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What have Obama and the progressives done


What have Obama and the progressives done?

Dr. A. H. Krieg


In the fall of 2014 the Obama administration without a word to congress or the American people made a draconian change in our money supply. It has a lot to do with my last two essays. This will be short and to the point. America and the G 20 nations have made an agreement that drastically changes the way you interact with your own assets held by your bank. At a meeting held on 11.10.2014 Jack Lew, (Sec. Treas.) George Osborn, (Ex checker) Janet Yellen (FRS chair) and Mark Carney (Gov. Bank of England) and many associates had a, meeting hosted by the FDIC.

As you may know the FDIC has had shortfalls in their deposited trust fund and has increased their Bank Insurance Rates by over 100% in 2013. Presently their entire deposited amount is only $25 billion under the 1.15% of the national debt but less than 0.02% of insured deposits. In other words your guaranteed $200,000 insured account is not any longer covered.

From here on forward your deposits in your local bank are no longer covered by FDIC insurance. The banks (all of them internationally) will treat your deposits as capital deposits and bank assets. (Their assets not yours) American banks have co-mingled your deposited funds with their credit swap derivatives giving them the right to use your funds for market speculation.


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