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Reality check


Reality check!


Consider now


Assuming that you have the ability of logic let me pose some questions:        

Why are we experiencing racial attacks on a weekly basis? Why is there such an inordinate increase of violence? Why has societal order been overturned? Why have our police become adversarial to our people? What is the purpose of militarizing our police forces? Why do our southern borders remain open? Why do we as a society tolerate insane people openly in our midst? Why is the media and banking in concert with this? How are all these issues related?


Are you thinking?

            Let me propose some thought:

All of the aforementioned are related. There is an organizational structure controlling all these issues.  The purpose is to make people insecure and afraid so that some external group can manipulate the society. People in fear will chose claimed safety over freedom! The creation of a modern police state is in development. Police and military management are diametrically opposing, one is to Serve and Protect the other is to Kill and Destroy.

Still thinking?

            Let us consider a conspiracy against society:

There has existed for decades a number of secret and semi secret organizations whose purpose is total control of society, worldwide. These organizations were weak and ineffective until the beginning of the 20th century, in about 1900 they began to blossom. Beginning with the end of WWII they gained power. Today through trade treaties and “Free Trade” with the enactment of GATT, WTO, NAFTA, CAFTA and now TPP they have remade the world. The age of globalization by the internationalists has come upon us. Multinational corporations will after TPP is enacted, control 45% of all trade, retail, and logistic business, by 2020 they will control 90%. The New World Order has arrived. The rich will get richer the middle class poorer and the poor are a government dependency class. 4.3% of the world population owns 87% of the world’s wealth in 1950 it was less than 50%.

How will the new society look?

            The pyramid:

            3% will be the owners. 10% will be the military/police. 87% will be the serfs.

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