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Are we all cowardly


 For 1200 years suffering and oppression were the hallmarks of human existence; then about 700 years ago in 1291 a change took place, the people of the three Cantons in Switzerland shook off the existing feudalistic system. Then 500 years later America arrived on the scene to finalize the social change signaling the final end to feudalist society.

Things went along well until the 60’s generation, academic fools, and the Lamestream precipitated the cacophony of progressivism turning everything up-side-down and millions of Western citizens bought into the progressive nightmare with which we now live. It was not a new event, TR had begun it, and Wilson with the aid of Colonel House expanded it. 

Academia and Christian Churches, which in previous time were the stalwarts of our Republic and way of life, pulled the switch and turned off the enlightenment of Western Civilization, changing it into night. In America as well as Europe and with the communist invented Cultural Marxism, now called Political Correctness (PC) to protect its source, they bludgeoned society to acceptance of everything it previously abhorred. The new Zio-con, not Neo-con, Ashkenazim philosophy was imposed on Western man. Sadly with the aid of the entire academic intelligence’s unrelenting support, and fear of opposition, which inevitably resulted in loss of fraternal status and tenure, it has herded academia into compliance. Media, government, and churches, have in cowardly manner been supportive of it.

Multiculturalism, globalism, internationalism, free trade, open borders, feminism, trans genders, minority relations, homosexuality, Keynesian economics, and stupidity are in, Western Christian society, common sense, hard assets and societal survival are out. When the operators of our society turn out the lights we all lose!  When we replace existing standards of right and wrong with a series of greys peppered with non-logic, we suspend our entire heritage. When society ceases to base conclusions and actions on logic and instead replace it with emotion it loses credibility, not only to its own citizens, but also the society of the world. Every decision made by this administration in the last seven years has been based on emotion, not logic! And it is the Ashkenazim who are running it all. The concept of using emotion to reach conclusion is based on feminist thought and no one can say that America is not feminized to the hilt.

In the past general societal decisions were attained by logical debate, that has now been suppressed, today logical debate has been replaced with emotional marketing concepts and the brow-beating of the opposition through personal attacks and the use of PC to establish leftist and communist progressive dogma. I have not heard a single progressive approaching any issue in a logical manner and debating it in that venue’ no indeed; all we get is personal attacks, lies and inventions, and a relentless emotional diatribe of innuendo. 

The imminent destruction of our nation and Western civilization has often been said; will not be from external sources, but from progressive ideology as expressed by the zio-cons and their “Judeo-Christian” protestant lackey pastors, who are a domestic product led by Ashkenazim. People who buy into the Judeo-Christian fallacy are sadly confused by Scofield’s biblical inventions of the early 20th century, which are not based, or real biblical accounts, but Scofield’s inventions.  

With control of the Lamestream, Academia, and a large part of federal Legislature (70 Progressives in the Progressive Caucus) control of public opinion is in their hands.

The best example is the recent Caitlin Jenner affair. Any way you turn this issue and regardless of media pronouncements and trans gender imaginings, Bruce has a DNA which is the same as Catlin’s, and that cannot be changed, regardless of the number of operations and injections administered. Jenner announced that he has the soul of a female locked in a male body, interesting; for the last twenty years transgender folks have been claiming that souls don’t exist and are Christian invention. It is curious that after decades of secularist feminist propaganda, progressives have located the human soul and now claim that Mother Nature screwed up, sort of like brown pants purple shirt, yellow tie, green socks, and yellow shoes. In any manner of thought, transgender is like Judeo-Christian, an oxymoron.

The buffoons of multiculturalism have been perusing this fable for decades. When every thoughtful person clearly understands that the strength of a society is in its cohesion not its diversity, instead its similarity. Mules cannot reproduce and neither can transgender, which tells me exactly where on the scale of primates to place them.

The utterly feminized American male, has demonstrated that it, has been castrated through Cultural Marxism. Today’s White American is so thoroughly terrified by the progressive’s relentless application of PC to every known and unknown issue that they are afraid to counter inexorable personal attacks for the ideologically false positions by the left. The inevitable outcome is a society in drift, where there is no right or wrong and the entire social, political and legislative scene is a washed out grey. Crime and perversion are exploding because our young are not taught Christian Ethics, Western Civilization, Morals, or how our government works or at least aught to work.   Blacks are in an even worse position, the government policies regarding family has destroyed the Black community creating a huge government dependency class with about 80% of children born out of wedlock because progressive policies have made this economic not a social issue whereby single mothers are paid more for each illegitimate child so long as no father is at hand. Then the morons of the left try to convince us that single mothers are as able to raise boys as normal families; that one supposes is why the crime rate for single parent families is 76% higher than normal families.

The time is at hand for those Males who still have their Ballas to stand up and be counted among the living and tell the progressives exactly where they can go and how to get there.


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