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Dr. A. H. Krieg  (Past member of LoS)

The false history taught in American public Schools is truly sad. But then when we consider the formative education of Barack Hussein Obama in a Madrassa in Indonesia, nothing he alleged surprises us. The rest of America should know better.

America has a huge problem comprising three differing issues. These impact false acceptance of history as taught by the winners. All written history is the product of those who win in conflicts; their observations are usually wrong, being based in concepts of vilifying their previous opponents, in order to justify their brutality. (Reconstruction and Sherman’s march to Atlanta, that resulted in the Posse Commutates Act) In regards to the Confederate Flag the issue has been turned into a racial conflict, the Civil war (War of Northern Aggression) had in its inception by Lincoln and the Republican Party nothing to do with slavery. Slavery had already been abolished in England on August 1. 1833, South Carolina attacked Fort Sumter on April 12-14, 1861, 28 years later in response to a Yankee blockade of their coast. Slavery was doomed and everyone North and South knew it. The industrial Revolution that began in England in 1790 was already in full swing; slavery was no longer economical either in agrarian or industrial production. These facts are undeniable! Lincoln brought slavery into the issue after the revolt in NY, in which Lincoln had to send 30,000 combat troops to suppress riots in opposition to Lincoln’s war to NYC.

The Southern states of North America were in the 1860’s 90% agrarian. The Confederacy produced many crops that they exported to Europe but in largest part to England. They in turn imported European industrial equipment in exchange. Major crops were, Tobacco, Cotton, rice, indigo, grain and salted meats. From 1789 to 1860 the North (Yankees) developed a policy of punitive tariffs against Southern imports. In 1860 tobacco exports accounted for $4.36 million or 44% of all American exports that all came from the Southern States.  In 1800 Cotton was the largest export. There was no income tax; it was not until Feb 3rd, 1913 that the Democrats under Wilson and at the suggestion of colonel House, America’s Rothschild agent, got that done with passage of the 16th amendment. Prior to that all government income was derived from import levies. By 1860 the South was paying over 80% of all collected taxes in America, by Lincoln’s policy of taxing imports with a 40% tariff. This was the effort by the Yankees to force the South to purchase inferior industrial products produced in the Northern States. In Lincoln’s words, “My policy sought only to collect the revenue, (a 40% federal Tax on imports to the “’Southern States) under the Morrill Tariff Act of 1861” (1) Lincoln never in any statement until well into the war ever brought up slavery as an issue of the war.

The war in fact did not end slavery it simply changed it. Sharecroppers were 5 million White and 3 million Blacks working on the land now owned by NY banksters who had stolen it from Southerners. It was slavery without slave owners, and no longer an issue of race, but of poverty and property ownership.

The much-touted Emancipation Proclamation of Sept 22 1862 and Jan 1, 1863 freed only slaves in the rebellious states not a single one in the Union states. Not even General Grant’s 4 slaves were freed. In it Lincoln offered the Southern States three months to return to the Union, pay a 40% sales tax, and keep their slaves.

The first problem: European Whites are the culmination of 200 generations of social and economic development. Blacks, who were brought to America in the Jewish slave trading business, were when captured mostly by Islamic Africans and sold to the Jewish slave traders, in the Stone Age of development. To put that into differing perspective, Blacks were 5,000 years behind Europeans in progress.  This leads to the question, “can a tribal people from the Stone Age be incorporated into a society that is 190 generations ahead in development?” The experiment does not seem to be working very well. Efforts by the progressive left have never faltered and never worked. They have spent an estimated $16 trillion on this failed effort. The Freedmen’s Bureau, LBJ’s “Great Society”, civil right laws, the “War on Poverty”, calling out the national guard to enforce their edicts, outlawing freedom of association, race preference, college preference, government contract and hiring preferences, housing and mortgage preferences, they even came up with midnight basketball, school integration, busing Whites to Black neighborhoods and vice-versa. Nothing has worked. Worse is the fact that all those government programs have developed a huge government dependency class that for large part now refuses to work. This is due to then fact that government subsidies, are in most regions of the nation, higher than attainable income for those in receipt of the benefits. Contrary to that, immigrants from Asia, India, and Eastern Europe have excelled in successful integration into American society.

The second problem: American education teaches students that slavery was the cause of the War Between the States. That is an abject lie. The civil war was about unfair taxation of the Sothern states by the Yankees for their planned expansion of sales into the South of their industrially, poorly made, produced products. Listen to Lincoln’s first inaugural address, “…people of the southern States (believe) that accession of a Republican Administration (that) their property and peace and personal security will be endangered. There has never been any reasonable cause for such apprehension. (2) Then he said in the following paragraph, “I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the states where it exists”. At the day of this speech there were 34 states, 15 were slave states 11 of them seceded from the union, all were Southern states all were being taxed out of house and home a federal import tax of 40% financing over 80% of all government expenses. Some slave states stayed in the union, these were MD, MO, DE, and KY they were called “The Border States”. The Northern Yankee state were able to avoid taxes at the cost to Southern state which were the primary exporters and importers, imported industrial goods that the Yankees wanted to sell the South at lower quality and higher prices. The Republican Party and Lincoln saw to this. The list of slaves in Northern States in 1840 is extensive. (3) It is important to understand that in the 1700’s most people arriving in America were indenture servants, about 400,000 or 100,000 more than the sum total of Black slaves the terms from works without pay was for from four to seven years.

The third issue is the creation, by sometimes well meaning progressives, to help Blacks attain parity with Whites. Instead all they have done is to provide welfare of various types that  diminished Blacks desire to achieve. Worse they created a welfare system that awards single mothers to remain unattached to any male and to produce as many children as possible, by offering increased welfare compensation for every child. By 2,000, 75% of black families and 30% of White are single parent families. White and black uneducated became welfare recipients on government dole; single parent families have produced a rash of crime unheard of in European societies.

The media, which is overwhelmingly progressive Democrat, together with socialist academia and government bureaucracy, is the advertising agency for this self-inflicted failure. There is no fear that this will change. Progressive Democrats are philosophic ideologues, they do not listen to nor react to reason, ever since the Wilson administration, they have followed the same path; the fact that it has not ever worked does not impress them. As Einstein said, “Only an idiot tries the same failed thing over and over again” Vilifying the flag of the confederacy, and removing statues of heroes of the South’s war against Yankee aggression will change nothing, except the loss of our history. Those without a clear understanding of history are bound to repeat the errors of their forefathers.

  1.  July 4th 1861 Inaugural address The Morrill Act was past without one single Southern vote.
  2. March 4, 1861 on April 12 1861, 37 days later Lincoln forced the beginning of the war.
  3. CT, 54/ DE, 2,605/ IL, 331/ IN, 3/ IO, 16/ KY, 182,258/ MD, 89,737/ MO, 589,240/ NH, 1/ NJ, 674/ NY, 4/ OH, 3/ PA, 64/RI, 5/ WI, 11. Slaves held in Yankee states 1840.


Dr. Krieg is a revisionist historian.


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