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Vladimir Putin


Modern zionist media is relentless in attacking Putin. He has by the Lamestream, in the eyes of Americans been turned into a demon. Is it not relevant or even published that he is a Russian Orthodox Christian. Considering the long Jewish dominance of the “evil empire” Soviet state by Jews that becomes understandable. One would think that we already have a new war in planning stages and really don’t need a further confrontation with Russia. The war against the Caliphate, of our own construction I might add, seems to be enough to keep us busy for some time. I do want to say clearly that it has absolutely nothing to do with America, have no impact on us in any way. The entire war on terror is nothing but a construct to keep our eyes off the machinations of our millionaire political elite. While our clueless educators and academics keep telling our children that we are the most peaceful nation of history, realty indicates that in the last 200+ years of our existence we have been at war for 214 years out of 235 years.

The Crimean peninsula was where the Czar, had hired John Paul Jones, who created the Russian navy at Sevastopol in 1787 during the Russo-Turkish war, today Sevastopol is where the Russian Black Sea Fleet is located.  A historic understanding of the Ukraine will serve American’s well. In the 12th century it was called Kievan Rus. In 1,500 The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, The Crimean Khanate, and then beginning in the mid-16th century by Czarist Russia ruled it over by a succession of Europe powers, and the Golden Horde, then, the Gran Duchy of Lithuania, the Kingdom of Poland. In fact Ukraine was part of Russia for 400 years. We have no business there!

To claim that Putin is an aggressor bespeaks a total lack of historic perspective, never mind a total lack of past history of the region. The Russian Black Sea Fleet was the creation of Russian Price Potemkin on May-13th, 1783. The Russian fleet is the largest warm water fleet of Russia has had its strategic and operational HQ in Sevastopol since the late 18th century. When Turkey joined NATO in 1952 and with the advent of nuclear capacity, the Bosphorus was under NATO control and the Black Sea fleet was bottled up in the Black Sea. With many ships based at Sevastopol the Russians have a huge investment in the port. 9 guided missile cursers, 15, BSF war ships, 20, Submarines, 6, general war ships, 11, corvettes, 10, guided missile corvettes, and 7, R60, missile cruisers.

It would be wise to remember that in today’s world we are the largest aggressor nation in the world, not necessarily our fault, but certainly without restraint. American foreign policy has been controlled by zionist interests and the state of Israel for the past 20 years. Our totally uncalled for attack on Iraq completely based on Mossad misinformation, and then our war with Afghanistan based on CIA information that 100 al Qaida members were located there, which also proved to be a lie, is more than proof of our ineptitude. You don’t declare war on a nation and send over 150,000 troops there to eliminate 100 men. All this is about Eretz Yisrael, (Greater Israel), as everyone in the Middle East clearly understands.

American war machine and inept foreign policies of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, together with Hillary’s failed “Arab Spring” campaign with zionist control of American foreign policy is the major world peace problem today. The firing of the Norwegian Director of the Nobel Peace Prize who gave it to Obama more than verifies that.

The sad fact that the Eisenhower phrased expression “Military Industrial Complex” combined with the bankers and multinationals and the ever-present Israeli lobby is directing national foreign policy of the empire is a given. Don’t misunderstand me, America today is an Empire, and certainly from the perspective of those in the Middle East not a benevolent one.  The profit of war has always been the banksters favorite industry, and the entire banking system is in the hands of the Ashkenazim.  The mammon made by the banksters in these wars is obscene.

When Putin exposed the Israeli backed anti-al-Assad chemical attacks in 2013 with rockets launched by American and Israeli backed opposition in a Syrian suburb the Jews went ballistic, and since then at every opportunity American /zionists have repeated the falsehood that it was Assad’s people who gassed their own citizens.

Sabre rattling in Washington by the inevitable same suspects has relentlessly continued for the past three years. Then once again Putin stepped into the limelight negociationg a secession of hostilities between the U.S. Backed Poroshenko government that had toppled the previous government, with France and Germany as mediators.

The real problem that irks the Jews however is that Putin is reaching out to nationalist movements all over Europe, just as the Bolshevik-Jews did with the communists in every European nation from 1925 to 1940. Putin has taken a page out of the communist playbook and turned the page on them, they are not happy. He has made overtures to Marie La Pen of the National Front in France, Nigel Farage of the British Independence Party, Găbor Vona of Hungary’s Jobbik, as well as Matteo Renzi of Lega Nord These are not incidentally the fastest growing political parties in Europe.

Considering the National Front of France has just topped 40% of the electorate, The Swiss Independence party is at almost 40%, and Lega Nord has just affiliated with two other parties and all of these want social and economic independence from the N.W.O. cabal; which is run and managed by the New World Order and has perused the Jewish goal of internationalism, environmentalism multiculturalism, and globalism from day one, opposition of Putin in their perspective is understandable.


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