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Total Absolute Incompetence & Criminality


As a certified engineer, expert witness, and corporate manufacturing and management turn-around specialist, with over 40 years experience, I am qualified to comment on management competence.

In all my time in industry and manufacturing I have never seen incompetence on the scale of the executive branch of our government. It is so bad that many, me included, are supporting the theory that the deleterious acts of Obama and company are purposeful and planned. It seems to me impossible, that any group of individuals could screw up so much, so fast, without a plan purposing it. From Barack Obama, (The JV team) to Hillary Clinton, (“What difference does it make”) 30,000 E-mails deleted from private server of Sec. of State. Refused Server access to congressional oversight committee, massive foreign funds to Clinton Foundation as sec. of state, $26 million private corporate contributions to Clinton Foundation as sec of state; to Eric Holder,  (first contempt of congress AG ever), to James Clapper, (Liar) Director Nat. Security, to John Koskinen, (Liar) to Lois Lerner, (Liar) at the IRS, to McDonald, Herman, Lynette Roff, Mark Enderle, John Ginnity, Stephen DiSasio, all at the VA (incompetent fools). No such troop of clowns has ever made appearance on Saturday night live. Watergate was a third class burglary, a cover up of planting a bug in a DNC office, it was absolutely nothing compared to “Obamagate”, the relentless and ongoing criminal and foolish acts of the Obama administration.

Let’s make a quick count of issues; Fast and Furious, IRS, Benghazi, Guantanamo Bay detainment camp, Obamacare, Kathleen Sebelius $840 million Obamacare Internet site rollout, BAFT/IRS/FBI/US Marshal, gun walking scandal, deserter Bergdahl trade, for five al-Qaida generals, NSA telephone taps, everyone in Washington DC area code, illegal judicial appointments, tapping FOX news White House reporter James Rosen’s telephone, swearing out a warrant for AP wire taps without cause, VA scandal, Eric Shinseki firing, drone strikes in Pakistan, Van Jones communist removal, Black Panther voter intimidation case, firing of Shirley Sherrod, Snowden affair, Terence Flynn NLRB scandal, Steven Miller IRS director firing, Joseph Grant IRS ethics division firing, Dr. Chu USDE and $6.5 billion investment in bankrupt companies, (Evergreen Solar, Spectra Watt, Solyndra, Beacon Power, Nevada Geothermal, Sun Power, First Solar, Babcock & Brown, EnerDel’s Subsidiary Ener1, Anomix, Fisker automotive, Abound Solar, A123 Systems, Willard & Kelsey Solar Group, Johnson controls, Brightsopurce, ECOtality, Raiser Technology, Energy conversion Devices, Mountain Plaza Inc., Olsen’s Crop Service, Olsen’s Mills Acquisition Co, Range fuels, Thompson River Power, Striking Energy systems, Azure Dynamics, Green Volt, Vestras, LG Chem’s Subsid. Compact Power, Nordic Wind Power, Navistar, Satcon, Konarka Technologies, Mascoma Power; DoE total investments 600 fraud convictions to date [many were Obama campaign contributors]) Timothy Geithner unpaid income taxes scandal, Illegal immigrant amnesty, EPA Lisa Jackson off the books accounting, E-mails illegally withheld from congress on IRS scandal, John Podesta paid $87,000 by foreign billionaire to prevent Alaska oil exploration, Keystone Pipeline, Gibson Guitar Raid by EPA (Republican donor) illegal attack on Boeing for opening a new plant in SC (a right to work state) by the NLRB, Admiral Joe Sestak offered bribe of a job, if he would not run for the Senate in PA, VA secret waiting lists for injured soldiers, U.S. Census Bureau falsely produced 2010 census to boost democrat representation in congress. These are only the major issues, of a list in 6 ½ years that exceeds editorial limits of column lengths.

Domestic policy and foreign policy have been equally weak. On the domestic side the dumb duo of Holder and Obama have created a racial divide in America that has not existed for 50 years. It will take us a generation to resolve the evils created by Obama and Holder.  Racial harmony has been set back 50 years.  In foreign policy it was Clinton and Obama who gave us Hillary “Arab Spring” resultant of either war of insurrection in over half the Middle East. As of today we have war in Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Yemen, Lebanon, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, and Sudan. In Africa we have war in Nigeria, Mali, Chad and Niger. The totally clueless American foreign policy as executed by Obama and Clinton and now continued by Kerry is the worst in American history.

What is absolutely unbelievable is that Hillary Clinton is the Democrat front-runner for 2016 and seems assured of the DNC crowning. This woman who has no accomplishments, not a single one, the person that was instrumental in implementing the Arab Spring, who was responsible for the Benghazi incident, who illegally hid 30,000 e-mails, refused to allow congressional oversight of her Internet server, and is in fact not qualified to manage a 5 and dime store, might be our next president.

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