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Another Promise More Mendacity


Another promise more mendacity

Dr. A. H. Krieg                                                                        The day after the address 01.20.15


This year we change that.


I must have been mistaken but I seem to recall that progressive CHANGE was promised in 2008. Our economy is growing, yes indeed, for the first time in over 30 years America has lost more corporations than it created. Our unemployment rate statistical counting system was changed in 2,000 so that now on paper we have less unemployment than we had in 2008, unfortunately if we use the previously used method of counting real unemployment is at 14.3%. And yes more kids are graduating than ever before, our population has grown, and we have scores of illegals, but we are not graduating engineers, scientists, mathematicians or rocket designers we are graduating healthcare workers. Just as a comment we do not have more people insured in fact we have fewer Americans insured and their healthcare insurance costs have increased and will continue to do so until Obamacare is repealed. The reason we are no longer in the grips of foreign oil has nothing to do with the administration that in fact was able to cut oil production on government owned lands by 19%, in the last 6 ½ years.

It’s nice that our foreign wars are diminishing, it would however be much nicer if we did not, due to stupid policy have to go back into Iraq, to which we can now add Syria. Skipping over just a few issues we would like to have heard that after all these years stonewalling on the following issues would be ended and there would finally be closure; Fast & Furious & Eric Holder, IRS & Lois Lerner, Benghazi & Hilary Clinton, The National Debt, Guantanamo & Bergdahl (trading one deserter for five generals) the list is endless, not one was addressed.

“The State of the union is strong”!  “American businesses have added 11.2 Million private-Sector jobs in the past 58 months.” Rubbish! We have 340,000 fewer Americans employed than we had in 2008. Real unemployment if everyone seeking a job is counted, is 23.4% (ShadowStats ®) as of today. 2014 was the first year in over three decades in which America lost more private sector businesses than were created. The majority of new jobs are service sector with much lower pay than previous employment. Since the enactment of national “Free Trade” policies and the enactment of NAFTA we have lost 11.7 million manufacturing jobs, which are not coming back. Manufacturing, the backbone of American industry remains decimated. Proof is vested in import/export statistics that demonstrate continuing and expanding higher imports than exports. Per example NAFTA has resulted in the inversion of trade. In 2,000 America had an annual trade surplus with Mexico of $5.7 billion; today 14 years later and with 14 years of free trade we have a $64 billion annual trade deficit.

Astounding can be the only comment on the president’s comments on social intercourse. “Will we allow ourselves to be sorted into factions and turned against one another--….?” This from a President who has had race huckster Al Sharpton visit the White House more than 80 times, and whose Attorney general is the “Great Divider” and the enforcer of racially motivated policy and law. There is no record of any administration in the 20th century that has been more divisive than the Obama administration.

To claim that he is rebuilding the economy is mendacity to the extreme. The American economy is very close to total collapse. Our national debt is $18.6 trillion and growing, prime interest rate’s are now 0.25% for banks, if increased to over 2.5%, and collected taxes will be insufficient to cover the interest on the outstanding debt. While our national economy is $14.6 trillion we have an additional unfunded liability debt of $127 trillions. Actual GDP growth is 0.03%. While Obama has grown government employment by 6.5% private sector employment (those who pay the taxes) has fallen by an equal amount. Dollar value (the buying power of your income) has fallen and continues to fall at unprecedented rate; in fact the velocity of decline in purchasing power is equal to the Great Depression of 1929. This economy is not rebuilding it is stagnate.

America is fortunately far from number one in wind power. The entire green energy scenario is not only unproductive it is an economic disaster. Spain, which went all out for green energy has the highest energy costs in Europe the highest unemployment next to Greece, and is an economy in decline. Dr. Chu who was head of Obama’s Department of Energy spent over $ 6 billion on green energy companies most of which bankrupted. The Chevy Volt is a prime example; selling price $34,340 government buyers subsidy $ 10,000, actual production cost $ 80,000, total loss to the economy per produced car $36,000. Obama cannot accept any credit for falling fossil fuel prices, the Obama administration has done everything possible to drive the cost of energy up. He is systematically destroying the coal industry through the EPA using regulatory power.

The lie that today American students have the highest math and reading scores in our national history is absurd. In 1970 before progressive Jimmy Carter created the Department of Education and before Washington became involved in education American student world competency was # 4, today we are depending on subject, #13 or #34.

Government and only government has the ability to improve the American situation is false. He speaks of unfair competition as if competition was an economic barrier. The relating fact is that government without competition is the culprit that denies people reasonable prices in what they obtain; without competition, when government becomes the arbiter of supply and demand, costs dramatically increase, (Obamacare up 9.5% every year). Touting the imaginary success of Obamacare is a waste of time, the great majority of Americans who have either lost their policies and been forced to purchase insurance covering, sex change operations, alcoholism, child birth for men and women over 50, drug addiction, along with an entire raft of unnecessary coverage have seen their insurance costs rise by 25% to over 100%. Furthermore it has altered employment for many to below 30 hrs. so that the employer can avoid the massive cost of healthcare insurance coverage for the employee. (Perhaps that was his plan to lower unemployment)

Now before the fact, comes the veto threat! The hallmark of a lousy negotiator is to publicize your intended action before the negotiations even start. Obama has been an expert at this, announcing the end of wars two years in advance thereby resulting in massive losses. He did this in Iraq and has now done it in Afghanistan. Before anyone has even made a proposal he has threatened to veto it, when he in fact has no idea what the proposal will be.

He states that wages are beginning to rise again. A lie. Statistically based on spendable income and dollar value middle-class income has been falling since the mid 50’s. It does little good if you get more dollars if the dollars are worth less. In 1958 a Corvette cost $3,200.00 today its over $50,000, a beer cost 0.15 cents, today you won’t even be allowed to look at it for that amount.

About student loans, I was not that lazy, I worked while going to college. What seems to be the problem today? Simple, government provides loans, colleges are the agents for the loans, they increase costs to ridiculous heights, and students incur massive debt. Anther government created problem! And about costs; the average American families, if employed, taxes are their highest overall cost, just over 50% of their income goes to federal state and local taxes, fees, licenses, tolls, which are higher than food housing and fuel combined.

Success Mr. President is not an issue that government can foster. Success is an individual’s desire to achieve. Your egalitarian concerts of social justice have been tried ever since Karl Marx produced his Communist Manifesto, and that was over 100 years. ago I will state here and now that you cannot name a single success for this failed social philosophy, so why are you pushing it? Your overall concept that government must provide security for the population is wrong. Security is the responsibility of parentage. Society through the 20th century has devised insurance to cover unforeseen catastrophic problems, it in not the job of government. Taxes Mr. president are America’s greatest problem next to uncontrolled government spending. America has the highest of all industrialized nations corporate tax rate. Our personal income tax structure is designed for selective enforcement as a means of controlling the population. The IRS codes are so convoluted, long and illegible that they present a brake on the entire economy. Over 4 billion man-hours are wasted in filing tax returns. What America needs is a 15% flat consumption tax based on purchases collected by retailers. Why is it necessary for both parents to work? Because the government has instituted so many taxes and fees that both man and wife must work to pay those taxes, so that progressives can redistribute the wealth from those who work to those who won’t work. Tax cuts for children is not a solution its an indirect tax increase. Extending and expanding healthcare through mandatory government regulations will simply pass the cost to consumers. The solution to maternity leave is to reinstitute a society in which the mother is not forced to work to pay for taxes, and to allow workers to purchase insurance for childbearing that is 100% tax deductible.

The minimum wage issue sounds great in speeches but is a ruse. Minimum wage jobs are so called starter jobs. They are not for permanent employment. Most of these jobs are in fast food and hospitality industries. All that increased minimum wages accomplish is uncalled for price increases in industries that are in large part used by the poor who cannot afford the increases.

Higher education and community colleges are no solution to our national educational dilemma. America has no operative skill based system. Many jobs in our society like plumbers, electricians, machinists, chefs, sheet metal workers, and welders are highly skilled trades that require special education that our society does not provide. We have national shortages in almost all of these professions; this is where we must invest our time end energy, not in colleges. We must partner with the appropriate industries and allow them tax incentives to accept apprentice workers who spend ½ day in HS and ½ day on the job. Our presently operating government directed jobs programs were conceived by academics and politicians who don’t have a clue.

On employment in general, let’s at least be honest in this one issue. Since 2,000 America has lost 11.7 million manufacturing jobs and over 50,000 small manufacturing plants, the claim that we have put more people to work is ridiculous. To cite Tesla an automotive company that produces cars for millionaires at over $ 100,000 per car and offers a $10,000 tax credit to buyers, as an example of success is way beyond ridiculous.

Yes Mr. president we need to sell more of our goods overseas. We could begin by not giving 90% of or export tax aid to one single company, we could provide a tax incentive to exporters as do the Germans, we could support manufacturing industries rather than taxing them out of business. We could end immediately all those Free Trade, NAFTA, CAFTA, Columbia, South Korea, Panama, etc. trade deals that have virtually destroyed American manufacturing. Yes, American ingenuity has been remarkable in the 20th century as well as now. We invented TV; they are all produced in Asia. We invented car production, we now import as many as we make. In this century we invented a new printing method and China has already surpassed us. Why? Because our government poses an adversarial position to business while other nations do everything to foster business.

R & D has nothing to do with government and government should not be involved in it. Over half new patents are produced by individual inventors, most of the rest in industry. The cause of new invention and new technology is not government it is the need to solve problems. The mother of invention is need. Government can help in providing tax incentives in the form of write-offs for R & D costs.

Loopholes in the tax code were produced by politicians and fostered by big business. They are not the problem, the entire tax code is the problem it should be scrapped and replace by a system that is based on fair trade not free trade, and incentive not punishment.

As to leading, we have for the last 6-½ years led from behind. This administration is the worst example of leadership I can even think of. As a nation we lead no-place; not in freedom we are # 13, not in production, not in education, the only place we lead is in litigation.

As to the war on terror let’s get real Mr. President. Workplace violence? Stop the BS please. The fourth generation war that is now in full bloom, is radical Islamist extremism; I frankly don’t care about your religion, but do give us a break. When someone kills an American and shouts “God is Great” in Arabic then it is not workplace violence it is Islamic terrorism.

Foreign policy in this administration especially beginning with Hillary Clinton’s Arab Spring invention has been an utter disaster. Kerry has done no better. The progressive Obama/Clinton/Kerry policies espousing self-loathing has failed miserably, notably, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq. Iran, Lydia, Yemen, N. Korea, Israel, and in the EU. The initiative with Cuba, another massive mistake, possibly a payoff for Castor’s endorsement of Obamacare, giving away the horse, wagon, and driver before the negotiations even began produced a massive loss. The only success of this administration has been to keep the dogs of war Republican goofs from cowing down to Israel in another war in the Middle East this time against Iran, for Mossad provided nuclear Iran lie, just a repeat of the Iraq weapons of mass destruction lie.

I will not address the fable of Climate change, but to say, we had a coming ice age in the 70’s then we had global warming in the 90’s and then NASA proved 18 years of falling temperatures so we changed it to Climate Change. Climate has always changed, the sun does it not man. Man’s entire CO 2 production is less than 3% of the total, let’s all bury this stupidity once and for all.

Talking about justice in America is interesting. We have 2.7 million people incarcerated in state and federal penitentiaries, more than Russia and China combined. For a nation that advertises freedom and democracy to anyone who will listen, that’s an astounding achievement.

As anticipated Ferguson and NYC was prominent. It would have been nice to hear a Black president speak to the murderous situations in Americas’ Black communities, that chance was missed.


The primarily issue of the speech was the progressives advance the Hillary presidency political and socialist theme was anticipated. The utter lack of addressing all and any of the impending major issues facing America was hard to accept, however as demonstrated in past performance he acted in accordance with this philosophy. He will continue on his ideological path for the coming two years, he will veto anything he does not like, he will now that Harry Reid is gone, because the major obstructer to reasonable governance. The obstruction of reason shall continue.

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