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They are all wrong


Yes, it’s a fact, the economists, banksters and politicians have been wrong in their economic predictions and their proposed solutions for the last 50 years, certainly since the Bretton Woods Conference.

The basic economic theory being; that based on economic trends they are able to stimulate economic growth by manipulating the value of fiat, and interest rates. These short-term efforts used by banking and government has never in history succeeded and never will. The most pronounced failure has been Japan which has attempted to QE itself out of a failing economy for 20 years. Standing in a bucket and pulling on the handle does not raise the bucket or its occupant.

Politicians in an inane desire for re-election press QE monitory expansions in desperate attempt to stave off the inevitable economic downturn. All economic activity in free markets is cyclical, but bankers in 1913 claimed that they could control free markets by manipulating interest rates, government borrowing, and capital availability, preventing economic up and down turns, they failed every single time. The American economy is about $14.7 trillion dollars; for bankers to imagine that they are able to control cyclical economic action through financial stimulus is akin to a flea threatening an elephant with rape. QE simply explained; is purchasing your own debt by writing cheques on bank accounts that have no asset. But they don’t even bother with that; all they do is to instruct their 12 FRS branch banks to increase their credit side balance sheet, the total amount to date is about $ 4.4 trillion, not one cent of which is listed in the national debt accounts.  This in fact makes the national debt $22.37 trillion, not the reported  $18.17 trillion; just as I predicted five years ago, more smoke and mirrors.

    It is really difficult to understand that in view of the fact that since the Weimar Republic of the early 30’s every effort to control markets by democrats, socialists, republicans, and communists has totally failed, regardless they keep trying. The only exception was Hjalmar Schacht who under the Nazis opted out of the Rothschild dominated banking industry; the Jews then declared war on Germany for that act in 1933. Interference with the markets has the same inevitable result; it makes things worse. It’s not that difficult to understand, the sheer number of issues impacting the rise and fall of economies encompasses so many issues that not even a super computer can make predictions. Many of the affecting emanates are impossible to predict, for example, population age, weather, crop growth, consumer demand, new products replacing old ones and new inventions. Additionally these people ignore population demographics.

For the past six months government economists have been pontificating that the economy is recovering and we are on the way to a bright and glorious future. There are unfortunately several real facts contradicting this prediction. The Atlanta Fed has just downgraded their economic prediction for the first quarter of 2015 to a growth rate of 0.0%, down from their bogus 2.3% prediction. The new adjusted prediction indicates no economic growth for 2015. Meanwhile the Kansas City Fed stated “we do not see the economy as being as strong as portrayed in national media reports” by the way, all those reports come from 1600 PA Ave. Employment stats were also changed to 126K from a prediction of 225K the lowest new jobs statistic since Jan. 2014. By the way if the new jobs are not over 220K there is an actual loss because 220K new workers come into the economy every month. This is the worst report in four years. The statistics were intensely massaged by various government agencies. The Department of labor postulated that dismal U.S. Jobs sector statistics were due to bad weather and would rebound shortly---not so, they did not rebound, and blaming the weather for the loss of new jobs is just plain silly. The really telling issue is US S&P profits and Sales, which are both, stalled at 0% growth.

Why are they continuously and relentlessly wrong? Demographics of population. The most pronounced occurrence is Japan. Beginning in 1989 the Japanese economy began to collapse. Japan realized a 0% inflation rate and a 0% growth rate, which has continued well into the 21st century. The problem in Japan, which is the same problem we now have here and the one that is appearing in Europe, is reduced population growth, an increase of age, coupling to produce lower consumer demand. Westernized economies are over 60% based on consumption by consumers. As the population increases in age it consumes at lower rates. In Europe and America politicians have tried to reverse that problem through increased legal and illegal immigration. In Europe with people from North Africa, mostly Muslims, in America with people from Central America, mostly Mestizos. In both cases the increase of population by lower intelligence, less educated has had deleterious effect on not only the economies but also increasing crime, and terrorism.

Coping with these issue by governments have been stupid and totally ineffective. Due to political correctness (Cultural Marxism) they absolutely refuse to identify people by race or national origin. They bulk the entire population into a single classification of humans, completely discounting the reality of age demographics, buying power and crime statistics by race and national origin. Minorities, are statistically suppressed even by the FBI crime statistics reportage, minorities commit 86% of all crime. Exactly the same error is made by economists in attempted future predictions. Based in CM it is incorrect to tell the truth and society must suffer the consequences of the mis-information released by the bureaucracies.

In economics this is more harmful than in social issues because it affects the entire society, rich as well as poor. The idea that immigration of low educated, poor, will reverse the demographic downturn is wrong. Demographic bell curves do not change with a stimulus that differs from the existing norm. Bell curves are only usable if the existing human product is constant; if it is not then the predictions are not workable. And no Milton Freedman economic cycles are not driven by inflation or monitory policy, they are motivated by population age, and population volume. One of the most ill conceived demographic assumptions is related to total population, the 2010 census was bogus and thus economic and demographic assumptions based on the 2010 census are wrong.

The US Census bureau counted every resident in the country; this caused a population assumption of about 318.7 million, they counted, every living resident including; illegals, green card holders, foreign diplomats, all children over 10 months old, and they counted most hospital interred, living in barracks, and military twice. By this they distorted the American population by at least 24 million. Demographics and economic behavior between citizens and non-citizens especially illegals vary vastly. This produces false statistics and bad economic perditions.

In order for the American economy to retain health it must produce about 220,000 new jobs every month, which would be enough to accommodate new entrees, children coming of age, college and HS graduates, and immigrants, both legal and illegal. For the last decade we have almost constantly been below that number, or the number was misrepresented by the Department of Labor. Additionally, under the table paid workers, are not counted at all. In the mean time they have also misrepresented unemployment now reported at 5.5% at 8.5 million, completely false, real unemployment remains at 24.3% or about 57 million based on their 318 million total population number of the 2010 census. If in fact our unemployment level was actually 8.5 million how could we have 47 million on food stamps?

All reported numbers are based on political expediency to get a Democrat elected in 2016, and the Republicans are too stupid to bring this issue to public information. Republicans will again run a RINO in 2016, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory yet once again. The time is at hand for a new political party that represents the people not the politician Republocrats and their bureaucrat toadies.


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