and dominate all national banks. Do not for a minute think that the governments or taxpayers of various nations own national banks; all national banks are private stock corporations. The FRS (Federal Reserve System) is owned by its stockholders a list of which was published in the NY Times on Sept 23 1914. The operational structures are constituted in BIS and IMF (The International Monetary Fund) The World Bank, the IFC (International Finance Corporation) and IBRD (The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development) The Fabian Model is best summarized in what Keynes stated in his theory. Keynes said that after WWII there were insufficient funds available to reconstruct Europe, and that for that reason hard asset (gold & silver) could no longer be in open circulation as money and had to be replaced with fiat (paper) species denominated in Dollar value, i.e. based on the existing value of the dollars in circulation. This theory is based on the bogus concept that it is not possible to multiply gold and silver backed currency because of the limitation of available assets. If an asset (gold and silver) is in short supply the value increases, therefore the value of the issued fiat rises in comparison to commodities. Larger amounts of unbacked fiat devalue the paper; commodities value is constant only the value of currency changes. Keynes was wrong as we now see.

As I am sure you will understand, this proved to be a landfall for America. The dollar would now after 1944, be the world reserve currency. This as it always does in matters relating to money led to the debauching of the dollar through “Quantetive Easing” a new phrase of the 21st century.  When currency was hard asset, governments would simply debase the gold or silver with copper or tin thus keeping the coins the same size but with lower value. (Turkey, Babylon, Rome, Constantinople & Greece all did this) With paper (fiat) that becomes much simpler all the issuing agency has to do is print up more paper backed by nothing. It actually has gone through various stages, 1) backed by gold and silver, (coinage act of 1792) 2) the elimination of silver (1964 coinage act LBJ (D)), 3) elimination of gold (FDR (D) Executive order 6102 1933) 4) backed by debt, 5) backed by promises, (Nixon (R) ends gold standard 1971) 6) backed by nothing. To this we must explain the process of backing money with debt. The government issues T-Bills, T- Notes and Savings Bonds, these are issued over time spans varying from 5 to 30 years. They pay interest, in other words you purchase a note for $50, and will be paid $70 at maturity making the dollars issued backed by bonds sold to the public or foreign nations. The actual monitory value increase does not exist because the increase is actually covered by inflation. Backing by nothing came in the latter 20th and early 21st centuries with Quantetive Easing. This occurred because the FRS could not find buyers for inflated dollars any longer. Simply the issuance of an order by the FRS to its member banks (there are 12 of them) to increase the asset side of their books by the amount that they are told to. So, we know that from March 2008 to March 2012 they monetized $85 billion per month or told each of their member banks to increase their individual books by $7.08 billions, every month. They then changed that in 2012 to $ 55 billion per month or $4.58 billion to each branch per month. From 2006 to 2015 they have increased the amount of fiat in circulation by over 400% or $4 trillion. They did not acquire more gold thus they reduced the value of existing money by 400%.

To all this hocus-pokus’ and that is the proper description of modern banking, we must now add $200 trillion in future government liability set in stone by congress. Then $ 4 trillion in unreported quantetive easing in the last 8 years, the reported national debt of $18.4 trillion, then worldwide $ 555 trillion in derivative trading, then a bond market of $100 trillion in size most of which is based on interest on bonds, the US “Carry Trade” of $ 9 trillion (borrowed dollar funds) and lastly the manipulation of the gold and silver markets by short selling and the issuance of paper unbacked gold and silver fiats. It is under these circumstances impossible to raise interest rates above 1% because it would immediately destroy the entire world banking system. I will not even cover the “Plunge Protection Team” who working for the FRS purchases stocks and bonds with government funds (your money) every time the capital markets take a tumble.

What is the primary instrument of controlling the world economy? “Free Trade” the Trojan Horse of the N.W.O. is designed to destroy family owned business both farming as well as industrial and centering all production and logistics in Multinational Corporations in order to achieve Globalism. Globalism is the Schlagwort of the N.W.O. indicating their desire to form a one world economic system totally controlled by them. Multinational and globalist corporations do not like competition from more flexible and adroit small business with which they cannot well compete. The roots of this may be seen in the TPP treaty, NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO, GATT, proving once-and-for-all that free trade is a lie; how could it possibly be free trade when half a dozen treaties all over 1000 pages long control it.


            What do the creditors think about this? People are frustrated because they simply do not understand what is transpiring. They see the purchasing power of their declining income shrinking (inflation) and frankly don’t know why. They are angry with good cause. Government and the banking monopoly lie them to but they are not sure about what the truth is, because they have been brainwashed by the powers of control to believe what the Lamestream tells them is factual. The Lamestream media has not reported factual news in over 100 years. Media since WWII reports what governments (bankster who control the governments) tells them to report. The Tavistock Institute set up the media control model after WWII. Elections are shams; America has an 87% re-election rate. The top 20% of the population owns 85.1% of the economy; in 1950 those numbers were reversed.  The top 1% wage earners take home 20% of the entire earned income of America. Today 55% of Americans own no stocks or bonds and only 10% have pensions, in 1950 those numbers were reversed. The most astounding fact is that the economic bottom of income earners of America own 90% of the private debt. The post Industrial Revolution that brought economic wealth to an ever-growing part of the population has been reversed. At the present rate of change it is not unrealistic to speculate that by 2030 America and most of the world will be a two class society with a super rich 3% and a serf like underclass, all controlled by a 5% military-police structure.

This is the New World Order! Mussolini, Hitler, FDR, Churchill, and every world leader have openly spoken of it since 1900. Remember George Bush and his 1000 points of light? The Bush’s are well positioned; most of the male sides of the family are Bonesmen as is Kerry. Dana Milbank Washington Post, Austen Goolsbee, Obama’s economic advisor, the membership list reads like the who’s who of the economy, media, banking and politics. The fact is that the entire Yale university senior society alternately called Bones, Skull and Bones, 322, The Order and The Order of Death are in tune with Fabian economics and are the principal purveyors of Keynesian economics as being factually correct.

What can you do? The New World Order is a plan by the Banking monopoly spearheaded by the Rothschild group to create a one-world government and a single currency monetary system all controlled by them. If that then produces a two class societal system they don’t care. It results in a corporate takeover by multinational corporations of the entire economy, agrarian, industrial, and logistics and if you understand that, then you have awakened. If you are awake, stop playing their game! The N.W. O. game is based on debt. Your debt! Remember the biblical saying. Be not a borrower or a lender! Their game is to keep you forever in debt to them. This costs you about 15% of your income.  They do this by inducing government programs like food stamps, free stuff; they do it by credit cards, block grants to communities, low interest mortgages, and an entire raft of goodies. Buy local, buy produce from farmers, use as many as possible locally produced items. Avoid imports and credit cards, whenever possible, don’t shop at any of the large chains K-mart, Wal-Mart they are all globalists they don’t buy locally they import and produce in the lowest cost market. Get out of debt and pay off your mortgage.

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